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IIITA Campus :

The Jhalwa campus includes three Computer Centers with several labs each, lecture halls, a newly built auditorium, electronic library, and a residential campus. Various other facilities are under development.

The NSC complex includes five laboratories, eight computer laboratories, five lecture halls, a conference room, auditorium, library, cafeteria, office space and other facilities. The total covered area is about 25,000 sq. ft. Besides this, there is an open space of 50,000 sq. ft. that is used for parking, lawns and sporting activities.

The new campus has been developed on 100 acres of land at Devghat, Jhalwa, on the outskirts of Allahabad. The architecture aims to transcend established design conventions and make a statement about the similarities between atoms and bits. Instead of the traditional geometric lines, the campus and other buildings have been styled on patterns developed by internationally acclaimed scholar and mathematician, Roger Penrose.

Elements of the new campus? :

Within the Penrose layout for the campus, a central zone has been marked out for the academic core consisting of an administrative building, lecture theater complex, electronic library, computer laboratories and research facilities.

The sun pattern has been chosen for laying out the library and the lecture hall complex. The computer laboratories and the administrative buildings are derived from selected tessellated blocks in the star pattern.

The lecture theater complex has pentagonal lecture halls seating 100 students. Multimedia labs, tutorial rooms, faculty rooms, language labs and meeting rooms are also included. The basement of the building contains the air-conditioning plant and other service machinery.

Also present is an electronic library that provides students with connectivity to the latest technological material through networked workstations. There will be a total of 140 systems distributed over two floors. Reading space is provided at convenient locations.

The central portion has computer labs, while the arms of the building house faculty rooms and classrooms. The building has three levels, with an area of approximately 3820 sq.m. The total covered area in the academic campus is approximately 15,600 sqm. Dholpur stone and rough cast plaster are the two main finishes chosen for the building exteriors.

Sports facilities are located within the main campus, with a 500-seat sports complex.

This infrastructure is proposed to accommodate the needs of the institute for more than a decade.

The students have access to a regular bus service from the Jhalwa campus to central Allahabad (Vigyan Parishad).

The residential campus consists of a mens" hostel with capacity for 2000 students, womens" hostel for 500 students, 40-room air-conditioned guest house and staff residences for senior professors and other staff. Faculty hostels with two-room and one-room units meant for visiting professors are also be provided.

There are separate hostels for men and women, with single rooms (for the senior most batches) and twin sharing rooms. The spacious accommodations are provided with computers, along with 24-hour backup power supply. The hostel mess caters to the students' meals. Facilities for recreation and sports like cricket, football, badminton and table tennis are available with more on the way.


IIITA Hostels
Hostel Availability: On Campus


Students Activities & Clubs

Near By Hangouts within 5 KM from the campus
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Khel Gaon (Gym)
Landmark Store (Clothing Store)
Axis Bank Ltd (Atm)
punjab national bank (Bank)
Indian Overseas Bank ATM (Atm)
punjab national bank ATM (Atm)
ICICI Bank (Atm)
State Bank of India ATM (Atm)
ICICI Bank ATM (Atm)
Axis Bank ATM (Atm)
State Bank of India (Bank)
Hostel Allotment Policy
  • At the time of admission of a student into the hostel and at the beginning of every year, each resident is required to submit a duly completed Personal Data Form. Local Guardian’s address and phone number is optional. Email of the student and parent should also be provided. Any change of address / telephone number of the parent / local guardian, at any point of time, has to be intimated to the hostel office in writing. The Personal Data Form can be collected from COW office or downloaded from IIITA website.
  • The Hostel administration will generally provide for each occupant one cot, one study table, one chair and one almirah/cupboard (wall fixed or movable). On arrival a student will report to the Caretaker and will take possession of the room after signing the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room.
  • Room once allotted to a student for an academic year will not be changed, except on special situations with the permission of respective Warden.
  • The Hostel administration, in case of shortage of rooms, can allot more than the capacity of the room.
  • If the status of any student changes during the period of stay in the hostel, he/she is required to inform the Caretaker/Warden immediately and should vacate the hostel. If the Hostel administration finds that any hostel resident is not eligible for hostel accommodation and is residing in the hostel without due permission from the Warden, disciplinary action will be taken against such illegal occupants.
  • Before vacating the rooms, the electrical installations including the fan should be handed over intact, in addition to the furniture to the caretaker. The student should fill up the Room Vacating Slip in duplicate and take no dues on one slip from caretaker. The no dues slip of Institute will be signed by Warden of respective hostel on countersigning of care taker.
  • The inmate is not supposed to keep his belongings at Hostel Rooms after taking no dues slip from concerned Hostel. For temporary safe keeping of his belongings he/she may have to take written permission with list of his belongings from concerned Hostel Administration.


Devghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad-211015, U. P. INDIA


₹ 4.5 Lakh Average Salary
₹ 27 Lakh Maximum Salary
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