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NEET Rank Predictor 2023: Predict Your NEET Rank Here | CollegeDekho

Updated By Pranav Mishra on 25 May, 2023 14:18

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NEET 2023 Rank Predictor

Predict your Rank for NEET 2023 here.
  • Total Questions - Total(180 questions )

Note - This prediction is as per result and exam analysis of last few NEET exam papers.

About NEET Rank Predictor 2023

NEET Rank Predictor 2023 comes in handy to find out their All India Rank based on the estimated scores obtained in the test. Students don’t need to wait till the official NEET 2023 result is released to find out their AIR. One can figure out their estimated scores using the answer key. Aspirants must note that NEET 2023 rank predictor allows students to get informed in advance and gives one a realistic understanding of which college they might get admission into.

NEET 2023 Answer Key LIVE

Collegedekho’s NEET Rank Predictor 2023 tool consolidates all the previous years' cutoff data to predict your rank in the NEET exam. While using the NEET rank predictor 2023 tool, aspirants must know their estimated score to calculate their rank. Candidates can refer to the NEET 2023 Exam Pattern and find out their estimated scores using the official marking scheme.

After appearing for the exam candidates wonder, “How well did I score in the exam?” The answer to all your doubts is NEET 2023 Rank Predictor tool. It is used to predict the All-India Rank (AIR). Aspirants can also use the NEET 2023 College Predictor Tool to figure out which medical institute they might get admission into.

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Why Use NEET Rank Predictor 2023?

Given below are some of the main reasons why aspirants must use NEET 2023 rank predictor.

  • Chance to figure out estimated rank
  • Shortlist colleges in advance with the help of estimated rank
  • Get a realistic understanding of where do you stand amongst competitor
  • Opportunity to plan in advance

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Colleges Accepting Exam NEET :

How to Use the NEET Rank Predictor 2023 Tool

To use the NEET 2023 rank predictor tool:

  1. Register with us by providing your details like email address, mobile number, etc.

  2. Once you’re done with the process, log in and head over to the NEET UG 2023 Rank Predictor page.

  3. Enter the data on ‘no. of attempts’ and ‘no. of correct attempts’ of your NEET UG 2023 exam.

  4. Click submit and then enter your name, email address, mobile number, state, and boards.

  5. Read all the terms and conditions, submit all the information and receive your in-depth report.

  6. The rank prediction that you’ll receive via our NEET rank predictor 2023 tool is devised basis results and analysis of the last few years’ NEET UG exam papers.

How to Calculate Score Using NEET Rank Predictor 2023?

To figure out the estimated rank, candidates will have to enter the probable marks. Moreover, to calculate the expected marks, it is advisable to use the NEET answer key 2023. The answer key will have the solutions for the questions in the offline entrance test. Aspirants can match their answers with the solutions in the NEET answer key 2023 and calculate the number of right and wrong answers marked.

The formula for this is also given below:

NEET Scores 2023 = Number of Correct Answers X 4-Number of Wrong Answers X 1

To explain this further, given below is the marking scheme as per the exam pattern of NEET 2023:

  • 4 marks for every right answer

  • -1 mark for every wrong answer

  • 0 mark for questions not answered

Once the scores have been calculated, candidates can use the NEET UG 2023 rank predictor tool to find out their estimated AIR.

NEET Rank Predictor 2023- Predict your Estimated Ranks with Marks

Candidates need clarity on how well they scored in the test after appearing for the NEET 2023 exam. NEET rank predictor 2023 allows aspirants to figure out their AIR. However, aspirants need to figure out their scores. They can also get a direct estimate of their rank from the table given below.

Total Marks Scored

NEET Rank 2023 (Expected)

> 675

Between 1 to 100

674 to 670

101 to 200

669 to 665

201 to 300

664 to 655

301 to 400

654 to 650

401 to 500

649 to 640

501 to 600

639 to 635

601 to 700

634 to 630

701 to 800

629 to 620

801 to 900

619 to 615

901 to 1000

614 to 610

1001 to 1500

609 to 600

1501 to 2000

599 to 595

2001 to 2500

594 to 590

2501 to 3000

589 to 585

3001 to 3500

584 to 580

3501 to 4000

579 to 570

4001 to 4500

569 to 565

4501 to 5000

564 to 560

5001 to 5500

559 to 555

5501 to 6000

554 to 550

6001 to 6500

549 to 540

6501 to 7000

539 to 535

7001 to 7500

534 to 530

7501 to 8000

529 to 525

8001 to 8500

524 to 520

8501 to 9000

519 to 510

9001 to 9500

509 to 505

9501 to 10000

504 to 500

10001 to 10500

499 to 480

10501 to 12000

479 to 460

12001 to 14000

459 to 440

14001 to 16000

439 to 420

16001 to 18000

419 to 400

18001 to 20000

399 to 380

20001 to 22500

379 to 360

22501 to 25000

< 365


NEET Rank Predictor 2023: Top Colleges and their Expected Cut-off

NEET Rank Predictor 2023 tool is used by the candidates to calculate/predict their rank in the NEET exam. Therefore, it allows the candidates to analyze the selection of their desired colleges, by checking whether they fulfill the expected NEET 2023 Cut-off set by the particular institution. 

Mentioned below are some of the top colleges and their expected cut-off, that candidates must consider after checking their NEET ranks through NEET Rank Predictor 2023:

Top Colleges in India

Expected Cutoff2023


704 - 710

Maulana Azad Medical College

700 - 704

University College of Medical Sciences

600 - 695

VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital

695 - 700

Seth G.S. Medical College

695 - 705

KGMC, Lucknow

665 - 700

RUHS College of Medical Sciences

653 - 700

Bangalore Medical College

665 - 710

NEET Rank Predictor 2023: Accuracy

Based on the methodology and algorithms used by the rank predictor of 2023, it can provide a rough estimate of a candidate's rank in NEET 2023. However, it is important to note that the final rank can vary from the predicted rank due to various factors such as the actual performance of the candidate in the exam, the difficulty level of the exam, and the number of candidates appearing for the exam. Therefore, while the NEET Rank Predictor 2023 can be a useful tool for students to gauge their performance, it may not always be accurate in predicting the final rank.

Benefits of Using the NEET 2023 Rank Predictor Tool

The NEET 2023 rank predictor tool allows candidates to learn about their possible ranks way before official results are out. This gives aspirants clarity and peace of mind. The key benefits of NEET rank predictor 2023 are:

  • With the help of CollegeDekho’s NEET 2023 rank predictor, candidates can determine their performance based on various factors such as the number of candidates who appeared, the exam’s difficulty level, marking scheme, and cut-off.

  • Aspirants can get to know their expected rank before NEET 2023 result declaration. 

  • The calculated rank generated by the NEET 2023 rank predictor will also help the candidates check out the list of colleges where they can get admission. 

  • The cut-off trends will also be given along with the result generated by the NEET 2023 rank predictor so that candidates have an idea regarding the cut-off trends of previous years. Candidates will also know about their competition and how they fare amidst them.

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NEET Cutoff 2023

Aspirants need to secure a minimum percentile in order to qualify the medical entrance test. One must obtain the said rank if they wish to bag a seat in the topmost institute via counselling rounds. 


NEET Cutoff 2023


50th percentile


40th percentile


45th percentile


40th percentile

NEET Counselling 2023

The counselling rounds of NEET UG 2023 is held by MCC for All India Quota (AIQ) while the State Quota seats are filled by respective state authorities. Based on the rank of the students, a merit list of eligible candidates will be posted. All the qualified candidates can appear for the counselling rounds. The AIQ NEET counselling 2023 will be held for 15% of govt colleges and 100% central and deemed university seats, ESIC, JIPMER, AFMC, and AIIMs seats. Meanwhile, the NEET state quota 2023 counselling will be held for 85% of govt seats and 100% of private seats belonging to the states. During the NEET UG counselling session, candidates will be allowed to register, fill in their choices for the course and colleges, and pay the counselling fee. Candidates are allotted seats based on the marks secured in the exam. One must report to the allotted institutes with their original certificates to confirm their admission.

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FAQs about NEET Rank Predictor

What is the minimum NEET 2023 rank to get admission in MBBS?

According to the previous year's trends, candidates who secure above 550 NEET score have a higher chance to get MBBS admission into the top medical colleges in India.

What is the minimum NEET 2023 rank to get admission in BDS?

Based on previous year trends, it can be assumed that a minimum of 50th percentile (for general category) and a minimum of 40th percentile (for OBC/SC/ST) is required for admission to the dental colleges across the country.

What is the list of things required while using the NEET rank predictor 2023?

The list of things required to check or use ths NEET 2023 rank predictor are:

  • Candidate's NEET 2023 score out of 720
  • Candidate's Name and email ID

What is the benefit of using the NEET 2023 Rank Predictor?

The NEET rank predictor will help students to estimate the most probable rank and their performance with respect to other NEET students. It will also give you an insight into which medical colleges you are eligible to get admission to.

What is NEET Rank Predictor?

The NEET Rank Predictor 2023 helps candidates estimate their expected rank in the entrance exam. It is calculated on the basis of estimated correct responses attempted by candidates in the entrance test.

Are the candidates supposed to wait for the results to calculate their NEET 2023 rank?

No, aspirants can predict their rank of NEET 2023 at Collegedekho. All candidates have to do is enter their approximate score based on the marking scheme and enter a few details to see their predicted rank with the help of our NEET Rank Predictor 2023 tool.

How to check NEET 2023 Rank?

You can check the NEET 2023 rank easily by entering all the details in the above-added NEET 2023 rank predictor tool. The NEET 2023 rank predictor estimates your rank basis the no. of correct attempts and no. of overall attempts data.

Can I estimate my All India Rank through NEET Rank Predictor?

Yes, through NEET Rank Predictor you can estimate your All India Rank. The Rank Predictor of NEET 2023 can help students to calculate their expected rank for the examination.

What is the accuracy of the NEET Rank predictor?

The NEET 2023 rank predictor has an accuracy of around 90% because it has legitimate collated data of previous years’ NEET marks. It can predict your rank within minutes. This is an extremely user-friendly tool.

Is NEET rank predictor 2023 useful during counselling rounds?

Yes, NEET rank predictor 2023 is very useful during counselling rounds because candidates easily get to know their expected ranking. In this way, they can get ready for the counselling process, and decide on their desired medical schools based on what ranking they have received.

How many MBBS seats are available in India for 2023?

Currently 70000+ MBBS seats are available in India. Candidates appear for the NEET 2023 exam to get admission into the MBBS course. The NEET 2023 rank predictor will give you an estimated rank that allows you to see if you’re eligible for MBBS seats or not in a certain college.

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Are NEET 2022 marks not qualified for admission in BHMS?

-armaanUpdated on May 18, 2023 01:13 PM
  • 3 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

Candidates need to clear NEET 2022 exam if they wish to secure admission in colleges that offer BHMS course.


Can I get Medical seat with 365 NEET marks?

-SandeepUpdated on May 16, 2023 09:30 PM
  • 4 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

Yes, you can get admission in colleges that accept scores between 300-400 marks. All the falling under these score bracket are private institutions, One can also secure admission in better colleges through management quota. Given below are colleges aspirants can explore between marks 300-400.

  • Dr. DY Patil Education Society Deemed University, Kolhapur
  • Guntur Medical College, Guntur
  • Dr. R. N. Cooper General Hospital, Mumbai
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur
  • S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack
  • Pandit Raghunath Murmu Medical College, Baripada
  • Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal


My NEET score is 256. In AIQ will I get in this college (Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College)

-senthilkumar poornaUpdated on May 11, 2023 12:32 PM
  • 2 Answers
Pranav Mishra, Student / Alumni

No. 256 score is well below the cutoff mark level of the Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College. Students must score at least 600-625 marks to be considered for a seat at this college. Even after using the reservation criteria, getting a seat with 256 marks is not possible. Instead, you can try opting for these colleges in Tamil Nadu.

  • Tiruvannamalai Medical College, Tiruvannamalai
  • Velammal Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre 
  • Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Chennai
  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore

Additionally, you can scan through the links below to understand what courses and colleges you can explore …


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