Best Universities in the UK to Pursue STEM Courses

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STEM programs are very popular among international students across the globe. Apart from the USA, the UK has been recognised among the top destinations to pursue STEM degrees.

STEM is an important and one of the most preferred fields of study among students around the world. Each STEM field is offered under different specializations and opens door to various career options. As STEM graduates are highly in demand in different sectors and industries, the number of students opting to pursue STEM courses abroad has immensely increased in the past decade. The UK has some of the top-ranked universities in the world offering quality degree programmes in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And that's why it has become a preferred destination for international students! 

As studying abroad is one of the most critical decisions in the life of a student, choosing the best university out of a myriad of options can be difficult. Different factors like the university ranking, reputation, quality of education, course options and career options upon graduation, are just a few among the many factors affecting the decision in choosing the right university

If you are planning to pursue a STEM degree in the UK, then check out the list of some of the best STEM universities in the UK and other details that will help you choose the most suitable college for you.

Top 10 Universities in the UK to Study STEM Degrees

The UK is home to a number of universities and colleges dating back centuries. Here, in this list of the top 10 Universities in the UK to study STEM degrees, you will not only find reputed colleges but colleges renowned for their research output and variety of courses. Given below is a list of STEM universities in the UK that have been ranked and recognised by QS World Ranking in 2021. 


Subject-Wise QS World Ranking 2021 

University of Oxford

Engineering & Technology: 6

Mathematics: 5

University of Cambridge

Engineering & Technology:3 

Mathematics: 4

Imperial College London

Engineering & Technology:7 

Mathematics: 11

The University of Manchester

Engineering and Technology: 45

Mathematics: 51- 100


Engineering and Technology:39

Mathematics: 49

The University of Edinburgh

Engineering and Technology:66

Mathematics: 36

King's College London

Engineering and Technology: 145

Mathematics: 51- 100

University of Bristol

Engineering and Technology: 106

Mathematics: 51-100

The University of Warwick

Engineering and Technology:164

Mathematics: 62

University of Glasgow

Engineering and Technology: 188

Mathematics: 101- 150

We Can Suggest the Best Courses to Study in the UK Based on Your Interest and Academic Background.

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Why Pursue STEM Courses from UK Universities

The universities in the UK are well known for innovation, research and creativity. Both undergraduate and postgraduate level courses are offered at various universities and colleges and are available for international students. Have a look at some of  the  reasons to opt for STEM courses in the UK:

Best STEM Universities in the World

Universities in the UK offering STEM courses to international students are among the top-ranked universities in the world. Some of these universities are the oldest universities in the world and offer the best degree programmes in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As depicted in the table above, most of the UK Universities are ranked within the top 100, if not top 50 in the world, as the top Universities to pursue STEM courses.

Quality Education 

With years of experience under their belts, different STEM faculties in the UK are renowned for their vast knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. The faculty members at the UK Universities are highly qualified professionals and are experts in their field. UK Universities and the faculty members offering STEM courses encourage innovative learning, research work and offer a wide range of courses and degrees to choose from. 

Career Opportunities

After completing STEM courses in the UK, one can apply for jobs in a broad range of industries in the UK. A lot of engineering and technology-driven companies are based in the UK offering numerous job opportunities to deserving candidates. Moreover, graduates from STEM Universities in the UK are sought after the world over, thus, allowing them to search for jobs anywhere in the world. Some of the popular job roles available for STEM graduates in the UK are researcher, engineer, biotechnologists, IT engineer etc. Along with this, some of the sectors or industries that are gaining popularity are robotics, machine learning, construction, artificial intelligence etc. 

How to Choose the Right University to Pursue a STEM Course from the UK? 

There are various universities across the UK offering multiple degree programs under STEM disciplines. Choosing the best university may at times be a tough decision for candidates. However, strategic planning and steps discussed below can help a student choose the right university and course for themselves.

  • Research About the University: Before applying to a university in the UK, it is a good practice to do a bit of research about the university online. Various parameters that a student must consider are ranking, the reputation of the university, recognition of courses offered, fee structure and ambience at the university.

  • Explore the Campus: Candidates can visit the official website of the university and explore the facilities and infrastructure available on  the campus virtually. Also, most of the universities allow students to visit the campus in person before taking admission. If possible, you  can visit the campus to explore laboratories, computers labs and other facilities available on the campus.

  • Explore the STEM Courses Offered: Each university in the UK offers a range of STEM courses. Depending on what interests you and the career you wish to pursue afterwards, you are advised to choose a course that you are truly interested in. Candidates are advised to choose the STEM degree programme wisely as it will determine their career in future.

  • Career Opportunities after Graduation: An important aspect that each aspiring STEM student should look out for are the career opportunities after graduation. Read through the alumni members pages and see the student and career support systems in place for international and domestic students alike. 

  • Check Admission Requirements: While reading about what the university and the programme can offer you is important, it is also important to gauge if your academic achievements and qualifications are enough to get you a seat at one of the reputed STEM Universities in the UK.

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Eligibility Criteria to Study STEM in the UK

To study a STEM course in one of the top UK Universities, aspirants must meet the eligibility criteria to study STEM. It should be noted that the Universities will define the eligibility criteria as per the course and student requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to go through the admission requirements listed by the UK STEM Universities of your choice.

Academic Requirements: Most STEM programmes offered by Universities in the UK would require its applicants to have completed their high school education in the field of science. Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are crucial for STEM admissions in the UK.

Non-Academic Requirements: There many non-academic requirements, that you as an international student would be required to satisfy to successfully enrol in the university of your choice. Some of them include:

  • Work Experience: Depending on the level of education you choose, some universities may require you to provide proof of work experience in the relevant field.
  • Statement of Purpose: Required by most universities in the UK, you will have to provide a Statement of Purpose outlining your reasons and motivation behind choosing a particular course and university.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Most Universities will require you to submit letters of recommendation from teachers, professors or tutors who are privy to your academic prowess and skills.

Note: As specified above, each course in each university in the UK will have specific admission requirements that have been outlined by the University and its departments. Make sure you are able to satisfy their STEM admission requirements before applying.

Scholarships for International Students in the UK

Universities across the United Kingdom offer a range of scholarships for international and Indian students alike. Moreover, the UK Government also offers a range of scholarships that aspiring study abroad candidates can apply to. Choosing a scholarship to study abroad can reduce the financial burden that comes with acquiring globally-renowned education. Here are some of the Scholarships for International/Indian students in the UK, that you can apply to.

Chevening Scholarships - India: Offered by the UK government to Indian students, the scholarship is awarded to individuals with an exceptional academic background. The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that is offered to individuals displaying leadership qualities as well.

Commonwealth Scholarships: Talented and motivated individuals who are in need of support to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to contribute to sustainable development, the UK government offers Commonwealth Scholarships to International students.

Inlaks Scholarships: Offered by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, the scholarship is awarded to any outstanding and talented Indian students who wish to pursue a full-time Masters of Postgraduate studies in the UK.

Felix Scholarship: Limited to 20 scholarships per year, The Felix Scholarship is awarded to underprivileged students from India and other countries, in a bid to support them in their endeavour of completing postgraduate studies from the UK.

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Career Options after Pursuing STEM Courses in the UK

As a wide range of degree programmes are offered under the STEM course, job opportunities vary for different STEM graduates. A developed nation like the UK has multiple sectors and industries offering job opportunities to candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience. Check the list of Sectors/ Industries, Job Roles and Recruiters available for STEM graduates in the UK:

Sector/ Industry

Job Roles

        IT Sector 


Software Developers

Software Testers 

        Biotechnology Sector

Medical Scientists

Biological Technicians

Biomedical Engineers


        Research Centers



      Design & Construction 

Construction Engineer 

Design Engineer

Civil Engineer 


Robotics Engineers

Robotics Programmer

 Product Design Engineer


Artificial Intelligence 

AI Engineer 

Data Scientists

AI Programmer 

Big Data Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer 

AI Data Analyst

Energy & Conservation 

Production Engineer 

Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineer

The Global University Employability Ranking 2020 published by the Times Higher Education reveals that a total of 14 UK universities are among the top-ranked universities in the world in terms of offering employment opportunities. The list of top UK universities offering graduate employability 2020 is given below:


Employability Rank 2020

University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


Imperial College London


King’s College London


London School of Economics and Political Science


University of Manchester


London Business School


University of Edinburgh




University of Birmingham


Cardiff University


University of Bath


Durham University


University of St Andrews


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