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GRE Score Report

The offical GRE result/scorecard can be accessed in the candidate's ETS account 10 to 15 days after taking the test. ETS, the administrator of the exam, sends an email notification when the GRE results are available. Candidates will also be able to see their unofficial Insitution Score Report on test day.

GRE scores are valid for five years, meaning ETS will keep the candidate's score report on file for five years from the date of test. Scores of the GRE should not be directly compared as each measure is scaled separately. However, test takers may use the percentile ranks mentioned on their score report to compare their relative performance among the sections.

GRE, a widely-recognised graduate-level admission test, is accepted by leading universities from across the world including Oregon State University, Suffolk University, University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Dayton, University of Massachusetts, among others.

COVID-19 Update

With the new temporary provision offered by ETS, the conducting body for GRE 2021, candidates, can appear for a GRE General Test at Home. Here, the candidates will be able to attempt the renowned global examination from their homes, if they meet the necessary requirements. Candidates who choose to appear for GRE General Test at Home will be able to check their GRE Scores or Test Results right after attempting the exam. However, official tests will be released by ETS via mail at a later date.

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GRE Scoring Process

  • Your GRE raw scores depend on the number of questions you answer correctly. 

  • For every correct answer, you will be awarded an increment in the score. 

  • For every question that you leave unattended, you will not be assigned any score. 

  • You will not be scored for incorrect answers. 

  • If you mark more than one answer for a question, it will be considered as incorrect resulting in no increment in the score. 

  • After calculating the total of your GRE raw score, they are converted to a scaled score through the process of equating.

  • The equating process equates the minor variations in the difficulty level among different test editions. 

  • With the help of this process, a given scaled score reflects almost the same level of difficulty and ability. 

  • This also implies that the same number of correct answers on different editions will not necessarily mean that the scaled score will be the same. 

GRE General Test Score Scale

The following table shows the score scale for different sections of the GRE General Test. You must know that if you leave all questions of a particular measure (for eg. Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing or Quantitative Reasoning), you will receive NS (No Score) for that particular measure.

GRE General Test Measures

Score Scale

Analytical Writing

0 - 6 (in half-point increments)

Quantitative Reasoning

130 - 170 (in one-point increments)

Verbal Reasoning

130 - 170 (in one-point increments)

Who Accepts the GRE General Test Scores?

A number of Business and Law schools including the University of Massachusetts, LowellPrinceton UniversityHarvard UniversityOregon State University, Suffolk University, Washington State University, etc. accept the GRE General Test. Even some departments and divisions within a school accept the test. In fact, many universities offer scholarships or fellowships on the basis of your GRE scores.

GRE Subject Test Score Scale

Each of the six GRE Subject Tests yields scores on a scale of 200 to 900 (200 being the least and 900 the highest). 

  • There is a 10-point increment with every correct answer. 

  • The GRE Subject Test - Psychology and GRE Subject Test - Biology yield subscores on a score scale from 20 to 99 (20 being the least and 99 the highest) in one-point increments.

  • Each individual subscore scale of the test occupies only a portion of the score range of 20 to 99.

Who Accepts the GRE Subject Test Scores?

Thousands of graduate schools across the world accept the GRE Subject Test scores. Sometimes, the scores are required under some course-specific prerequisites but you can submit your scores anyway and the admission committee of your intended university will consider the results at the time of application assessment. 

How to View the GRE Test Scores?

  • ETS uploads the score reporting schedules on its official website. 

  • As per the schedule, you will receive an email notification stating that your official GRE scores are now available on your ETS Account.

  • You will have to visit your ETS account to view your scores. 

  • If you want a printed copy of your official GRE score, you may use the online functionality in your ETS account to get a hard copy.

You can check a sample GRE test-taker score report to get a clearer idea.

Cost of GRE Score Review

  • You can either request your score review through your ETS Account or fax or mail a completed Score Review Request Form for the same. 

  • In either case, you will have to make a payment of US$ 50.

  • Make sure that your score review form is received at ETS within 3 months from your test date. 

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GRE Score Report

Your official GRE Score Report is the report that is sent to concerned institutions. The GRE score report contains the following information:

  • Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Test Date(s)

  • Intended Graduate Major

  • GRE Test Score(s) and the associated GRE Percentile Ranks

  • Fellowship Sponsors or Authorised Score Recipients

  • Cumulative Record of Scores within the last 5 years

NOTE: The GRE score reports that are sent to institutions do not contain any information about the other score recipients you have chosen. 

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When Will the GRE Scores Be Available?

The availability of the GRE scores depends on the type of GRE test you have taken. The days after which your official GRE scores will be made available on the ETS website vary for both,  computer-delivered and paper-delivered GRE tests. 

Availability of the GRE Computer-Delivered Test Scores

  • At the end of your computer-delivered GRE test, you are given an option to either Report (view) your scores or Cancel them.

  • If you select the Report option, you will be shown your unofficial GRE scores for Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning only as the questions are multiple-type questions. 

  • For the Analytical Writing sections, the scores will not be shown in the end as they are assessed through an essay scoring process. 

  • Your official GRE scores for the computer-delivered test are made available on the official website of ETS about 10 to 15 days after your test date. 

Availability of the GRE Paper-Delivered Test Scores

  • Since the assessment of the paper-delivered GRE test takes more time than the computer-delivered test, the uploading of its scores takes more time than the latter. 

  • Your official GRE scores for the Computer-Delivered GRE test are made available on your ETS account in approximately five weeks after your test date. 

  • Your scores will be mailed to the score recipient that you designate during the GRE registration

For How Long Can the GRE Scores Be Used?

Like other standardised tests, GRE scores also have validity, which means that after a fixed period of time, the GRE scores are no longer considered valid and you will not be able to send them to your intended graduate school. 

Your GRE scores will remain valid for five years following your testing date. For example, if you take your GRE test on 1st December 2019, your scores will be considered valid till 30 November 2024. After that, you will not be able to report your GRE scores. You can also calculate your GRE scores’ exact validity on the ETS website.

What is a Good GRE Score?

What is a good GRE score is a question that can not be answered while satisfying every kind of scenario. A good GRE score depends on the programme and school you have applied for. It also depends on the type of GRE test you have taken. The requirement for GRE scores varies from university to university and programme to programme. 

For the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE test, 150 is considered as an average score, whereas, 152 is considered as an average score for the GRE Subject Test - Mathematics. The GRE scores have two components that are GRE percentile rank and scaled score. The scale score for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning ranges from 130 to 170 (with 130 being the least possible score and 170 the maximum). For Analytical Writing, the scale ranges from 0 to 6 (with 6.0 being the highest and 1.0 being the lowest). 

The GRE Score Percentile, on the other hand, indicates the comparison of your GRE score with those of the other test-takers. Which means if your GRE percentile is 47, you have scored better than the 47 per cent of test-takers. The GRE percentile ranges from 1 to 99. If you score 6.0 on your essays (Analytical Writing), your GRE percentile will be 99. 

What is GRE Score Select Option?

The Score Select option gives you the provision to decide which test scores to send to graduate schools or institutions you designate. With the help of this option, you can choose whether you want to send the scores of the test you have recently taken or from all administrations of the GRE tests taken in the last 5 years. 

FAQs about GRE Score Card

1. How to view the GRE Test scores at the GRE test centre?  

 You will be able to see the GRE general test scores only if you choose to report your scores. However, only the unofficial scores of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitive Reasoning can be accessed at the test centre.

2. What GRE score is required for Harvard?    

The GRE score required to get into Harvard may vary depending on the program. However, the average may range between 326 and 330.

3. How is the GRE Analytical Writing section scored?

Under the GRE Analytical Writing section, each essay will receive a score from a minimum of one trained rater which will be based on a six-point holistic scale. These raters will assign scores on the basis of the quality of an essay in response to a given task.

4. What information will be reported to the designated GRE score recipients?    

ETS will send your contact information, your intended graduate major and the GRE test scores who chose to send with the ScoreSelect option and the associated percentile ranks.

5. How do I send my GRE scores to an institution?

All GRE candidates will be asked to designate their score recipients at the test centre. The test fee lets you send your scores to four institutions at no additional cost.

6. How to view the GRE test scores?    

Candidates will receive an email notification from ETS that their scores have been released. One can view the same by logging into their ETS account.

7. When will the GRE test scores be sent to chosen recipients?

    The GRE test scores will be sent to the designated recipients after around 10 to 15 days after taking the test.

8. For how long can the GRE scores be used? 

  GRE scores will be valid for five years.

9. How to get an official GRE score report?  

 One can use take a printout of the GRE score report which will be available in your ETS Account.

10. Can I view my GRE scores online? 

  Yes, you can view your GRE scores in online mode after you receive an email from ETS saying your scores are available.

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