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Dr. K.N. Modi University Overall Rating

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Infrastructure 3.5/5
Placements 4.5/5
Faculty 4.5/5
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What students says about Dr. K.N. Modi University

  • The admission process is simple and straightforward.
  • There is no entrance exam required for admission.
  • Direct entry is available for some courses.
  • Scholarships are available for some students.
  • The faculty members are well qualified and have a lot of experience.
  • The fees structure is high.
  • The hostel facilities are not up to the mark.
  • There are many hidden charges.
  • The course curriculum is tough.
  • The class size is large.

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Dr. K.N. Modi University Reviews

Friendly Campus Atmosphere
By Chaithanya M P
Feb 29, 2024 0:06:35

Overall: One of the best things about Dr. K N Modi University is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere on campus. The students and faculty are supportive and collaborative, creating a sense of community and belonging. The university also promotes diversity and inclusion, which adds to the richness of the learning experience. However, the infrastructure could be improved in terms of maintenance and facilities.

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Dr. K.N Modi University [overall review]
By Hariom Sharma
Feb 28, 2024 4:04:43

Overall: this is fantastic university.. it has awesome infrastructure with all necessary facilities like smartclass, labs.seprate seprate library for all departments it is good place .

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Great Campus Life in Dr. K N Modi University
Feb 19, 2024 4:44:38

Overall: Atending Dr. K N Modi University has been an amazing experince. Campus is beautiful, with lush greenry and modern facilities. The faculty is knowledgeable and supportive, always wiling to help students excel in their studies. The extracurricular activities and events organized by the university provide ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, there have been some issues with administrative processes, such as delays in issuing documents and unclear communication channels.

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A Journey Through Dr. K N Modi University
By Utkarsh Umate
Feb 19, 2024 1:29:55

Overall: The university's strong industry partnerships and internships provide students with invaluable exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

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Where Excellence Meets Opportunity
By Pratik Pandurang Shete
Feb 19, 2024 10:05:54

Overall: With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, the university provides platforms and resources for students to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations, fostering a culture of innovation and enterprise.

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Nurturing Talent, Inspiring Growth
By Dhananjay Vijay Mhaisane
Feb 19, 2024 9:53:41

Overall: Dr. K N Modi University's commitment to academic excellence is underscored by its rigorous curriculum and continuous evaluation processes, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education that is globally recognized.

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Dr. K N Modi University's Holistic Approach to Education
By Rutuja Bharat Dhole
Feb 19, 2024 9:40:00

Overall: Moreover, Dr. K N Modi University prioritizes holistic development, offering a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that promote personal growth and social responsibility. Through community service initiatives and leadership development programs, students are encouraged to become compassionate and socially conscious individuals.

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Innovative Education at Dr. K N Modi University
By Darshan Fandi
Feb 19, 2024 9:08:57

Overall: One of the university's distinguishing features is its commitment to experiential learning, offering internships, research opportunities, and industry collaborations that bridge the gap between theory and practice. This hands-on approach equips students with practical skills and insights, preparing them for the complexities of the professional world.

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Navigating Success: A Journey Through Dr. K N Modi University
By Ankit Aryan
Feb 18, 2024 7:31:51

Overall: The campus is a vibrant hub of learning, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that provide a conducive environment for both academic and extracurricular activities. From cutting-edge laboratories to extensive libraries, students have access to resources that facilitate holistic development.

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A Hub of Innovation: Dr. K N Modi University's Impact on Education
By raunak kumar
Feb 18, 2024 5:49:01

Overall: Nestled amidst the serene landscapes, Dr. K N Modi University stands as a testament to educational excellence, offering a myriad of academic programs tailored to shape the leaders of tomorrow. With a faculty comprising esteemed scholars and industry experts, the university fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry, empowering students to excel in their chosen fields.

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The Legacy of Dr. K N Modi University
By Ashfaq Raja
Feb 18, 2024 4:00:55

Overall: Furthermore, Dr. K N Modi University's commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics to encompass personal growth and social responsibility. Through a variety of extracurricular activities, community service initiatives, and leadership development programs, students are encouraged to explore their interests, expand their horizons, and become responsible global citizens.

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A Closer Look at Dr. K N Modi University
By Anjana Aggarwal
Feb 18, 2024 3:07:25

Overall: One of the university's standout features is its emphasis on practical learning, offering students ample opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios through internships, research projects, and industry collaborations. This hands-on approach not only enhances students' understanding but also equips them with valuable skills and experiences that are highly sought after in today's competitive job market.

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Unveiling Excellence: The Dr. K N Modi University Experience
Feb 18, 2024 2:47:23

Overall: The campus itself is a testament to modernity, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources that facilitate both academic and extracurricular pursuits. From well-equipped laboratories to extensive libraries and recreational spaces, every aspect of the university is meticulously designed to enhance the student experience.

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Where Learning Knows No Limits
By Sunny Rajput
Feb 18, 2024 11:33:22

Overall: Dr. K N Modi University's strong alumni network offers invaluable connections and opportunities for mentorship, further enhancing the student experience. With a blend of academic rigor, extracurricular activities, and career-oriented support services, this institution equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's competitive world.

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Unveiling Excellence in DR. K N MODI
By Divyansh Sharma
Feb 18, 2024 11:25:33

Overall: The university's emphasis on practical learning ensures that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain hands-on experience applicable to real-world scenarios. Moreover, the institution's focus on ethical values and social responsibility instills integrity and leadership qualities in its graduates.

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