List of Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form: Size, Format, Specifications

Diksha Nautiyal

Updated On: March 18, 2024 03:26 pm IST | NEET

The last date to submit the NEET application form was March 16, 2024. There are changes made in the list of documents required for NEET 2024 application form, as per the latest guidelines by NTA. Keep reading to know about the Size, Format, and Specifications of these documents.
Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

Documents Required For NEET 2024 Application Form such as photographs, thumb impressions, and signature have to be uploaded in the prescribed format. Mentioned below in this article is the list of NEET application form 2024 documents required along with the correct size and format, as per NTA's guidelines.

NEET UG 2024 is going to be conducted on May 5 and its registration process started on February 9, 2024 and ended on March 16, 2024. Registration is the initial step, providing credentials such as the application number and password. Subsequently, the NEET 2024 application must be completed. The correction window to make changes in NEET Application Form 2024 is now live from March 18 to March 20, 2024, Aspirants are required to fill out the details as per the guidelines mentioned by NTA in its NEET 2024 Information Bulletin

Some of the documents required for neet application form, such as the Class 10 pass certificate and address verification, are no longer necessary as of this year. Before delving into the list of required NEET documents, it's essential to understand the general steps involved in applying for NEET UG 2024 Exam. This article offers a comprehensive description of the documents for neet application form.

List of Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

Here are the documents required for the NEET application form 2024, as per the latest guidelines.
  • Postcard Size Photograph
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Left and Right Thumb Impressions
  • Signature
  • Citizenship Certificate (applicable for NRI/ OCI/ Foreign citizen candidates)
  • Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBD) Certificate (if applicable)

Documents Not Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

Listed below are the documents that are not required during the NEET application process. However, these documents were needed until last year.
  • Present and Permanent Address Proof
  • Category Certificate (If applicable)
  • Class 10 Passing Certificate and Mark Sheet

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List of Documents Required for NEET Application Form: Specifications, Size and Format

Documents for NEET application form are the candidate’s photograph, signature, class 10th passing certificate, left-hand thumb impression etc. Candidates must stick to the dimensions and format defined by NTA or else the documents required for the NEET UG 2024 application will not get uploaded. Aspirants are advised to keep the following documents handy in the prescribed guidelines:



Size and format

Passport photo

  • Latest photo
  • White background
  • 80% face visibility with ears clearly visible
10 KB to 200 KB JPG/JPEG

Postcard photo

  • Photo has to be taken before or on 21st September 2023
  • Face should be clearly visible with the ears and on a white background

10 KB to 200 KB, 4’’x6’’ JPG/JPEG


  • Sign with a black pen
  • White background
  • Signature shouldn’t be in capital letters

4KB to 30 KB JPG format

Left-hand thumb impression

  • Candidates with the eventuality of the left hand, right hand can be used
  • Blue ink on white paper

10 KB to 200 KB JPG/JPEG

Class 10th pass certificate
NOT REQUIRED in 2024 Application Form

  • Scanned copy

50 KB to 300 KB PDF

Category certificate
NOT REQUIRED in 2024 Application Form

  • SC/ST/OBC/EWS certificate

50 KB to 300 KB PDF

PwBD Certificate

  • Certificate obtained by the candidate from the list on a brochure in PDF format

50 KB to 300 KB PDF

Certificate of Citizenship

  • Proof of citizenship in PDF format provided by the Embassy

50 KB to 300 KB PDF

Address Proof (Present and permanent address)
NOT REQUIRED in 2024 Application Form
  • Both documents are to be merged and uploaded in a single PDF file (if applicable) 
  • If the Present and Permanent addresses are the same, then the same document will be sufficient
50 KB to 300 KB PDF

Note: The size and format for the Class 10 passing certificate, category certificate, and address proof have been mentioned as per the guidelines of the previous year. Candidates must remember that these documents are no longer required to be uploaded the NEET application form for 2024

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How to Resize Documents Required for NEET Application Form 2024

To resize documents required for NEET application form pdf, the following methods need to be followed:

  • Method 1 - Use Free Websites to Convert Images or PDFs: Many online sites offer free services to resize Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form pdf. Candidates can directly upload the document, adjust the dimensions by following the guidelines mentioned on the website and download the documents.

  • Method 2 - Use the Paint Application on the Laptop or Desktop: Many people choose to resize their NEET documents by using the paint application on their personal computers. Candidates can either use this method or go for the free website to save time, as resizing images through Paint can be time-consuming.

  • Method 3- Use Editing Software: If PDF editing software is installed on the device, navigate through it and click on the 'Scale' or 'Resize' option. Resize the PDF or image by following the NEET 2024 application document specifications and save the changes.

How to Upload Images/ Documents in the Required Size for NEET 2024 Application?

Check out the step-by-step process of uploading images and documents in the correct size for your NEET 2024 application. This guide simplifies the procedure, ensuring a hassle-free submission experience.

  • Step 1: Sign in to the NEET 2024  application portal to upload necessary images and documents securely.
  • Step 2: Check that images adhere to NTA's specified size and format guidelines before selecting them.
  • Step 3: Once logged in, go to the 'Documents to be Uploaded' step in the application process to submit soft copies of the required documents for NEET 2024.
  • Step 4: In the document upload section, click 'Choose File' to access your PC's files. Rename each image appropriately, like 'passport size photo' or 'Class 10th passing certificate,' for clarity.
  • Step 5: Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the uploaded document before proceeding.
  • Step 6: If everything is accurate, click 'Next' in the upper right corner to move to the next step

Aspirants should follow these guidelines for a seamless process of uploading the documents for NEET 2024 application. They must ensure accuracy and compliance to successfully submit the NEET 2024 application documents and complete the application form in time.

Guidelines for Uploading Photographs in NEET Application Form 2024:

The NTA has established specific guidelines for uploading photographs and other documents for NEET registration. Here are the key instructions:

  1. Photograph Age: The submitted photograph should not be older than three months. It needs to be a recent image reflecting the applicant's current appearance.

  2. Size Requirements: The scanned photograph must fall within the specified size range of 10 KB to 200 KB. It's essential to ensure that the file size meets these prescribed limits.

  3. Color Options: The photograph can be submitted in either colour or black and white format. Applicants have the flexibility to choose between these options based on their preferences.

  4. Face Visibility: The photograph should exhibit at least 80 percent of the applicant's face, excluding a mask. This includes the visibility of ears. The photograph should be taken against a plain white background.

  5. Scanned Postcard Photograph: If providing a scanned postcard photograph (4”x6”), it must be legible and adhere to the size range of 10 KB to 200 KB.

  6. File Format: The recommended file format for the photograph is JPEG or JPG. It's crucial to ensure that the image is saved in one of these formats for successful uploading.

Guidelines for Uploading Signature in NEET Application Form 2024:

As easy as it may seem, candidates still face a lot of issues while uploading signatures in the NEET 2024 application form. Here are a few pointers to help out students with the guidelines for uploading signatures:

  • Ensure your signature file is in JPG format.
  • Scan your signature within the 4 KB to 30 KB size limit.
  • Signatures must use running letters, not all capitals.
  • Use a black ballpoint pen on white paper for your signature.
  • Uploading another person's signature will invalidate your application, constituting an Unfair Means Case, possibly leading to legal action.

Guidelines for Uploading Thumb Impression in NEET Application Form 2024:

There are separate guidelines for every document required for NEET registration. Check out the guidelines set by NTA for uploading images of candidate’s thumb impressions here:

  • Ensure the thumb impression image is sharp and recognizable.
  • Provide left and right-hand thumb impressions as per the provided template.
  • Keep the file size between 10 KB and 200 KB.
  • Unclear thumb impressions will lead to immediate rejection of the online application form.

Document Proof of Citizenship Required for NEET UG 2024 Application Form

Candidates falling under the category of Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/ Foreign Citizen/ Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) are required to upload the following documents for application form NEET:

  1. Citizenship Certificate:
    • Issued by the official authority of the Country of Nationality.
    • The document must clearly state Citizenship/Nationality, Validity Period, date of issue, Issuing Authority, and place of issue.


  1. Scanned Copy of Passport:
    • Include the first and last page of the Passport.
    • Details should cover Citizenship, date of issue, Nationality, Validity Period, Issuing Authority, and place of issue.


  1. Other Government-Issued Documents:
    • Any document issued by a Government Authority under the Candidate’s Country of Nationality.
    • This includes an OCI Card issued by the concerned Indian Diplomatic Mission or by the MHA for OCT students.
    • The document should encompass Citizenship/Nationality, validity period, date of issue, place of issue, and Issuing Authority.

Category Certificates Needed for NEET 2024 Application Form

Starting this year, uploading Category certificates is no longer necessary in the NEET UG 2024 application form. However, aspirants from reserved categories (SC/ST/OBC/EWS/PH) must have the following category certificates ready for the NEET Counselling Process. Here's a breakdown of the required certificates along with important guidelines:

Gen-EWS Category Certificate
For the GEN-EWS category, the certificate should be issued on or after April 1, 2023, following the latest Government of India guidelines.
OBC-NCL Category Certificate
Similarly, the OBC-NCL certificate must be issued on or after April 1, 2023, in accordance with the most recent Government of India guidelines.
SC/ST Category Certificate
Certificates for Tribe (for ST) or Caste (for SC) must adhere to the latest Government of India guidelines. Every SC/ST student must upload the correct certificate during the form-filling process.
Disability Certification (PwBD Certificate)
For the PwBD (Persons with Benchmark Disability) category, a certificate specifying the percentage of disability must be provided, as per the Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form.

How to Fill Out the NEET 2024 Application Form?

Medical aspirants planning to attempt NEET 2024 Exam must go through the steps mentioned below to fill out the NEET application form 2024. 

  • Step 1 - Registration for NEET 2024: To begin the NEET 2024 registration process, go to the NTA NEET official website, click the application form link, and choose the 'New Registration' option. To make an account, you need to provide a working email address and a phone number that has been validated.

  • Step 2: Filling out the NEET 2024 Application Form: Medical aspirants must select the "Complete Application Form" tab to proceed to the next stage after finishing the first step and creating the login credentials. They must accurately complete the registration details.

  • ​​​​Step 3: Uploading the Documents: Candidates should take great caution when uploading the necessary documents for the NEET application form after completing their details. It is crucial to remember that any supporting material needs to be sent in as scanned copies of the original copies. 

  • Step 4: NEET 2024 Application Fee Payment: Candidates must pay the necessary NEET 2024 application fee after filling out and submitting their exam form. The NEET 2024 Application Fee and Payment Methods are online and the exam fee can be paid with a debit card, credit card, UPI, or net banking account. The following application costs apply to various candidates:


Application Fee


INR 1,700


INR 1,600


INR 1,000

Foreign Nationals

INR 9,500

  • Step 5: Printing Out the NEET 2024 Application Form: Candidates must click the "Submit" or "Confirm" button to validate their application after paying the NEET 2024 Application Fee. A confirmation window will then appear on the screen. It is required of all candidates to download the confirmation page in PDF format and print off a minimum of two copies for their records. Following completion, the candidate's registered email address will get a confirmation email confirming their successful registration.

NTA NEET 2024 Admit Card

The information provided during the application process is printed on the NEET admit card. Here are a few pointers that will give some clarity on the release of the NEET admit card 2024 after the application process ends. 

  • Application Correction Process: After the successful submission of the required details and documents for NEET application form, candidates are invited to participate in the application correction process. This correction window allows aspirants to review and rectify any errors in their submitted information, ensuring accurate and complete registration.

  • NEET Admit Card Download: Following the closure of the correction window, successful applicants become eligible to download the NEET UG 2024 Admit Card. The official website of NTA serves as the platform for downloading the admit card, providing candidates with essential details for the examination day.

  • Admit Card Requirement at Exam Centre: To successfully enter the exam centre and take the test, candidates must present the NEET 2024 admit card. The admit card serves as an important document, and its presence at the exam centre is mandatory for verification purposes, ensuring a smooth and secure examination process.

NEET 2024 Document Required by Deemed Universities - NRI/OCI candidates

Original copies or hard copies of certain documents required for NEET registration are to be submitted by the NRI/ OCI candidate during the NEET Counselling 2024. Enlisted below are the NEET 2024 documents required by NRI/OCI candidates for admission into deemed medical universities of India. 

  1. Copy of Passport

  2. Sponsorship Affidavit (Sponsor must state that they are ready to bear to education and living expenses for the duration of the MBBS course)

  3. Embassy Certificate

  4. Relationship Affidavit (This document is used as a proof of relationship between the sponsor and the NRI/OCI student)

NEET Documents Required 2024: Medical Fitness Certificate

The Medical Fitness Certificate PDF is a mandatory document for the NEET counselling process, not the application phase. Candidates need to obtain this certificate to ensure they are medically fit for pursuing medical education. It serves as proof that applicants are physically and mentally capable of joining a medical institution.

Also, this certificate assures medical or dental institutions that candidates do not have any disabilities, whether physical or mental, that could hinder their education or medical practice. Given the demanding nature of MBBS and BDS courses and the professional careers they entail, candidates with disabilities exceeding 80% are deemed ineligible for admission to medical or dental colleges.

Medical institutions require this certificate to safeguard the health and well-being of their students and uphold the rigorous standards of medical education.

NEET Documents Required 2024: Conclusion

Candidates must keep all soft copies and hard copies of these documents required for the NEET 2024 application form-filling process handy. The application form for NEET 2024 is highly anticipated to be released by the final week of February, and that time is going to be the peak time of NEET preparation. To avoid wasting hours in resizing the NEET documents required for the application process, candidates must be prepared with the NEET 2024 application documents.

NEET is one of the Top 10 Toughest Exams to Crack in India, hence, it is important to invest every spare minute in preparation for this exam. Resize the images, correct the format of documents and make sure every image is clear beforehand. Blurry images will be rejected and as a result, the candidate's NEET application will be disapproved by NTA. As of now, NTA has not released any notification regarding the application dates and documents required. If any new document is added to the list, it will be updated on this page. 

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Can I submit a photograph with blue background for NEET 2024 applications?

No, you are required to submit a photograph with only a white background. Upon failing to do so, your application will stand cancelled. 

Which hand do I need to use for thumb impression while filling NEET 2024 application?

Both hands. You are required to submit a scanned copy of your left and right-hand thumb impression for NEET 2024 application. The impression must have been imprinted with blue ink. 

Is it okay if I am wearing a cap in my photograph for NEET 2024 application?

If a student is wearing a cap in a photograph for NEET 2024 application, there are chances that the photograph gets rejected. As per NTA's guidelines, 80 per cent of the image contains the candidate's face with exposed ears. Upon failing to meet this requirement, the image could cause the application to stand cancelled.  

Is Aadhaar Card required for NEET 2024 application proccess?

No, an Aadhaar Card is required for the NEET 2024 application process, only Aadhar number has to be filled during registration process. As per the guidelines released in NEET 2024 Information Brochure, there are no specifications mentioned regarding the Aadhar card. Only photograph, thumb impressions, PwBD certificate, Citizenship certificate and scanned copy of signature are to be uploaded in NEET 2024 application form. 

Is 12th Marksheet needed for NEET application form 2024?

No, 12th Marksheet are not needed for NEET application form 2024. The mark sheets of classes 10th and 12th can be asked to upload during NEET counselling sessions. Based on this year's guidelines, class 10 and 12 mark sheet and passing certificate documents are not required for NEET 2024 application.

What should be the format of the required documents for NEET application form?

The format of the required documents for NEET 2024 application form varies from document to document. The scanned documents like photographs, thumb impressions, and signatures are to be uploaded in JPG format during the NEET application process. Apart from these other documents like marksheets, category certificates and PwBD certificates must be uploaded in PDF format. Candidates are advised to check the table mentioned above to check out the file format and size and make the adjustments as per the requirements set by NTA for NEET 2024 required documents for the application process.

Is it compulsory to upload colored pictures in the NEET 2024 application form?

No, it is not compulsory to upload a colored photograph. However, in case students wish to upload a black-and-white photo, their 80% of the face should be visible. Candidates must not wear caps or any kind of sunglasses in photographs. The picture should not be older than 6 months.

What all documents are required for NEET application form 2024?

Documents required for NEET application form 2024 are softcopies of passport-size photographs, postcard-size photograph, candidate’s Signature, left and right thumb impressions, PwBD certificate (if applicable), and Citizenship Certificate (for NRI candidates).

Which documents can be used as Valid ID proof for NEET registration process?

Any state government or central government-authorized identity proofs can be uploaded during the NEET registration process. Valid ID proofs are Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN card and Driver's license (DL) can be used as valid ID proof for NEET documents required 2024 for the registration process. 

When will NEET 2024 application form be released?

NEET Application Form 2024 was released on February 9, 2024. The last date to fill out the form has been extended to March 16, 2024. Candidates can fill out the application form in online mode only. 

What are the documents required to fill out NEET application form 2024?

Candidates will have to upload certain documents during the NEET application form-filling process. Take a look at the list of documents required for NEET 2024 application form.

- Candidate’s Left and Right Thumb Impressions
- Candidate’s Signature 
- Passport-size Photograph
- Postcard-size Photograph
- Class 10th Marksheet
- Class 10th Pass Certificate
- Class 12th Marksheet
- Class 12th Pass Certificate
- Category Certificate
- Citizenship Certificate
- Valid ID Proof authorized by Central Government (like Aadhar Card, PAN Card and DL)
- Person With Benchmark Disability (PwBD) Certificate 

What is the last date to upload the documents required for the NEET Application 2024?

The last date to upload all the important documents for the NEET 2024 Application Form has been extended to March 16, 2024. Previously, the last date to submit the application form was March 9, 2024.

Is a category certificate required to upload in the NEET 2024 application form?

No, a category certificate is not required to upload in the NEET 2024 application form. Up until last year, it was a mandatory document, but from 2024, NTA is no longer asking to upload category certificate during the NEET application process. Also, students applying from PwBD category are required to submit their PwBD certificate which is attested from the designated government hospitals by NTA.

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-Riya KumariUpdated on April 04, 2024 07:37 PM
  • 2 Answers
Aditi Shrivastava, Student / Alumni

Dear student, 

The Government Dental College Raipur cutoff 2023 for NEET UG is more than 400 marks for state-quota students. The Directorate of Medical Education (DME) Raipur has released the NEET cut-off 2023 Chhattisgarh round 1 for 85% of state quota seats. However, the cutoff for 15% AIQ seats at Government Dental College Raipur will be released by MCC. You can check the official cutoff list to be sure whether you are eligible for admission. 


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Hello Prakashkumar Bhagwan,

For admission to the MBBS course at the Army College of Medical Sciences Delhi, a valid NEET UG 2023 score is necessary. The NEET cut off marks differ for various student categories (GEN, EWS, SC, ST, OBC, etc.). The 458 marks is a good NEET score if you belong to an OBC category. Admission to Army College of Medical Sciences Delhi is possible with this score, if you belong to this category. The score range accepted is 400-550 for OBC category students. For the General category the NEET score required for Army College of Medical Sciences MBBS …


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