Here's Why You Should Take Expert Guidance for Achieving a 'Good' GRE Score

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Wondering how to get a good GRE score? Considering expert help for the GRE not only assures achieving the perfect GRE score to get into your dream grad school abroad but also ensures guidance throughout the admissions process. Find out why you should get expert help for GRE now!

When you're applying for a graduate program abroad, you would most likely be asked to submit your GRE scores as part of the admission process. Now you may know the importance of these scores in your graduate application, but have you asked yourselves these questions?

  • Do I need expert guidance to prepare for GRE?

  • Where should I get coaching for GRE preparation?

  • Will expert guidance guarantee success in GRE?

Here's my answer!

First of all, don't shy away from accepting the fact that expert guidance is way better than self-study when it comes to preparing for tough study abroad exams like the GRE. Asking for guidance and letting professionals help you achieve a good GRE score is all you need to ensure to be one-step ahead in your graduate school application.

Next, the only thing you need to identify is the best place to get GRE coaching! And finally, just leave everything to the experts! 

Need Help With GRE Preparation to Achieve Your Targeted Score?

What is a Good GRE Score?

Quite simply, you would never find that one good GRE score because a GRE score is considered “good” only when it meets your university’s GRE cutoff. For example, the GRE score required to get into Harvard, although varies from one department to another, ranges roughly between 330 and 340. So, a good GRE score for Harvard is 330-340.

The average or the 50th GRE percentile score is a 150 on Verbal Reasoning and a 152.6 on Quantitative Reasoning (152 is a 47th percentile score and 153 is a 51st percentile score). For Analytical Writing, a 3.5 is the average score.

To get into one of the world’s top graduate schools, you should be in the top 10% of all GRE test-takers in the given year. And to be a part of the top 10%, you would have to score a verbal score of 163-170, a quant score of 165-170 and a minimum writing score of 5.0. That said, there are additional factors apart from GRE scores in a graduate application, which include standardized test scores, your GPA, professional and hands-on experience, undergraduate coursework, Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, etc.

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Why Take Expert Guidance on Achieving a Good GRE Score

From personalised attention to getting all your doubts cleared by industry professionals, expert guidance can only help you get your target GRE score. Let us find out why you must consider taking the help of experts when preparing for the GRE:

Advice from Result-Oriented Experienced Mentors: With years of experience in the fields, GRE experts are capable of giving you exactly the right advice to not just help you improve your GRE score but also to make you aware of the likely pitfalls along the entire process, from preparing to taking the exam. Experts will further navigate your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you prepare for the test accordingly. You would never feel alone in the process and receive constant motivation from experts who have been in your shoes before.  

Tailored Schedules: Whatever you do and howsoever time you can find to prepare for the GRE, experts will ensure that your requirements are met according to your schedule. Usually, what happens is, we take the GRE when we are working simultaneously, giving us way less time to plan our study and scope to concentrate on achieving our target score. Let alone the time to look at the grad schools we would like to attend or be a part of. In addition, your study plan will be handcrafted on the basis of the time you are left with before your test date. The experts will tell you just which parts of the GRE syllabus you have to emphasise on.

Access to Specific Study Materials: Experts not only help you set up your study plan but also let you access some of the best GRE prep programs that have been designed to meet a candidate’s needs. All of us know how multiple study materials can confuse us especially when we do not have a plan, be it for 6th standard students or GRE test-takers. To make the most out of your time and still achieve a good GRE score, one of the smartest things to do is refer to only those study materials from which you will benefit the most.

Guaranteed Student Placement: With hundreds of partner institutions, experts make sure that you and your career are not left hanging in the air. They will offer targeted mentoring as well to get you into popular grad schools in top study destinations like the US, UK, Canada, Germany and more. The team of experts will always have extensive knowledge about admissions requirements in leading universities worldwide.

Strategies to Achieve Your Target Score: Know your GRE target score yet? No? Well, you are not alone. A lot of study abroad applicants start their journey without even knowing which university is the ideal fit for them. That’s how complex the process can be if moved ahead with only half knowledge. Understanding what your target GRE score is - the score that will certainly get you into your dream university - is the first step towards making it to the ‘Yes’ pile. With so many renowned universities across the globe, the task of finding that one good GRE score for you can be quite taxing. With expert help, you will only be asked to focus on your preparation rather than constantly worrying about which universities to apply to and what target score fits your future goals.

Personalised Attention: I have always believed that I could probably have done better in high school if I were given personalised attention. As students or even working professionals, we often look for mentors who could train us, lead the way and tell us exactly how to perform better in tests. Getting expert guidance on achieving a good GRE score would mean that your progress is being monitored through personalised sessions even after class hours if you require the same. 

Feedback After Every Session: In every session with experts, a pattern of how you answer questions is analysed, following which feedback is given for you to work on the points which in turn lead to better GRE scores. From telling you how to manage your time to letting you know how to do better in the Quant and Verbal sections separately, you will be guided throughout. 

Progress Tracker: Now you have numerous feedbacks aimed at pushing you towards achieving your GRE score but that is not it. Staying on schedule and getting real-time performance reports is also important. What experts would also tell you is how your peers or the overall competitor pool is likely to do and what GRE percentile ranking is going to help you make the cut. 

Customised Methods to Enhance Aptitude Levels: Having different aptitude levels is a given but how do you use your strengths to get your perfect GRE score? You participate in customised question pools and quiz tools, take the help of question banks for revision plus some extra tutoring to analyse your preparation and enhance your aptitude levels. That is how experts help you achieve just the GRE score you need.

Want to Know How to Get a Good GRE Score in Both Quant & Verbal Sections?

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Popular Universities Accepting GRE Scores Above 320

Here are the top universities and, quite frankly, the dream grad schools abroad admit applicants with GRE scores above 320:

Name of University

Average GRE Score Required

Courses Offered

Acceptance Rate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Verbal - 155-163

Quant - 155-167

List of Courses on Offer


Stanford University

Verbal - 161

Quant - 160

List of Courses on Offer


California Institute of Technology

Cumulative - 330

List of Courses on Offer


University of California - Berkeley

No minimum GRE score requirement 

List of Courses on Offer


Carnegie Mellon University

Verbal - 158

Quant - 163

List of Courses on Offer


Princeton University

Verbal - 161

Quant - 163

List of Courses on Offer


The University of Texas at Austin

Verbal - 155

Quant - 160

List of Courses on Offer


Harvard University

Verbal - 155-166

Quant - 155-170

List of Courses on Offer


Texas A & M University

Verbal - 153

Quant - 163

List of Courses on Offer


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Verbal - 154

Quant - 161

List of Courses on Offer


University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Verbal - 155

Quant - 163

List of Courses on Offer


Yale University

Verbal - 165

Quant - 163

Cumulative - 328 

List of Courses on Offer


University of California - Los Angeles

Verbal - 163

Quant - 160

List of Courses on Offer


University of Maryland - College Park

Verbal - 158

Quant - 155

List of Courses on Offer


Cornell University

Verbal - 149-153

Quant - 161-165

List of Courses on Offer


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Have further doubts about taking expert guidance on achieving a good GRE score? Write to us at and we would provide the easiest solutions to your GRE problems.  

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