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Infrastructure 4.0/5
Placements 4.3/5
Faculty 4.1/5
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What students says about Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU), Pune

  • Ajeenkya DY Patil University has a large and beautiful campus.
  • The college offers cutting edge tech courses that are not available at normal colleges.
  • The faculties in this university are really very good.
  • The placements, as heard from senior are good as the college has strong connection with the media and industry.
  • There are hostel for girls and boys separately.
  • The college does not have an entrance exam.
  • The admission process is very easy we can do it on call also if we have to or we can do admission by visiting in college.
  • The student ratio is pretty good. In the 1st year there were about 60 students and in 2nd till now there are 40.
  • The courses are modern keeping in mind the requirements in the industry and the curriculum is being updated every year for development of students not inly theoretically but practically also.
  • The syllabus is pretty updated and is more practical oriented.

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Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU), Pune Reviews

Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune.
July 09, 2024 10:43:38

Overall: Placements: Nearly about 90%-95% of the students get placements in the best companies from our college. The highest salary package offered here is 6.5 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is more than 3 LPA. TCS, IBM, L&T, Ubisoft, NTT and many more companies visit our campus for placements. Almost all students from our course got internships. Infrastructure: I pursued B.Tech in blockchain degree in this university as it was the most fast-growing sector in engineering. This course was very difficult to understand but the teaching staff of this university really helped me to overcome my difficulties from time to time. The faculty in this university was the best. The exams were separated into 8 terms and this degree was of 4 years. The hostel has all the facilities and the in time is 10:00 pm. There are rooms with 3 beds and they are well furnished. Washrooms are cleaned regularly and there is no problem at all. Hot water is also available in the morning. Faculty: This course was very difficult to understand but the teaching staff of this university really helped me to overcome my difficulties from time to time. The faculty in this university was the best. The exams were separated into 8 terms and this degree was of 4 years.

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Excellent learning experience on campus with great and beautiful infrastructure.
By Soumya Ranjan Behera
July 09, 2024 10:43:10

Overall: Placements: Regarding the mechanical department, about 40-50 students were placed. The average salary package offered is between 4 LPA and 8 LPA. Recruiting companies are Mahindra, Tata Motors, Whirlpool, Siemens, etc. Working on a project is more important than an internship but students can also do internships if they want. Infrastructure: The infrastructure is the best in this college. It is very beautiful and nature friendly. There is free Wi-Fi on campus, and reading and study rooms. There is a library for students to read and study. All the labs are filled with the required equipment based on courses. Hostels provide great security specially for girls. Medical facility is also available on campus. The mess and canteen are very clean. They serve good and fresh food. Faculty: Teachers in our college are well qualified and very helpful. They interact with the students so well and the teaching quality is brilliant. All the courses that the teacher teaches are industrial based so we can understand the demand from the industry. Every student has to clear all the subjects without backlogs. Other: Mechanical engineering is the best because there is a variety and much more to learn. It is a healthy environment to study.

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Absolutely satisfied with placements, infrastructure and facilities on the campus.
By Dibyalochan Pradhan
July 09, 2024 10:42:33

Overall: Placements: Ajeenkya Dy Patil University is the best place to study, and placements are offered during the course. Almost 90-95% of students were placed from the 2022 batch. The highest package offered was 15 LPA, the minimum package offered was 4 LPA, and the average package was around 5-6 LPA. The top recruiting companies for our course were Infosys, TCS, Capgemini and many more companies. Almost every student got internship opportunities in companies like Cognizant, Tata and many others. Roles offered in our course were software developer, software tester etc. Infrastructure: The facilities and infrastructure are very good. The college has 3 canteens which are very good and hygienic. They are well-maintained. The college offers various sports facilities for interested students. The quality of facilities and infrastructure offered is excellent. Faculty: The faculty members in Ajeenkya Dy Patil University are very helpful and well qualified. They have very deep knowledge about the specialisations they teach, so they help students in every possible way. Semester exams are not that difficult to pass, and the passing percentage is 35%. It is fun to study at such a college. Other: I chose computer engineering after researching and realising my interests in computers. The faculty members in college helped me a lot by making concepts much easier to understand. I recommend this great university to others.

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Dissatisfied because their focus is only on the fees.
By Sudipta Mohanty
July 09, 2024 10:41:56

Overall: Placements: Placements options are average as this is a new college. Placement opportunities will increase in the upcoming years. This year there were many companies for mechanical engineering like Mahindra and Mahindra, Bajaj, force, etc. Talking about internships, they will tell you that you will be provided internships by the college after your first year. But it is a very big lie that colleges don't provide any internships we need to find internships on our own. Infrastructure: The classrooms are way more different than the classrooms they show us during admission. BE Students and B.Tech students have their lectures in the same building. Classrooms are not at all good as compared to the fees for me which was 2 Lacs. Talking about labs there are no labs for B.Tech. The use the same labs for BE and B.Tech Students. In our case we have not seen the labs. Due to COVID everything was online and then in 6th semester we thought that they will take practical now but no we have not seen the lab yet. During admission they will tell u that they have 30% theory classes and 70% practical classes but in reality there is 100% theory classes no practical classes. Faculty: Some of the faculty members are the best but some are not at all good. They just come, teach and go as if they are just doing their jobs. Every faculty just rushes to complete the theory portions for exams. Also, the exams are very dangerous, they will teach you only a 20% portion and in the exam, they will give the full portion. In exams, there is no paper pattern given or no paper pattern set by the college authorities. Every faculty just sets the paper as per their convenience also the faculty members do not take extra effort to set the papers. They will just take the derivations to form the textbook and put them in the papers. Our end term paper was 60 marks and the particular faculty just gave us 3-4 derivations each of 10 marks, none of the derivations was taught to us in class. Also if you have not paid your full fees you will not able to give exams. During COVID I was facing financial problems still the didn't allow me to give exams and now my whole 4th semester is in backlog and this is affecting my placement now. Other: This college is a fee-oriented and faculty-oriented college. They don't care about students they just need their fees only.

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Ajeenkya DY Patil University campus is the best.
By Anindita Parida
July 09, 2024 10:41:21

Overall: Placements: Around 8-9 students have a place among 24 students in the class. The highest package was 11 LPA and the lowest package was 3 LPA. All the students have done internships during the B.Tech course in different companies and the students have found it using LinkedIn. Infrastructure: Hostels is having all the facilities that are needed for the students to live and the hostel is connected with the mess. The food is really good in taste and it's is healthy. Medical facilities are also there in the hostel and 24*7 nurses are also available in the hostel. Faculty: The teaching was good. The course keeps on changing according to the requirements of the industry. Exams are always in the form of projects and the faculty keeps on changing the exam pattern. But the exam was more on a practical basis instead of writings a theory paper it was helpful. Other: Data Science is the most tending course right now so I took it. Apart from this curriculum, all the activities take place on campus.

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I am satisfied with this university.
July 09, 2024 10:37:58

Overall: Placements: Placements are good in our college. The average salary package offered ranges from 6 LPA - 7 LPA. The highest salary package offered was 27 LPA, and the minimum salary package offered was 3.5 LPA. Many top recruiting companies visit our college to hire students like Jio, TCS, Cognizant, Samsung, LG, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft, American Express, Wipro, etc. Infrastructure: The campus is Wi-Fi-enabled. Cassrooms are modern. It also provides a library. Computer laboratory is very good. Hostel facilities are not good in this college. There are many buildings for different departments. Faculty: Faculty members are polite. Our course curriculum is updated, and makes students industry ready. Semester exams are conducted very well. Other: There are many educational activities in our college. Hackathons, events, and education seminars are also conducted.

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It is a great college for students.
By Ashraf
July 09, 2024 10:37:01

Overall: Placements: The top role offered is data analyst. Students are very satisfied with this college. Infrastructure: Our campus is very good. Hostels are very good. Classrooms are well-maintained. There is a huge library in this college. Our campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Faculty: Faculty members are helpful and well-qualified. They always clarify our doubts. The course curriculum is relevant. There are 8 semesters in this course. Semester exams are easy. Other: Our campus crowd is very good.

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It is a good college with practical and excellent teaching.
By Taiten Chowdhury
July 09, 2024 10:36:02

Overall: Placements: The salary package offered is 12 LPA. All students got internships. Infrastructure: Wi-Fi is available in our college. Labs are not developed. The computer labs are best. All classrooms are well-designed. We have an excellent parking place. The hostel is good. It provides good food. Faculty: All teachers are excellent. The teaching quality is good. All courses change regularly according to industrial needs. Exams are average. Around 70-80% of students pass exams. Our college provides practical knowledge. Exams are conducted regularly. Teachers teach according to the syllabus. Most of them are new. They have good teaching experience. Lab teachers are good. Other: Various events are held in our college.

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The campus is good Very Satisfied
By Vishal Gaurav
July 09, 2024 10:34:41

Overall: Placements: In our course, almost 40% of students are placed. The highest salary package offered is 5 LPA and the lowest salary package offered is 3.5 LPA. Top recruiting companies like Mercedes, Tata, Suzuki, etc., visit our campus. The top role offered is a supervisor at Royal Enfield. Infrastructure: Our college provides good facilities and infrastructure. Wi-Fi speed is excellent. Labs are well-equipped. Our classrooms are good. The environment is not good for studying. The library is good and peaceful. The hostel is good but overpriced according to the facilities provided. The quality of the food in the mess is good. A playground is available for playing sports. Badminton court and tennis court are available. Faculty: Some teachers are good, but some of them are not helpful. It is helpful for students to be ready for industry. The pass percentage is 70%. Semester exams are not difficult. Other: It is a good college.

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Satisfied with the faculty support, good placements, good management, and facilities in the library.
By Advaita De
July 09, 2024 10:33:50

Overall: Placements: There were a total of 180 students placed in this course. The lowest package, as far as I know, was INR 3 LPA in this course and the highest package was INR 19 LPA. From 100% of the students, 70–80% get placed Various companies come here to hire students through campus. Infrastructure: Infrastructure and availability of Wi-Fi, classrooms are too good and the cleanliness is above average in this college with proper management. A number of labs are present for different courses with all the necessary equipment. Hostels are also well maintained, and the quality of food in the canteen is too good. Faculty: Yes, teachers as well as all department heads are well qualified and knowledgeable and their teaching quality is also good. They support us and encourage us to study well. Whatever situations come, they handle them with care and understand us and the situations. Staff members are also good. Other: A number of events, fests, organizations, and exams at the national level of scholarships are held at this college and in my course too. The campus of this college is too big and excellent.

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College is really nice but not satisfied wid the package.
By Rajesh Rai
July 09, 2024 10:32:31

Overall: Placements: 60% of students were placed in my college, with the highest package being 40LPA for computer engineering and the lowest ranging from 2.5-3LPA. Many companies visit the college for on-campus placements, and to be honest, the placements have improved significantly over the past two years. Previously, they were not as satisfactory as they are now. Infrastructure: Wi-Fi is available throughout all the floors of the building but not across the entire campus, which is the main issue because no SIM works except Airtel. However, the classrooms are nice and spacious, and the library is pretty good. There are a total of 5 canteens, so there's no shortage of food, lol! Faculty: Yes, indeed, teachers are very helpful. They provide you with all the notes, PowerPoints, explanations, and address all the doubts you may have. You can go to any teacher at any time, and to be honest, the Computer Department, especially, is very good. All the teachers are very friendly; they are never angry if you ask any doubts. Other: I selected this course because that's what I've wanted to do from the start. I love coding and everything related to computers.

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Our college is worth the money paid.
By N Tejaswini
July 09, 2024 10:31:09

Overall: Placements: Our college provides average placements. The salary package offered is around 4 LPA - 6 LPA. Students have to find internships on their own. Our college conducts interviews. Placements depend on students' hard work and efforts. Infrastructure: The campus is huge and green. It has a great environment. The infrastructure of our college is good. Hostels are expensive. They are neat. Our college does not provide transport facility. Faculty: Teachers are not good. They do not work full-time. Each teacher teaches 3 subjects. We have core subjects in the 2nd and 3rd years.

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Review of Ajeenkya D. Y Patil University .
By Rachita Patel
July 09, 2024 10:30:25

Overall: Placements: The percentage of students getting placed is not very high. It is okay. The highest package last year (2023) was 32 LPA. The top recruiting companies are TCS, Byju's, and some international companies. The college doesn't provide internships; you have to find them yourself. Infrastructure: All facilities are great except for some faculty members. All facilities are at the Ph.D. level. The curriculum is good. The Wi-Fi speed is okay. The campus has a signal jammer, so your SIM net or network will not work properly. The classroom is good; you will find the classrooms big and spacious. I didn't stay in the hostel. I stay with my family, so I don't know anything about the hostel and mess. Faculty: The teachers are well-qualified. Teachers are at the Ph.D. level. The course is old but good. To clear the semester exam is very easy. The pass percentage is 45% of per subject total marks. You get a very nice CGPA in the exam. But if you got back in any subject, you have to pay high fees to clear that back. So, don't let yourself get back in any subject. Other: I am doing B.Tech in AI & DS (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science). The course is easy if you study on time. The crowd is good. They host many fests and events. You will find too many fests on campus.

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Its an Amazing university.
By Suryanshu Kumar
July 09, 2024 10:29:31

Overall: Placements: The highest package was about 53 LPA. Many recruiting companies are there, for example, Tata, Wipro, etc. There are numerous companies that come to hire at ADYPU as it's a renowned university with ample courses available in various disciplines. Infrastructure: The infrastructure is mind-blowing; the vast acres of playground make the campus sprawling. The ambiance and environment are just amazing. The campus architecture is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. Cutting-edge infrastructure supports academic excellence and enriches the overall educational experience. Faculty: The faculty in ADYPU is renowned for its expertise, dedication, and commitment to students' success. The faculty's mentorship and guidance empower students to excel in every field. With a dynamic curriculum, students receive a well-rounded education which prepares them for the best. Other: Organised N number of events throughout the year provides students with opportunities to showcase their talents, work with professionals, and gain experience in this vibrant campus community.

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Akshay Singh, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Nov-16-2023
The MBA program at Lovely Professional University (LPU) provides excellent placement opportunities. The salary packages offered range from a minimum of 7 LPA to a maximum of 42 LPA. LPU students pursuing their MBA have been placed in renowned companies such as Amazon India, Sobha Realty, Trident Group, Vodafone, Flipkart, and Cavinkare Pvt. Ltd. I hope this helps. Thank you.

Priya Haldar, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Aug-17-2023

Dear Harshal,

With a 52 percentile in MHT-CET, it is unlikely that you will get a seat in the Software Engineering branch at Ajeenkya DY Patil University through the merit-based round. The cutoff for Software Engineering in Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Loni Campus, for the general category in the merit-based round was 80 percentile. The cutoff for the same branch in the management quota was 50 per cent. However, you can still try for a seat in the Software Engineering branch through the management quota. The college management fills up the management quota seats based on a variety of factors, including the candidate's MHT-CET score, academic performance, and interview performance.


Aditi Shrivastava, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Aug-12-2023

Dear student,

COEA and JSPM Tathawade are both good engineering colleges in Maharashtra. However, COEA has a slight edge in terms of infrastructure, faculty, and placement records. COEA is a better choice for students who want to pursue a B.Tech in IT.


rubina, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-04-2023
LPU is undoubtedly better is considered better in terms of providing better placement and also providing affordable distance learning courses. With Quality of Education, Placements in LPU is also amazing, with the top brand in the world coming for Campus Recruitment provides great opportunities to its students and because of its #ThinkBig concept and various innovations in curriculum.More than 1000+ companies come every year to the campus including the companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Bosch, Capgemini, Amazon, etc. LPU is affiliated with the University Grants Commission, the National Council for Teacher Education and the Council of Architecture and the Pharmacy Council of India. It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU),the Bar Council of India. (ACBSP) and a member of(ACU). LPU offers B.Tech courses with various specialisations such as EEE, EE, ECE, Robotics and Automation, CE, CSE, Automotive Design, Aerospace E, IT, Mechatronics, etc, and many more. The maximum package availed for CTC Rs. 62.72 Lacs availed by CSE/IT students from Eightfold. Before searching for any University, You should compare universities on various parameters like academics, Industrial exposure, International exposure, placements, infrastructure, On-Campus Facilities & Amenities, Student Activities etc. So, choose the program and the University to join very wisely.

Aditya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on June-20-2023

There are a few ways to get admission into Ajeenkya DY Patil College even with a low percentile in MHT CET. One way is to take the JEE Mains exam, which is a national-level exam that is considered to be more difficult than the MHT CET. Another way is to apply through the management quota round, in which seats are filled based on a student's interview performance and academic record. Finally, students who have already completed a diploma in engineering can apply for a lateral entry program. It is important to note that the competition for admission into Ajeenkya DY Patil College is very high, so there is no guarantee that you will get admission even if you follow the above tips.