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Ashish Aditya
Ashish Aditya
Ashish Aditya


I am Ashish, and I am a master's degree holder in English literature and an experienced content writer who has been writing for more than three years. I have spent years improving my research and delivery capabilities as a professional content writer.  


Writing is not just a job for me; it is a separate reality. I indulge myself in writing that helps me connect with the reader. I have always been a good explainer, coached and taught many students, and loved every moment.

Thanks to my previous experience and passion, I was introduced to content writing which lets me inform, reach, teach and connect with countless more people and help them find the information they are looking for. 


I enjoy immersing myself in researching a topic and then explaining it to others. My journey as a content writer started when I was first introduced to literature. I saw how great writers twist the common sense of syntax and structure to create something marvellous and exciting to read. Great novelists, poets, and writers do not follow the literature. Instead, they make the literature follow them. I aspire to become someone who can accomplish what great writers like Shakespeare achieved. 


I am an inquisitive person and like to go deep while researching a topic that I find fascinating. This particular trait helped me get recognized in the Quora community. During my college days, I was a very active Quora user and used to answer several questions with facts. My favourite pastime was helping others solve a problem related to a topic I liked. I used to spend hours on Quora and other similar websites. My forte was Tech, Education, Linguistics, Travel, History, Science, and more. 


As stated earlier, my interest in content writing and the English language was sparked by literature, and my formal studies of English literature started when I was in school. In school, I was very interested in science and English and often used to bombard my teachers with questions regarding English and science that were not included in the syllabus. Thanks to my English teacher, who was also as curious as I am, he was always there to help. In school, my English teacher was the first one to ignite the fire in my heart for English. His way of teaching was out of this world; we are still connected and discuss many things. 


After completing my basic studies, I opted for a bachelor's degree majoring in Physics. I undertook this challenging three-year course and aced it with the first division. Until this point in my life, I followed my parents' guidance, but I broke free of the typical Indian ideology of following a pre-laid path and started following my heart.


After graduating in Physics, I immediately joined IGNOU and opted for English graduation because I wanted to learn literature from the grass-root level. While I was studying BA English, I was exposed to a diversified world of English where I had the golden opportunity to learn from the works of great English writers like William Shakespeare, T.S Elliot, Charles Dickens, Mulk Raj Anand, and others. 


I also took human psychology along with English during my three-year course in BA English. Thanks to that, I was able to peek into the human psychic. In addition, it helped me better understand my readers and their needs. 


To further aid my dream of using language the way I want, I opted for a master's degree in English. However, after completing my master's degree, I put a close to my academic studies and shifted my focus to learning from experience. That is why I started working as a full-time content writer. I am working in the education field and helping students and parents connect with their dream college.


What motivated me to write about educational institutions was my personal experience. It was tough to get information online about colleges during my college days. Even if there was information available, it was either outdated or fluff. That is why I am working towards creating value for students and parents. My work contributes toward building a bright future for my country, and I take it upon myself to educate and inform people about the educational opportunities that are waiting for them to reach out! 


You can email me at

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