Indian Institute Of Yoga & Naturopathy (IIYN), New Delhi

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Yoga & Naturopathy our ancient, established & proven sciences are not only preventive & curative but educative as well. They enable a person to live a happy & healthy life. Developing a unified personality is the need of the time. To meet this challenge, the most modern & well equipped Yoga-Nature cure hospital named Krishna Dutt Health Centre was established in East of Kailash, South Delhi.This Health Centre is situated on a 15 acre hilly track in East of Kailash, South Delhi. The whole Des Raj Campus id full of lush green flower beds and green lawns. It has in its vicinity the famous Bahai’s Lotus Temple which provide it a very beautiful,calm and serene atmosphere.Naturopathy is a medical system which heals & cures medical problems with the application of five basic elements of nature i.e. EITHER, AIR, SUN, WATER & EARTH. All these elements have curative properties & almost all kinds of medical problems can be solved with the proper application of these elements.Nature cure is defined as a system of man building in harmony with constructive principles of Nature on Physical, Mental, Moral & Spiritual planes of living. Nature is a greatest healer. Body has the capacity to prevent itself from disease & regain health. In naturopathy patient is treated & not just the disease, it treats body as a whole.Nature Cure has its own concepts regarding health & disease. According to this disrespecting the nature’s laws produces the disease & by respecting laws of Nature we can maintain good health. It is virtually a science of healthy living. It teaches us that how we should live, what to eat & how our daily routine should be..The manifestation of the symptoms of disease means accumulation of morbid matter & toxins in the body. If these toxins are removed by the natural methods of cleaning of the body then the body regains good health. These toxins or morbid matter in our body creates sluggishness in eliminative organs due to which the morbid matter accumulates in the body instead of coming out from the body.

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    Des Raj Campus, C-Block, East of Kailash,New Delhi=110 065.