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Forbesganj College is situated at Forbesganj Araria, Bihar in Araria.

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Bachelor of Arts
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Arts-B.A.
  • Languages / Arts / Literature
Bachelor of Science
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Science-B.Sc.
  • Sciences
Bachelor of Commerce
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Commerce-B.Com
  • Banking / Finance / Accounts / Commerce
Bachelor in Computer Application
  • 3 Years
  • BCA
  • Information Technology - BCA / MCA / Computers
Bachelor in Business Administration
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Business Administration-B.B.A.
  • Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma
Bachelor of vocation in Bio-Technology
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Vocational-B.Voc.
  • Sciences
Bachelor of Education
  • 1 Years
  • B.Ed.
  • Languages / Arts / Literature

Forbesganj College - FC Forbesganj - FC

Forbesganj College Established in 1959, Forbesganj shortages and conflicts between the history is the same as burning torch in the dark. Sudirdhr spread the light of education from time to Forbesganj This college is like an oasis on the ground Bluahi. Mithila Nepal and Bengal's edge touches the well. Biratnagar in eastern Nepal and Darjeeling is not too far from here. It is located between the pouring Gramancl college Snskhti of Bengal and Mithila everything in the lotus-like spring has been attracting people from their beauty. Renu renowned writer and his literary, political guru Pandit Tiwari Dvijeni Ramdeni 0 Upechit C in the higher education sector was the earth. In 1959 Budijivion, Prabuddh Nagrikean, diligent hard work and good offices of the youth of Bihar University Act hitting fifty thousand undergraduate and graduate inter Sriaarmb of art and commerce was teaching. The famous freedom fighter and former MLA Shicshanuragi Awkay Mndl Minister of Advanced Studies in the field is an important and historic step and the college was founded by his good offices alone. In 1957, the college plans to live Mnul cooperation, to support ad hoc committee members Dr. Niranjan Alakh 0, Sriyamini Kant believed, Mr Ganga Prasad Singh are also memorable. After selecting destinations for Mhowitdyaly Anenk Srwadhki current site was deemed appropriate. The donor of the land, his gratitude to Mr. Dayanand enthusiasm for the sacred Dancary he was made a member of the governing body. Mr. Cheptu Yadav in land donors, railing, Mr. sacchidanand Thakur, Dolbzza, Mr. meditator Vashyntdtri, Fuleshhwari Cthra and Mrs. Devi, Potia generosity is also memorable. College of the current format, former principal Dr 0 Dneshwar Jha's relentless pursuit results obtained in this context we, Mr. Bhola Paswan Shastri collaboration also can not forget that in 1959 the state's welfare minister as board Jie's call came to . Board by law to demand welfare hostel and two years, he had promised to be Kdi Grh Btr dorm walls were received by the March 23, 1963 at the College of tarpaulin Pdrai Apanei by Mr. Dneshwar Jha was introduced on current land. Do not forget the quick work of Shastri received college principal Dr 0 Ram Manohar Rai contribution to the development Prwu always be memorable. Former Prdnachary Dr. Jha Shshtidhar 0 Vijay Thakur, courtesy of efforts from the former MLA Mayanand college walls were built in its beauty is grooming. Prof. Dr. 0 0 Virkeshhwar Prasad Singh, legislation Parsdd Jiarnodddhar of the funds was Vigyan'bvn. So the college is grateful to them. Prakhtik located amidst picturesque surroundings are many possibilities of the educational development of the temple. Come early inception Tin'tin 0 A 0 S 0 Antrwicsha fairly by officials approved the appointment of seven teachers. June 4, 1959 to March 23, 1963 (3 years) the child municipal middle school in the small courtyard of the Faculty of Arts in collaboration with the morning and evening classes are offered classes in the Faculty of Commerce. Some teachers work in the morning and evening college was Pdkta. Adhkiadik work is our specialty. Koshi-Peedti enthusiasm and high morale of the citizens of the region to grow day by day is the same college. Earlier this detailed arenaceous land around the center of higher education was not. Swrprtham then Utrancl Punirya district was established in the same college and education in the light of the knowledge of the people got Picdke. The liqueur examination, discipline, organization and teaching activity for this area is commendable. In collaboration with students and faculty of the college is developing day by day. The teacher from the service of the state government are employed in the foreign service.

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Forbesganj College the students are endowed with all convenient amenities that make their life 'go easy' in college hours, alongside make learning more interesting. Some of the facilities include well ventilated classrooms, recreational areas etc.


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