Govt. Law College, Bharatpur - Admission 2024, Fees, Courses, Placement, Ranking

LocationBharatpur (Rajasthan)
Year of Establishment2007
Updated on - Nov 01, 2023 18:21PM IST

About Govt. Law College, Bharatpur

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur is a prestigious educational institution located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The college is known for its exceptional quality of legal education and has been a preferred choice for aspiring law students in the region.

The college offers a wide range of courses in the field of law, including a 5-year integrated Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program and a 3-year LLB program for graduates. Each year, the college admits a limited number of students to ensure personalized attention and effective learning. The 5-year integrated LLB program has a total of 120 seats, while the 3-year LLB program has 60 seats available.

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur boasts state-of-the-art campus facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, a library stocked with an extensive collection of legal resources, a moot court for practical training, and computer labs with internet access. The college also organizes various seminars, workshops, and guest lectures to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.

Placement and recruitment opportunities are abundant for the students of Govt. Law College, Bharatpur. The college has a dedicated placement cell that assists students in securing internships and job placements in renowned law firms, corporate houses, and government organizations. The college has an impressive track record of successful placements, with many of its graduates holding esteemed positions in the legal profession.

Additionally, the college provides scholarships to deserving and meritorious students to support their education. These scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and financial need, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their legal education without financial constraints.

With its excellent educational programs, top-notch facilities, strong placement support, and scholarships, Govt. Law College, Bharatpur stands out as a premier institution for aspiring law students in Rajasthan.

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur Highlights

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur Courses and Admission 2024

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur Campus Facilities and Infrastructure

Academic Activities:
  • Various academic programs and courses offered
  • Seminars, conferences, and workshops conducted
  • Research opportunities
  • Guest lectures by experts
Extracurricular Activities:
  • Sports clubs and teams
  • Cultural clubs and performances
  • Debating and public speaking societies
  • Art and music clubs
Social Life:
  • Student organizations and clubs
  • Social events and parties
  • Community service projects
  • Interactions with local community
Volunteer and Community Service:
  • Opportunities to engage in community service
  • Participation in social welfare programs
  • Collaboration with NGOs
  • Volunteering for local events
Part-Time Jobs and Internships:
  • Job fairs and career counseling
  • Internship programs with local companies
  • Part-time job opportunities on campus
  • Networking events with employers
Leadership Opportunities:
  • Student government and leadership positions
  • Organizing and managing events
  • Leadership training programs
  • Mentorship programs
Cultural and Diversity Activities:
  • Cultural festivals and celebrations
  • International student associations
  • Language exchange programs
  • Cultural awareness workshops
Academic Support and Tutoring:
  • Tutoring services for various subjects
  • Study groups and peer mentoring
  • Writing and research assistance
  • Workshops on study skills and time management
Health and Wellness:
  • Health center on campus
  • Fitness classes and sports facilities
  • Mental health counseling services
  • Wellness workshops and events
Hobbies and Special Interests:
  • Clubs for specific hobbies (e.g., photography, gardening)
  • Special interest groups
  • Recreational activities (e.g., hiking, camping)
  • Workshops on various hobbies
Networking and Alumni Relations:
  • Networking events with alumni
  • Alumni mentorship programs
  • Online platforms for alumni connections
  • Alumni guest speakers
Personal Development:
  • Personal growth workshops
  • Leadership and communication training
  • Goal-setting and career planning sessions
  • Self-improvement seminars
Entertainment and Cultural Events:
  • Concerts and live performances
  • Theater productions
  • Film screenings and festivals
  • Cultural exhibitions and art shows
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Govt. Law College, Bharatpur Scholarships

, Govt. Law College, Bharatpur offers scholarships to its students. Here is a concise information on national, state, and institute level scholarships applicable at the college:

  • Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students
  • Merit Cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses (MCM)
  • Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST Students
  • Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students
  • Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students
State Level Scholarships:
  • Rajasthan Scholarship Scheme
  • Rajasthan Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST/OBC Students
  • Rajasthan Higher Education Special Scholarship
  • Rajasthan State Open School Scholarship
  • Rajasthan Chief Minister Higher Education Scholarship Scheme
Institute Level Scholarships:
  • Merit-Based Scholarships: Awarded to students based on their academic performance
  • Need-Based Scholarships: Awarded to students with demonstrated financial need
  • Sports Scholarships: Awarded to students excelling in sports
  • Extracurricular Scholarships: Awarded to students with exceptional achievements in extracurricular activities
  • Research Scholarships: Awarded to students involved in research projects

These scholarships aim to provide financial assistance to deserving students and encourage them to pursue their education without any financial constraints.

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur Eligibility 2024

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur LLB Eligibility 2024

The admission process for LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) at Govt. Law College, Bharatpur follows a set of criteria that need to be fulfilled by the aspiring candidates:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must have completed their graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • They must have obtained a minimum aggregate score of 45% in their graduation.
  • For candidates belonging to SC/ST categories, the minimum aggregate score required is 40%.
  • There is no age limit for admission to the LL.B. program.

2. Application Process:

  • The application forms for admission can be obtained from the college's official website or from the college campus.
  • The candidates need to fill in the application form with accurate personal and academic details.
  • The completed application form, along with the required documents and application fee, needs to be submitted to the college within the specified deadline.

3. Entrance Exam:

  • The college conducts an entrance exam for admission to the LL.B. program.
  • The entrance exam assesses the candidate's aptitude, reasoning ability, general knowledge, and legal awareness.
  • Based on the performance in the entrance exam, candidates are shortlisted for the next round of selection.

4. Selection Process:

  • Shortlisted candidates are called for a personal interview round.
  • The interview evaluates the candidate's communication skills, personality, and knowledge of the legal field.
  • Final selection is based on the candidate's performance in the entrance exam and the personal interview.

5. Admission:

  • Selected candidates are notified about their admission and are required to complete the admission formalities within the given timeframe.
  • The candidates need to submit the necessary documents, pay the admission fee, and complete the required paperwork to secure their admission.

Overall, the admission process for LL.B. at Govt. Law College, Bharatpur involves fulfilling the eligibility criteria, submitting the application form, appearing for the entrance exam and personal interview, and completing the admission formalities upon selection.

Govt. Law College, Bharatpur PGD Eligibility 2024

Admission to the Post Graduate Diploma program at Govt. Law College, Bharatpur, Bharatpur follows a specific process and has certain eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. The details are as follows:

Admission Process:
  1. Obtain the application form from the college's official website or the admission office.
  2. Fill in the application form with accurate personal and academic details.
  3. Attach the required documents, such as educational certificates, mark sheets, identity proof, and passport-sized photographs.
  4. Submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents to the admission office within the specified deadline.
  5. Pay the prescribed application fee as mentioned by the college.
  6. Once the applications are received, the college will review them and shortlist candidates based on their eligibility.
  7. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview or counseling session.
  8. Final selection will be based on the candidate's performance in the interview or counseling session.
  9. Selected candidates will be notified through the college's official website or by email.
  10. Upon admission, candidates must complete the necessary formalities and pay the required fees to secure their seat in the program.
Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for admission to the Post Graduate Diploma program at Govt. Law College, Bharatpur, Bharatpur, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have completed a Bachelor's degree in Law (LLB) from a recognized university or institution.
  • Applicants must have obtained a minimum aggregate score of 50% in their LLB degree.
  • Candidates from reserved categories may have relaxation in the minimum aggregate score requirement as per government norms.
  • Applicants must fulfill any additional eligibility criteria specified by the college.

It is important for prospective applicants to carefully read and understand the admission process and eligibility criteria before applying for admission to the Post Graduate Diploma program at Govt. Law College, Bharatpur, Bharatpur.