SAT Exam 2020 - Registration, Dates, Eligibility, Syllabus, Score

Shreya Sareen
Shreya SareenPublished On: September 28, 2020 | SAT

Students who wish to study abroad need to appear for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). All the details regarding the SAT exam including the SAT important dates 2020, SAT registration 2020, SAT eligibility 2020, and more are given in this article. 

SAT Exam

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an entrance exam for students looking forward to undergraduate admissions abroad. SAT test assesses a student’s writing, reading and mathematical skills and SAT exam is created by the College Board, which is a private, not-for-profit corporation in the US. The students who wish to pursue UG courses especially in the US and Canada need to appear for SAT. If a student is looking forward to getting admission in a particular course then he needs to appear for the SAT subject tests so that he/she can be assessed in a particular subject.

SAT subject tests are offered in various subjects such as History, Mathematics, Literature, Sciences and Foreign Language. SAT exam is a multiple-choice, offline test and the College Board decides the SAT exam dates every year. The College Board is the one responsible for introducing the SAT exam in India.

SAT test score is one of the major factors which colleges consider for evaluating how suitable a student is for admissions. Other factors are the student's leadership skills, extracurricular activities etc. The article explores everything in detail about the SAT 2020 and includes all the relevant information regarding the SAT which will be useful for the students who aspire to study in a foreign country.

Table of Contents

SAT Registration 2020SAT Dates 2020
SAT Fees 2020SAT Eligibility 2020
SAT Syllabus 2020SAT Exam Pattern 2020
SAT Preparation 2020Section-wise SAT Preparation
What Constitutes a Good SAT Score?Sending SAT Score to Colleges
SAT Result 2020SAT Score Validity 2020
SAT Test Centres 2020SAT Slot Booking 2020
SAT Cancellation 2020Postponing/Rescheduling SAT 2020

SAT Registration 2020

There are two methods to register for SAT 2020 in India. Students can choose to either register online for the SAT test or they can register through email for SAT 2020. Both the methods of SAT registration 2020 are described below:

SAT Online Registration 2020

To register for the SAT test 2020, follow the steps given below:

Create a student profile

  • Choose a test date and test centre (There is no option to choose to give the SAT on Sunday or choose a test centre closer to home)
  • You will get immediate registration confirmation
  • You can pay the fee through debit/credit card or online fund transfer
  • The deadline for SAT registration 2020 is about three to four weeks before the test date
  • If you register late for SAT 2020, you will have to pay a late fee

SAT Registration by Email

In order to register through email for the SAT 2020, you will need the student registration guide for SAT and SAT Subject Tests, which is available in schools.

  • The student registration guide will include a form and a return envelope
  • The form will have to be submitted along with a DD
  • SAT 2020 local representative in India is the USIEF. The mailed forms will be directed to their regional office. 

SAT Dates 2020

Students can attempt more than one subject exam according to their requirements and in accordance with the university, they are looking at for admission. The table below includes SAT test dates 2020-21:

Exam Date

SAT Exam Registration Deadline

Test Available

October 5, 2019

September 6, 2019

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Test

November 2, 2019


SAT Subject Tests

December 7, 2019

November 8, 2019

SAT Test

SAT Subject Tests

March 14, 2020

February 14, 2020

SAT Test

May 2, 2020

Cancelled Due to COVID-19

SAT Test

SAT Subject Tests

June 6, 2020

Cancelled Due to COVID-19

SAT Subject Tests

August 29, 2020July 31, 2020

SAT Test

SAT Subject Tests

November 7, 2020October 7, 2020

SAT Test

SAT Subject Tests

December 5, 2020November 5, 2020

SAT Test

SAT Subject Tests

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SAT Fees 2020

Students looking forward to appearing for the SAT test 2020 need to pay the SAT fee, which is as follows:

  • The SAT test fee is $47.50+Non US Regional Fee. Non-US regional fee for students appearing for the SAT exam in India is $49. The total SAT exam fee is $96.50
  • The SAT fee with the essay is $64.50+Non US Regional Fee. So, the total fee for the SAT exam with the essay is $64.50+$49=113.50 dollars.
  • For SAT Subject Tests, students need to pay an additional $26 as a basic subject test fee.
  • Each SAT Subject Test(Except Language Tests with Listening) will cost $22+$49. 

SAT Eligibility 2020

The official conducting body of SAT, the College Board hasn’t set up any SAT eligibility criteria for students who wish to appear for the SAT. SAT is taken by the students who want to pursue their UG admission abroad. There is no age limit also as such to register for the SAT 2020. Those who have passed class 12th and are in the age group of 17-19 are the ones who usually appear for the SAT test. Some of the countries that accept SAT exam scores are Canada, USA, Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

SAT Syllabus 2020

SAT syllabus consists of the subjects the students have already studied in their school. If you have been good at studies in school then you wouldn’t have any issue while going through the SAT syllabus. There are two types of SAT given below and students can also go through the detailed SAT syllabus below:

  • SAT General Test
  • SAT Subject Test

SAT General Test is the popular one out of the two SAT tests and is used by the UG colleges for admissions. SAT exam evaluates the verbal, written and math skills of the students.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Test has 20 SAT Subject Tests which are further classified into 5 subject areas and the subjects are divided into small topics. The various SAT subjects are as follows:

  • Science
  • English
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Languages

SAT Detailed Syllabus 2020

The SAT detailed syllabus 2020 for the various sections is as follows:


The reading section of SAT includes questions pertaining to reading passages and each passage has about 10-11 questions. There are 5 passages and the length of the passages differs. The main objective of the reading section of the SAT is to check the student’s ability to understand written text. He/she is expected to know the word meanings in various contexts. The answer choices can be confusing and the student is expected to have an idea why a particular answer is wrong among the choices given below.


This section of the SAT has questions on algebra, arithmetic operations, geometry, probability and statistics. The math section also covers median, mean, direct and indirect variation and mode. The math section of SAT has two sections-One is Math Test with Calculator and the other one is Math Test-Without Calculator. This section is 80 minutes long and includes 58 questions.


The writing section of the SAT has 4 passages and each passage includes 10-11 questions. A student has to rephrase highlighted/marked sentences, find errors, and have a good understanding of grammar.


The time duration for the essay section of the SAT exam is 50 minutes, and this section assesses the candidate’s understanding of a particular given data/case and the quality of the candidate’s writing. The length of the essay should be between 650-700 words and candidates will be marked on the basis of their language usage and their take on the issue at hand.

SAT Exam Pattern 2020

SAT Subject

SAT Test Pattern


(52 questions)

Duration-65 minutes

Range of Score-200-800 (combined with the writing section)

Writing and Language Questions

(44 questions)

Duration-35 minutes

Range of Score-200-800 (combined with the reading section)


(58 questions)

Duration-80 minutes


Essay (Optional)

Duration-50 minutes

Not scored


154 (155 with Essay)

Duration-3 hours (along with optional 50 minutes)


SAT Preparation 2020

In order to prepare well for the SAT 2020, you need to study on your own if you can train yourself and practice consistently. The other option for SAT preparation 2020 is to join coaching classes. Books and sample question papers also come in handy when it comes to SAT preparation. To help you with SAT test preparation 2020, we have a list of official resources by the College Board to help you prepare for the SAT.

Khan Academy Official SAT Practice- The SAT test creators have given Khan Academy exclusive access to build a personalised practice program. It is free of cost and students can attempt practice tests, take up short quizzes and get instant feedback on how they are faring.

Sample Practice Questions- Students also have the option of practising math, SAT subject tests, and the reading and writing sections. The SAT Practice Test is a good way for students to know about their strengths and weaknesses. The sample practice questions can either be practised online or one can even take a print out of the same.

Official SAT Online Score is a college board SAT practice test. It has auto essay scoring, interactive features. It has been personalised by the College Board for the test-takers and covers all the topics of the SAT test in detail.

The official SAT Study Guide with DVD has 10 full-length SAT tests with online answers. It has detailed descriptions of critical reading, writing and the math sections of the SAT exam. This makes it easy for the students to practice questions, review their concepts and also get free online score reports. 

Section-wise SAT Preparation

Tips for section-wise preparation for SAT 2020 are mentioned below:

SAT Math Practice

For SAT Math practice, a student needs to have a good idea of the formulae and theories. Students should also take out time every week to attempt math mock tests for SAT 2020. This will help them in identifying their weak areas and lead to better time management. SAT test gives some geometry formulas at the beginning of the exam and students need to memorise these formulas before SAT as this will save time. Area, Average, Special Triangle Rules, Pythagorean Theorem and exponent rules are significant for SAT Math practice.

SAT Reading Practice

For SAT Reading practice, students should read the passage carefully to understand what it is all about and also figure out the author’s tone and attitude. So, some of the useful tips for SAT reading practice are to go through the easy and medium questions first and then attempt the difficult questions. The questions in the first third of every section are easy, the second third ones are medium and the last third is difficult. It is a good idea to read unfamiliar subject matter before appearing for the SAT test as that will help the student in getting acquainted with the SAT reading comprehension passages.

SAT Writing Practice

The writing section of the SAT test has an essay question and multiple-choice questions. For SAT writing practice, students should remember that the essay doesn’t have to be grammatically correct but it needs to be structured. For the multiple-choice questions in SAT 2020, it is important to go with the clearest way to express an idea. If an answer choice sounds complicated then there is a chance it may be the wrong choice. 

What Constitutes a Good SAT Score?

How you interpret a good SAT score depends on the school the student is considering applying to. The overall average SAT test score is around the 1000 mark. A score above 1200 is considered to be a good SAT score. The maximum anyone can score on the SAT test is 1600. Since SAT has two sections-Reading, Writing, and Math. The two sections are scored on a scale of 200-800 point and the maximum total score is 1600. SAT Subject Test scores are assessed on a scale of 200-800.

Sending SAT Score to Colleges

There are two methods of sending SAT test scores to colleges; one is while registering for the test or after the release of the official SAT exam scores. Students get four free score reports at the time of SAT registration. Students can send the scores to the colleges up to nine days of taking the test, and after that, they have to pay $12 for sending the score reports to each university/program that they choose. To send SAT exam scores to the colleges, follow the steps given below:

  • Sign in to the College Board account
  • There will be an option to ‘Send Scores’. Click on ‘Send Scores’
  • Next step is to choose ‘Send Available Scores Now’ or click on ‘Send Scores When Available’(This option is to be used when the scores are yet to be released or the student is yet to appear for the SAT exam)
  • Add recipients by shortlisting colleges. The colleges can be searched by the name and state
  • It is important to double-check all the recipients and the personal details before paying the final amount. 

SAT Result 2020

In order to calculate SAT result 2020, SAT exam score is evaluated out of 2400 (from 600-2400). Subject-wise scores are from 200-800, 200 is the minimum and 800 is the maximum score. SAT exam scores are available after 3 weeks of appearing for the SAT exam. Different colleges have different criteria for shortlisting students on the basis of their SAT exam scores. To access the SAT exam results, the steps given below have to be followed:

  • Click on ‘My Organizer’
  • On the left side, there will be an option ‘SAT scores’, select the option, and then click on ‘Access My Scores’
  • Enter the username and password
  • Scroll down and see ‘My Test Scores’

SAT Score Validity 2020

The SAT exam score 2020 will be valid over 5 years unless there has been a change in the SAT criteria. Students also have the option of ordering an additional copy of their scorecards for sending to more colleges and they have to pay an amount of $9 (Rs.433..224).

SAT Test Centres 2020

SAT exam takes place in major cities across India and is conducted in more than 50 test centres across 30 cities. It is always better to apply on time in order to avoid the hassle.

SAT Slot Booking 2020

There are only a limited number of seats in every designated SAT Test Centre so it is advisable for students to book their SAT test slot in advance to avoid any hassle.

SAT Cancellation 2020

The students won’t get a full refund if they cancel the SAT test days in advance before the SAT exam. Those who have registered for SAT and wish to cancel it would get 10 dollars refund if the SAT test cancellation is done 5 days in advance.

Postponing/Rescheduling SAT 2020

Students have to pay an extra fee of 30 dollars to change the date of the SAT test. They will have to log into their SAT account and request for the change of date.

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Like other standardised tests, consistency is the key in addition to working on SAT practice tests for students to crack the SAT exam with a good score and get into the college of their choice.

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