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NEET College Predictor 2024 - Find MBBS Medical Colleges based on Your Rank

Updated By Bhavika Nankani on 20 Sep, 2023 19:58

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NEET 2023 College Predictor

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About NEET College Predictor 2024

NEET College Predictor 2024 comes in handy when the result of the medical entrance exam has not been released and students want to check which institute they can get admission into. The tool uses your NEET rank/ score 2024 and estimates your chances of securing an admission in the medical college of your choice. NEET College Predictor 2024 result shortlists institutes based on the category and score/rank entered by the candidates. NEET 2024 college predictor can be used when the answer key is released to get an idea in advance about which institute students might get admission in. Thus, helping candidates set their expectations correctly.

Medical, AYUSH, and Dental applicants, after successfully completing their entrance examination, feel curious to know which institute might be allotted to them. Since the competition level is high and every mark can make a big difference, students want to know their standing in advance. This is where CollegeDekho brings to you the NEET college predictor 2024. One can access the same on the current page above.

Students can refer to the NEET college predictor 2024 and get a clear understanding of which institutes they might get admission into. One must note that the NEET full form stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Refer to this page to get a deeper understanding on NEET 2024 college predictor and its benefits.

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NEET College Predictor 2024 Highlights

To assist NEET 2024 aspirants in predicting their potential college admissions based on their All India Rank, CollegeDekho offers the reliable NEET college predictor 2024. Here are some key highlights of the tool:

Functionality based on NEET 2024 All India Rank: The NEET college predictor 2024 operates by considering the All India Rank achieved by the aspirant in NEET 2024.

Eligibility for all NEET 2024 aspirants: Any NEET 2024 aspirant is eligible to utilize the NEET 2024 college predictor tool. It provides insights into the likelihood of securing admissions in prestigious colleges across the country.

Possibilities of MBBS admission on 85% State Quota: Aspirants can determine their chances of securing MBBS admission on 85% State Quota based on various factors.

Predictions for MBBS admission on 15% All India Govt. Seats and 100% on Open, Central & Deemed Universities: The NEET college predictor 2024 enables aspirants to forecast their probabilities of MBBS admission on 15% All India Government Seats and 100% seats in Open, Central, and Deemed Universities.

Analysis based on previous year's trends & cut-offs: Leveraging previous year's trends and cut-off data, the NEET college predictor 2024 provides an analysis that aids in predicting college possibilities.

By utilizing the NEET college predictor 2024, aspirants can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about their potential college admissions based on their All India Rank.

How to use NEET 2024 College Predictor?

Enter NEET UG score and relevant details: Students must enter their NEET(UG) AIR and caster in the CollegeDekho tool’s input fields. Submit and enter other relevant details such as name, email address, mobile number, state, and board.

Wait for the results: Once all the required information is entered, the tool takes some time to analyze the final estimated score and provides you with a list of colleges that match your preferences. Students must note that the tool utilizes the previous year’s seat matrix, admission cutoffs, and other parameters to make an accurate prediction. However, the final result is an estimation and might change due to varying cutoff marks factors every year.

Analyze the NEET college prediction results: After the tool has given you a list of colleges, students must analyze the same carefully. They must check the colleges’ infrastructure, reputation, faculty, and placements before taking a final decision. One must also ensure that the institutes are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and are backed by a reputable university.

Choose the best college fit: Once aspirants have thoroughly analyzed the prediction results, candidates must choose the college that suits best their preferences and NEET(UG) AIR.

Candidates must note that the NEET college predictor 2024 tool is an excellent resource for aspiring medical candidates in India who wish to predict their best institute based on their NEET(UG) AIR. 

NEET College Predictor 2024: Check Your College

The NEET 2024 college predictor free is utilized to identify the best institutes available. It generates accurate results by utilizing the opening and closing ranks from the previous years' counseling database. To obtain desired results using the NEET college predictor 2024 based on marks, aspirants need to provide the necessary details. The primary objective of the NEET college predictor 2024 is to assist aspirants in knowing the institutes they might be eligible for. This way, candidates can plan ahead by considering the fee structure and placement resources well in advance. While the NEET 2024 college predictor may not provide the exact rank, it gives a good rough idea of the most suitable institute for each candidate. Here are the essential criteria that all aspirants need to fulfill when predicting their colleges:

  • Date of birth of the candidate
  • Estimated NEET Scorecard or NEET Rank
  • Domicile State
  • Category (General/ST/SC/OBC)
  • Gender (Male/Female/Any Other)

How to Shortlist Best Institutes Using the NEET College Predictor 2024

Given below is the step-by-step breakdown of the NEET college predictor 2024:

Provide Information: Start by entering your NEET score, location, category, and personal details into the NEET 2024 college predictor tool.

Analyze Results: Let the NEET 2024 college predictor tool analyze the information you provided and generate relevant results. These results will typically include estimated ranks and a list of colleges that may be suitable for you.

Information Evaluation: Carefully analyze the information presented to you based on the estimated ranks and the list of colleges generated by the NEET college predictor 2024. Take your time to assess each college's infrastructure, reputation, faculty, and placement facilities.

Accreditation Check: Verify if the institutions shortlisted by the tool are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This is important to ensure the validity and quality of your medical education.

Thorough Research: Conduct thorough research on the colleges shortlisted by the NEET 2024 college predictor. Look for additional information regarding their academic programs, faculty qualifications, infrastructure facilities, student support services, and any other factors that are important to you.

Shortlist Colleges: After conducting comprehensive research, narrow down your choices and create a shortlist of colleges that best suit your predicted rank and score. Consider factors such as location, college reputation, facilities, and any specific preferences you may have. Utilize the NEET college predictor to assist you in making an informed decision.

NEET College Predictor 2024: MBBS and BDS Seats

Aspirants should have a sound understanding of the total number of MBBS and BDS colleges available across India. This helps candidates get a fair understanding of how many seats they are attempting for.

MBBS Seats Available Through NEET

The number of MBBS seats as well as medical colleges based on the NEET exam pan India are as follows:

Type of Medical Colleges

Number of Medical Colleges

Number of MBBS Seats 

Private Colleges



Government Colleges 



Total Colleges 



BDS Seats Available Through NEET:

The number of BDS seats as well as medical colleges based on the NEET exam pan India are as follows:

Type of Medical College

Number of Medical Colleges

Number of MBBS Seats 

Private Colleges



Government Colleges 



Total Colleges 



NEET 2024 Marks Vs Rank Analysis (Expected)

NEET Rank vs Score information gives candidates to a fair idea of the colleges they will be getting into. Given below are the rank and mark list that give students an idea of how many marks they need to obtain to top the exam.


AIR NEET Rank 2023

NEET Marks Secured


1 to 100

705 to 720


101 to 200

700 to 705


201 to 500

690 to 700


501 to 1000

679 to 690


1001 to 1500

671 to 679


1501 to 2000

666 to 671


2001 to 2500

661 to 666


2501 to 3000

657 to 661


3001 to 3500

654 to 657


3501 to 4000

650 to 653


4001 to 4500

647 to 650


4501 to 5000

645 to 647


5001 to 5500

642 to 645


5501 to 6000

640 to 642


6001 to 6500

637 to 640


6501 to 7000

635 to 637


7001 to 7500

633 to 635


7501 to 8000

631 to 633


8001 to 8500

630 to 631

NEET Qualifying Marks: Category-Wise

NEET 2024 qualifying marks determine whether students have cleared the exam or not. Given below are the NEET qualifying marks that aspirants can expect from NEET 2024 exam.


NEET Qualifying Percentile


50 Percentile

Unreserved- PH

45 Percentile


40 Percentile

Refer below for NEET Marks Vs Rank of the previous years:

Year of Examination

Qualifying Scores

NEET 2021


NEET 2020


NEET 2019


NEET 2018


NEET College Predictor 2024: Best Medical Institutes’ Cutoff Marks

The NEET college predictor 2024 gives you an understanding of where do you stand in terms of admission eligibility of colleges. Similarly, there are a few esteemed colleges that can take your career to the next level. Given below are the top medical colleges that students must know about while using NEET 2024 college predictor.

Name of the institutes

NEET Cutoff

NIRF 2024 rank 

All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi 



Banaras Hindu University 



Madras Medical College, Chennai



King George’s Medical University, Lucknow



Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital 



Dr. D Y Patil Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Pune

509606 (management quota)


All India Institute of Medical Science, Bhubaneswar 



Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu 

489707 (management quota)


Aligarh Muslim University 



Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 

62466 (management quota)


NEET College Predictor 2024: State-Wise Cutoff Scores (Expected)

Given below are the cutoff marks of different states that candidates can refer to in order to understand which college they might get admission into.

How to Know Your NEET 2024 Rank?

The official NEET 2024 answer key is published on the main website. With the help of the NEET 2024 answer keys, aspirants can calculate their overall tentative scores.

The marking scheme for NEET 2024 Exam is:

For every correct answer

4 marks

For every incorrect answer

1 mark

For every unanswered question

0 marks

Using these data, candidates can figure out their scores and then eventually find out which NEET 2024 colleges they will be able to get admission in.

Top MBBS Medical Colleges in India

Every candidate aims to stand amongst rankers and secure admission in the best college. While there are a number of medical institutes out there, the top ones are unique and have a wonderful way to impart education. So, here are the best medical colleges in India where aspirants can get admission into basis of the NEET 2024 exams and NEET 2024 college predictor.

AIIMS, New Delhi

Christian Medical College, Vellore

PGIMER, Chandigarh

BHU, Varanasi

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum

University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi

King George’s Medical University, Lucknow

The Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi

Benefits of using NEET College Predictor 2024

NEET 2024 college predictor offers several benefits to candidates aspiring to pursue MBBS courses in India. It comes in handy to find the ideal college that students might get admission into basis their estimated scores. Some of the key benefits of using the NEET college predictor 2024 tool are -

  • Allows students to make Informed Choices - By using the NEET 2024 college predictor, aspirants are able to get an idea of the institutes they might get admitted to. Thus, assisting candidates in making informed choices with respect to their college preferences while they focus on their efforts in preparing for the next steps in the admission process.
  • Reduces Stress - By now, it is quite evident that NEET exam is highly competitive and getting admission to MBBS colleges is difficult. As aspirants invest a lot of their time in preparing for the exam, they are bound to get stressed and anxious once they appear for the exam and wait for the results. At such instance, NEET college predictor 2024 gives candidates an idea on which institute they might get admission into. This helps in reducing stress and anxiety as students are able to adjust their expectations much in advance.
  • Assists in Planning in Advance for Counselling - The NEET 2024 college predictor tool helps students plan for the counselling process in advance. One can get an idea of the colleges they might get admission into and make the correct choices during the course/ college preference rounds of counselling. Aspirants are able to shortlist relevant institutes in advance by making all the necessary arrangements.
  • Offers Insights into the Overall Admission Process - The NEET College Predictor 2024 provides students with insights into the admission process and which factors are considered to grant seats in MBBS colleges. This helps candidates understand the admission process better and make informed decisions.
  • Saves Additional Effort and Time - Candidates can save a lot of time and effort that they would otherwise spend in finding as well as researching about various colleges and their admission criteria. With a comprehensive list of institutes, the tool streamlines aspirants’ efforts and helps them focus on preparing for the next steps in the admission process that are about to come.

NEET Counselling 2024

The NEET 2024 counselling process is managed by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). For the All India Quota (AIQ), the MCC conducts counselling rounds, while state-wise counselling is conducted by respective state authorities. AIQ NEET counselling 2024 covers 15% of government college seats and 100% of seats in deemed universities, central universities, JIPMER, AFMC, ESIC, and AIIMS.

State quota counselling is specifically for 100% private seats and 85% government seats within each state. Students who utilize the NEET 2024 college predictor tool can effectively determine the institutes they may be admitted to and make informed choices during the counselling process. During NEET counselling 2024, candidates need to register, provide course details, indicate their college/course preferences, and pay the counselling fee. After seat allocation, aspirants must report to the allocated institutes to complete the admission process.

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FAQs about NEET College Predictor

Who can use NEET 2023 college predictor?

The NEET 2023 college predictor can be used by applicants who have attempted the UG exams and have been assigned a cutoff rank.

Is NEET UG college predictor 2023 results accurate?

Yes, the NEET UG college predictor 2023 has an accuracy of 80-90%.

Which is the best NEET 2023 college predictor for candidates?

Out of many, CollegeDekho’s NEET UG college predictor 2023 is the best. It allows candidates to get extremely accurate results about the colleges that they will be eligible for.

How does NEET UG college predictor 2023 work?

Aspirants need to enter their rank and caste category. The NEET UG college predictor 2023 analyses this data and predicts relevant results.

What is NEET college predictor?

The NEET college predictor 2023 is an online tool that assists candidates by predicting relevant institutes based on the aspirant’s cutoff marks. It is user-friendly and provides candidates with accurate college information.

Is the NEET UG College Predictor 2023 available for free?

Yes, NEET College Predictor 2023 at CollegeDekho is free for all aspirants. Students simply have to fill in their category and estimated rank and submit other details to get the result. One will be able to see which colleges they have higher chances of securing admission through NEET college predictor 2023.

Can 2 lakh be considered as a good rank in NEET UG 2023?

A rank of 2 lakhs in NEET 2023 is ideally considered as a moderate rank. Students can get admission in decent institutes with this rank. However, the acceptability of this rank depends on some key factors such as the total number of aspirants appearing for the exam, the overall difficulty level, and the seat availability. 

Can I get admission to top institutes in MBBS based on 500 Marks?

A score of 500 is deemed to be good in NEET UG 2023 exam. Students can secure a seat in a private institute of their choice with this mark. However, the cutoff for government college is quite high. Unless aspirants belong to a reserved category, it is extremely difficult to secure admission in government institutes with 500 marks.

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Related Questions

I got 500+ marks in NEET 2023. Can I get MBBS seat in low fee?

-Hemesh sahuUpdated on July 16, 2023 11:15 PM
  • 3 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

In order to get a seat in MBBS college offering low fees, students have to aim to secure marks higher than 650. Only then, you'll be able to get into a government college where fees are on the lower side. If students score around 500-550 marks, they can opt for these institutions that have slightly lower fees than others.

  •  Dr B.S.A Medical College, Delhi
  • Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner
  • R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra College, Jabalpur
  • Siddartha Medical College, Vijayawada


Can I get Medical seat with 365 NEET marks?

-SandeepUpdated on June 28, 2023 09:51 AM
  • 10 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

Yes, you can get admission in colleges that accept scores between 300-400 marks. All the falling under these score bracket are private institutions, One can also secure admission in better colleges through management quota. Given below are colleges aspirants can explore between marks 300-400.

  • Dr. DY Patil Education Society Deemed University, Kolhapur
  • Guntur Medical College, Guntur
  • Dr. R. N. Cooper General Hospital, Mumbai
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur
  • S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack
  • Pandit Raghunath Murmu Medical College, Baripada
  • Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal


My NEET score is 256. In AIQ will I get in this college (Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College)

-senthilkumar poornaUpdated on June 14, 2023 08:41 AM
  • 5 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

No. 256 score is well below the cutoff mark level of the Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College. Students must score at least 600-625 marks to be considered for a seat at this college. Even after using the reservation criteria, getting a seat with 256 marks is not possible. Instead, you can try opting for these colleges in Tamil Nadu.

  • Tiruvannamalai Medical College, Tiruvannamalai
  • Velammal Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre 
  • Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Chennai
  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore

Additionally, you can scan through the links below to understand what courses and colleges you can explore …


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