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ISBM University Chhattisgarh Fees Structure & Courses List 2024-25

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Updated on May 02, 2024 2:33PM IST

ISBM University Chhattisgarh Courses and Fees 2024

ISBM University Chhattisgarh fees range from Rs 9000 to Rs 325000 per year, depending on the degree level, duration and specialization of the course. The college offers 235 courses at Ph.D, PG, Certificate, UG and Diploma programmes. Furthermore, ISBM University Chhattisgarh offers 24 courses in BSc, 16 courses in B.Voc at the UG level. At the PG level, the students can choose a wide range of specializations - 26 courses in MBA, 24 course in MA. Admission to ISBM University Chhattisgarh courses are open for the academic year 2024-25. For admission the college conducts CGBSE 10th. In addition to this, scores of CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th, CBSE 10th are accepted by ISBM University Chhattisgarh.
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ISBM University Chhattisgarh Fee Structure 2024

BScRs 20,000 - 30,0002 - 3 Years
B.VocRs 30,0003 Years
B.TechRs 45,0003 - 4 Years
BARs 13,000 - 30,0003 Years
BBARs 37,0003 Years
B.ComRs 16,0003 Years
BHMCTRs 30,0004 Years
B.PharmRs 75,000 - 79,4004 Years
BBA+LLBRs 50,0005 Years
LLBRs 45,0003 Years
B.LibRs 12,0001 Years
BSWRs 13,0003 Years
B.EdRs 16,0003 Years
BA+LLBRs 35,0005 Years
BPTRs 60,0004.5 Years
BCARs 24,0003 Years
MBARs 64,900 - 70,0002 Years
MARs 15,000 - 40,0002 Years
Executive MBARs 60,0001.5 Years
MScRs 25,000 - 30,9002 Years
PGDRs 19,000 - 40,0001 - 2 Years
M.ComRs 20,000 - 25,0002 Years
M.TechRs 55,0002 Years
M.PharmRs 90,9002 Years
LLMRs 31,900 - 40,0002 Years
M.PhilRs 52,900 - 80,0002 Years
MCARs 30,0002 Years
PGDCARs 13,0001 Years
MSWRs 17,0002 Years
M.LibRs 17,0001 Years
DiplomaRs 9,000 - 40,0001 - 3 Years
D PharmaRs 1,23,0002 Years
CertificateRs 32,0006 Months - 1 Years
PhDRs 3,25,0003 Years
B.M.M.NA3 Years
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Entrance Exams Accepted at ISBM University Chhattisgarh

CourseEntrance Exam Accepted
BScCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
B.TechCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
BACBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
B.ComCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
B.M.M.CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
DiplomaCBSE 10th, CGBSE 10th
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35 Courses are offered by ISBM University Chhattisgarh

Fees (Yearly):30 K
Number of courses:1
  • MCA
Fees (Yearly):16 K
Number of courses:1
  • BA (Honours) In Education
Fees (Yearly):15 K - 40 K
Number of courses:24
  • MA in Hindi
  • MA in English
  • MA in History & Archaeology
  • M.A. in Marathi
  • MA in Psychology
  • +19 More
Fees (Yearly):32 K
Number of courses:3
  • Certificate In Design
  • Certificate in Interior Designing (CID)
  • Certificate in Fashion Designing
Fees (Yearly):13 K - 30 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:8
  • BA In Arts & Humanities
  • BA (Honours) In Disaster Management
  • BA In (Physical Education & Sports)
  • BA (Honours) in Public Administration
  • BA (Honours) in Public Health
  • +3 More
Fees (Yearly):64.9 K - 70 K
Number of courses:26
  • MBA in Banking Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Financial Management
  • MBA in Brand Management
  • MBA
  • +21 More
Fees (Yearly):20 K - 30 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:24
  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Chemistry
  • B.Sc in Chemistry
  • B.Sc (Hons) In Yoga Science & Naturopathy
  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Mathematics
  • B.Sc in Mathematics
  • +19 More
Fees (Yearly):75 K - 79.4 K
Number of courses:2
  • B.Phamacy
  • B.Pharma
Fees (Yearly):24 K
Number of courses:1
  • BCA
Fees (Yearly):45 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:8
  • B.Tech in Electronics & Electrical Engineering (Lateral Entry)
  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (Lateral Entry)
  • B.Tech Civil Engineering (Lateral Entry)
  • +3 More
Fees (Yearly):37 K
Number of courses:6
  • BBA in Banking & Finance
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Economics
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Internation Business
  • +1 More
Fees (Yearly):1.23 Lacs
Number of courses:1
  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)
Fees (Yearly):25 K - 30.9 K
Number of courses:18
  • M.Sc in Chemistry
  • M.Sc In yoga Science & Naturopathy
  • M.Sc in Electronics
  • M.Sc in Physics
  • M.Sc in Mathematics
  • +13 More
Fees (Yearly):9 K - 40 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 10th, CGBSE 10thCBSE 10th, CGBSE 10th
Number of courses:33
  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma.)
  • Diploma in Yoga
  • Diploma In Production Design
  • Diploma In Engineering (Lateral Entry)
  • Diploma In Engineering
  • +28 More
Fees (Yearly):45 K
Number of courses:1
  • LLB
Fees (Yearly):3.25 Lacs
Number of courses:1
  • Ph.D
Fees (Yearly):16 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:3
  • B.Com in Banking & Insurance
  • B.Com in Marketing
  • B.Com in Financial
Fees (Yearly):31.9 K - 40 K
Number of courses:2
  • LLM
  • LLM in Constitutional Law
Fees (Yearly):13 K
Number of courses:1
  • PGD in Computer Application
Fees (Yearly):60 K
Number of courses:1
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Fees (Yearly):52.9 K - 80 K
Number of courses:2
  • M.Pharma
  • M.Phil.
Fees (Yearly):60 K
Number of courses:23
  • eMBA in Supply Chain & Logistic
  • eMBA in Personnel Management
  • EMBA in Total Quality Management
  • EMBA in Project Management
  • eMBA in Entrepreneurship
  • +18 More
Fees (Yearly):20 K - 25 K
Number of courses:4
  • M.Com in Banking & Insurance
  • M.Com In BFSI
  • M.Com in Marketing
  • M.Com in Financial
Fees (Yearly):55 K
Number of courses:4
  • M.Tech Civil Engineering
  • M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Tech in Mining Engineering
Fees (Yearly):17 K
Number of courses:1
  • MSW
Fees (Yearly):35 K
Number of courses:1
  • BA-LLB
Fees (Yearly):90.9 K
Number of courses:2
  • M.Phamacy
  • M.Pharm. in Pharmaceutics
Fees (Yearly):30 K
Number of courses:16
  • B.Voc in Digital Marketing
  • B.Voc in Tally & GST
  • B.Voc in Cyber Law
  • B.Voc in Electronic Manufacturing
  • B.Voc in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • +11 More
Fees (Yearly):50 K
Number of courses:1
Fees (Yearly):13 K
Number of courses:1
  • BSW
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:2
  • Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Fees (Yearly):19 K - 40 K
Number of courses:9
  • PG Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy
  • PGD (AI & ML)
  • PG Diploma In Commerce
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and related Law
  • PG Diploma in Rural Development
  • +4 More
Fees (Yearly):12 K
Number of courses:1
  • B.Lib
Fees (Yearly):30 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, CGBSE 12thCBSE 12th, CGBSE 12th
Number of courses:2
  • BHMCT in Travel and Tourism
Fees (Yearly):17 K
Number of courses:1
  • M.Lib

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mayank Uniyal, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Feb-05-2024

Dear Irfan, 

Yes, ISBM does have a WES (World Education Services) certificate. The WES from ISBM University Chhattisgarh is an important document for students planning to study abroad and immigration. WES further helps to receive recognition as per the global standards. To get the assessment certification from ISBM for WES, you can visit the official website and click on the 'Student Grievance' section. Next, you have to provide your personal and academic details and submit the form along with your respective query. The admission authorities will help you by solving your genuine concerns. 

Hope this helps!

Feel free to contact us in case of any more queries or questions. 


Aditi Shrivastava, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-17-2023

Dear Laxmipriya, 

The fee structure of the ISBM University MA  programme ranges from Rs 15,000 - 40,000 annually and for M.Phil, the fees range from Rs 52,900 - 80,000 annually. You can check the ISBM University fees and course details on our page for more clarity. 

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