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Srimoyi Bagchi
Srimoyi Bagchi
Srimoyi Bagchi


Expressing thoughts, shaping a dream and communicating are one’s major needs. I find these to be the most significant aspects of my being. Writing has always been my passion and that’s why I am here. I somehow realized that ‘’Pen is mightier than the sword’’. Since my childhood, I have been writing for little magazines, travel magazines, booklets, and school magazines. My love for writing got more fuel when I encountered literature. Literature has been at the core of my interests and as years went by my love for English and Bengali literature grew more.  This brought me some awards and certificates from my school days. 


As I have said earlier that I wanted to do something with literature, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to study English literature as my major subject. So, my parents got me admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in English in Vivekananda College for Women where I really enjoyed the classes, seminars, and students' paper reading sessions. It is the place where I got introduced to world literature. I feel lucky to have joined that college and course. I graduated with a B.A in English with the highest marks in my college and got awarded. It was my endeavour to go further with English literature and Language. When I was waiting for my admission, I came to know that I have been selected for admission to the University of Calcutta. I got direct admission to the M.A course in English literature and Language. As I had a liking for language studies, I took a special paper on Linguistics. Apart from that, I studied T.S Eliot (as a special author), Gender studies, literary theories from the world as optional papers. The journey from college to university rejuvenated my energy for writing. The international and national seminars, lectures from internationally recognized faculty members, and the rich heritage of the university itself supplied me with great confidence and zeal. 


Another interest of mine is performing Arts. My mother was the first person to notice my interest in Music. She took me to my Guru when I was a four-year-old kid only. And previously I had been learning creative dance since I was a 2.5-year-old child. But, I have always been more into Music rather than Dancing. Besides my corporate job, I have a creative career which I have developed with my intense love for Music and Dance. I have been an artist of All India Radio Kolkata since I was seven. Whatever I do, I always carry Music and Dance with me. 


Some people encounter different interests and knacks. So do I. When I was in school, I always thought of becoming a teacher or a writer. Yes, I did teaching for a few years when I was a university student. But, the stagnant syllabus and the lack of interest of some students in the creative study patterns disheartened me. Since then, I started to work with my pen again. 

Working as a subject matter expert of English literature in an American company was an excellent experience with appreciation and encouragement. But, changes in life are constant right? The love for writing took me to engage myself in article writing. I got associated with Pice Educare, an overseas education consultancy where I used to handle all the website content writing and editing. The website content was diverse including articles, blogs, news articles, listings, etc. But, in search of creativity, I am finally here with Collegedekho where there are constant changes, creativity, and updation. I have been enjoying writing for Collegedekho and the readers from the very first day. I look forward to being associated here for long as this gives me an opportunity to show my interests and put my expertise into my daily work. I work on the latest updates and reviews of different educational institutes. My objective is to supply our readers with the latest and updated pieces of information so that they can find here one-stop admission solutions and guidelines. 


I look forward to a career that I am pursuing right now where I can support and offer help to a large number of people with my writing. My extensive research, my knowledge, and above all my passion for penning down things- all I dedicate to the readers. 


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