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KPS Institute of Polytechnic

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KPS Institute of Polytechnic is situated at Feeder Road | Belmuri | PS: Dhaniakhali | Dist: Hoogly | Pin:712302 in Hooghly.

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Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Engineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Engineering
Diploma in Computer Science & Technology
  • 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Engineering

KPS Institute of Polytechnic - KPSIP

The Institution, which is the Vision and Dream of our Respectable Social Worker and Renowned Industrialist, Philanthropist Late KP Saha was started in the Year 2015 and is Operating Successfully for Premier Service in the Field of Technical Education in this Rural Part of Hooghly District, West Bengal.   It has a Campus with Modern Infrastructural Laboratories with all Facilities for Boys & Girls and a Library with large Collections. Our aim is to make it a College of Excellence and to improve the Quality of Technical Education for the Students’ Community. KPS Institute of Polytechnic is located in a Rural, Pollution Free and Green Habitat of Village Belmuri (Near Feeder Road) at a Distance of 57 Km from Kolkata and 56 km from Burdwan, West Bengal.   As India moves progressively towards becoming a ‘Knowledge Economy’, it becomes increasingly important that the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2013- 2017) has focused on Advancements of Skills and these Skills have to be relevant to the Emerging Economic Environment. One of the most important Challenges of Engineering Education in our Country today, the Growing Rural- Urban divide where there is an instant Shortfall in Quality of Competent Young Engineers from Rural Areas. Our Attitude is to Develop Highly Skilled Human Resources with the Ability to Adapt to an Intellectually and Technologically changing Environment with the Participation Efforts of the Management, Staff Members, Students and their Parents.  

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The College has Excellent infrastructure.



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Career development, a major aspect of human development, is the process through which a person's work identity is formed. It spans his or her entire lifetime. Career development begins with an individual's earliest awareness of the ways in which people make a living. For example, when a child notices that some people are doctors, others are engineers and some are the fire fighter or carpenters, it signals the start of this process, which continues as that person begins to explore occupations and ultimately decides what career to pursue himself or herself. Career development doesn't end there. One must get the required education and training, then apply for and get a job, and ultimately advance in it. For most people, it will also include changing careers and jobs at least once, but probably more often. It is important to note that career development occurs without any intervention in almost all individuals as they mature. There isn't a set age for when it will begin—some people will start to think about occupational choices very early in life, while others won't give this subject much thought, at least regarding how it applies to them until they are fairly close to having to decide how they will earn money. While many individuals go through this process independently, almost everyone can benefit greatly from getting career guidance. A career counselor or other similarly trained specialist, career education, or another means of managing one's career development, often results in an individual’s forging a more satisfying and successful career path. This type of intervention can begin as early as elementary school and should continue through adulthood. Many people find themselves in need of some sort of guidance as they encounter problems or must make decisions about their careers. Factors that Influence Career Development Career development is influenced by several factors and the way these factors interact with one another. They are: Personal Characteristics: Personality type, interests, and work-related values all play a role in career development. You must pay close attention to these traits when choosing a career. A thorough self -assessment will help you learn about your personal characteristics and will allow you to find careers that are a good match for you. Socio-Economic Factors: Socio-economic factors can be a barrier to career development. Your financial situation, for example, may threaten to keep you from attending college which may be necessary to pursue a particular career. Fortunately, there are ways of overcoming barriers such as limited financial resources, namely student loans, financial aid, and scholarships. Physical and Mental Abilities: Some of us are better suited to some careers than we are to others due to our physical and mental abilities and limitations. It is important to find an occupation that makes the best use possible of your abilities. Chance Factors: Chance factors are life events over which we have little or no control. They can influence what careers we choose and how we progress in them. An example would the need to support a family financially keeping you from pursuing an advanced education.


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KPS Institute of Polytechnic

KPS Institute of Polytechnic adopted ‘Green Campus’ concept by different ways and various aspects.The Institution had given utmost priority for the protection of the environment by developing greenery in and around the college premises.The institution is used to take up plantation programme frequently with the active participation of student, particularly in rainy season.Institution imposes restriction on the use of the vehicle in campus, spread in about 5.13 acres of land is one of the most oxy-rich campuses in West Bengal.The institution believes cleanliness is a basic thing and it makes a lot of difference to our lives and the environment around us. Our main goal is to promote sustainability by creating awareness as well as to deploy the eco-friendly technology. The institution installed solar P.V. panels to meet some part of their electricity needs. For adopting green energy options the building and the campus are switching to LED lamps, which have the lifespan and electrical efficiency that is significantly better than most CFL and fluorescent lights.


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