Doon Business School (DBS), Dehradun - Campus & Infrastructure

Dehradun (Uttaranchal)   Estd : 2007 Approved by : UGC, AICTE Type : Private


The infrastructure of this school is so good as everyone gets attracted to it. This School is equipped with state-of-the-art educational and training facilities in an urbanized 4.5 acres well-constructed campus. The infrastructure of this school includes classrooms, rest-rooms, hostel, library, book bank, computing facilities, etc. It has three modelled IT labs having an e-messaging system, SAP lab, audio-visual learning aids, well-stocked library with more than fifteen thousand books and 25000 plus e-books, book bank, webnair, it is also having separate hostels for boys as well as for girls with mess and day boarding facilities as well as transport facilities. It is also having GD room, Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities, e-library, medical facilities, Air-conditioned auditorium, Conference room, Open air amphitheatre, Electronic media production centre, Cafeteria and has tie-ups with Dehradun’s three leading hospitals namely, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shri Guru Ram Rai Hospital and Synergy Hospital for providing students with medical facilities and ambulance facilities. The school is having many more facilities like it provides a laptop to the students in some stream. It is having a separate library for the students which help them in studying well and improve their knowledge.

  • Sports Grounds 1
  • Hostel Facility True
  • Scholarship Available True
  • Total Course 21



Doon Business School DBS Dehradun, with facilities including Canteen, Gym, Mess, Lib, wifi, Cupboards Availability, Curtains, Bed, Mattress, Electrical Appliances, Table, Chair, Laundry, Tv room, TT Room, Volleyball Ground, Recreation Room, Power Backup, Hot Water, Cold Water

Students Activities & Clubs

Cultural Club


The most happening club of the institute and as expected, one of the most active clubs of the Institute which is responsible for organising all cultural and management events at Doon Business School. All Events including Man-fest (Annual Fest of DBS), Fresher Party, Salsa Classes are organized by the cultural club.Each year, some of the brightest students of the batch enrol into cultural club. It offers immense opportunity for students to learn several management lessons while organising Huge Annual Events, Co-ordinating with third party vendors, allocating adequate budgets for each activity. Of course, everything is conducted under the guidance of experienced Faculty Members.

Sports club


Sports Club is another happening and quite an active club. Beyond organizing annual cricket, badminton and similar games competition, club members are responsible to organize games which inculcate Team Building and Management Skills in the participating members. It can be games as simple as Foot-Tapping but while implementing the same, one gets to learn about strategising in a team, Achieving best possible optimization to complete the task etc.

Management Activity Club

Management Activity Club

With a view to make management students “industry-ready”, we need to sharpen their ability for analysis, problem-solving and communication The objective of this club is to unleash the leadership and managerial potential of the students through encouraging them to participate in various management activities, like Quizzes, Debates, Case study competitions, Role Playing, Group Discussions and a host of other activities. These activities give a wonderful platform for the development of personality of students, enhancement of communication skills and decision making power whilst enhancing the spirit of participation amongst students. In all, this student managed club is one where the knowledge imparted in the classroom is supplemented by inputs that improve attitude (what the students believe and feel) and skills (what they are able to do) that enhances their overall learning experience at Doon Business School.

Bulls and Bear

In comes the Finance & Number crunching Geeks, and thus, rises this students club. Students who actively follow stock markets, few among them even start investing at an early stage to understand the market dynamics better.

Activities conducted by the students of the club – Stock Market Investing Competition, Investing Workshops, Simulated Stock market games etc.

Students are also expected to keep track of associated industries, earning reports of the companies in those sectors, Technical & Regulatory factors operating in the industry. Students who are interested in Finance as a career are highly recommended to join and actively conduct activities through this club.

Marketing Club

Marketing Club

An Inevitably popular club due to its sheer demand is in the making for this year i.e “Marketing Club” at Doon Business School. It signifies the association and unification of Marketing and business minds.

Doon Business School’s Marketing club will provide an engaging forum for students interested in pursuing a career in marketing. Under the aegis of this club Ideas, strategies, practices pertaining to the field of marketing would be explored. This will be another platform for students to implement their learning from Kotler in real projects and events.

Students will get several opportunities to organize different marketing events, activities and competitions.

Techies club


Not all students esp. Engineers doing their MBA would be happy to lose their technical edge over others. This club provides a platform for Computer and IT Engineers to keep the candle lighted on their IT skills while learning to manage and understand business holistically.

Realising the significance of the club, Doon Business School has also developed a corpus fund to support any bright and practical ideas coming out of this club.

Students of this club are encouraged to keep themselves updated with latest trend in the domain of technology that they are interested in. It can be one of the innumerable fields that a student may take responsibility of - Software Technology, Gadgets, Internet & Social media, Computer technologies etc.

Social and environment club


As part of Institute’s CSR Initiatives, Social Club exuberates the parallel extension of simplicity, cooperation, unwarranted support & kindness.

Club actively works for the welfare of the underprivileged sections of the society. In their own little ways, they try to lift up the lives of the downtrodden of the society and bring back the precious and refreshing smile on their faces.

Club has associations with several NGOs in and around Dehradun where they visit on a regular basis to teach, educate and give back a little to the society. Members ensure to visit one of the associated NGOs once every 2 weeks.

The clubs have been modelled on the “by-the-students; of-the-students” principle, thus ascertaining the students accept responsibility for their own development. The activities would be planned and executed by a Students Committee comprising of a President, Secretary and a Treasurer.

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