CMAT Passing Marks 2024: Check Qualifying Marks for Top Colleges

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A CMAT passing marks of 120 is considered safe, even though there are no set passing criteria by the National Testing Agency for CMAT. However, to secure admission to premier MBA institutions, candidates need to score 250 or more.
CMAT Passing Marks

While there are no specific criteria for CMAT passing marks 2024 from the National Testing Agency, a score above 120 is generally considered safe, which is equivalent to scoring a percentile between 51 and 60 percentile and may provide access to a variety of management college options. However, to secure admission to premier MBA institutions, candidates typically need a score of at least 250. With over 1,000 B-schools nationwide accepting CMAT scores, aiming for a score between 345 and 360 marks can lead to achieving a coveted 100 percentile. However, it's important to note that admission to management colleges is solely determined by the CMAT cutoff set by respective CMAT participating colleges.

Achieving admission to prestigious management colleges relies on grasping CMAT passing marks. Refer to the following sections to learn about the CMAT qualifying score 2024. This analysis assists candidates in assessing their admission to CMAT participating colleges 2024 for further selection rounds in the admission process.

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CMAT Passing Marks 2024 for Top Colleges

As already mentioned, the National Testing Agency (NTA) hasn't set any specific passing marks for CMAT 2024. The CMAT passing score is determined by colleges accepting CMAT scores. However, scoring above 120 is generally considered good and can open up many options for Management colleges. A score between 250 and 300 (out of 400) is considered very good and can help you get into top colleges. In the table below is a comprehensive overview of the estimated CMAT passing marks/qualifying score 2024 for top colleges:

College Name

Expected CMAT Passing Marks/ Qualifying Score 2024

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

99.92 percentile

Goa Institute of Management

99.85 percentile

K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

99.2 percentile

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

99.06 percentile

Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi

95 percentile

IFIM Business School, Bangalore

85 percentile

Asia-Pacific Institute of Management

85 percentile

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

82 percentile

BIMTECH, Greater Noida

75 percentile

BIT, Mesra

75 percentile

DY Patil School of Management, Pune

75 percentile

XIME, Bangalore

75 percentile

Christ University Institute of Management

70 percentile

WeSchool Mumbai-Welingkar Institute of Management

70 percentile

WeSchool Bangalore-Welingkar Institute of Management

70 percentile

Note: These scores are estimates and are subject to change. Candidates should use these scores for reference only.

Is There any Category-wise CMAT Passing Marks 2024?

No, the National Testing Agency has not set any category-wise passing marks for CMAT 2024. However, based on observations from previous years, the All India qualifying score for the general category typically ranges between the 70th and 95th percentile. Candidates scoring within this range are likely to qualify for various management programs across the country.

While there is no reservation policy specifically for the CMAT exam, B-schools accepting CMAT scores will apply the reservation criteria as prescribed by the Government of India during the admission process.

CMAT Passing Marks 2024: Marks Vs Percentile

As MBA admissions based on CMAT college cutoffs for the 2024-26 academic years remain open until June 2024 in many top B-schools, understanding these benchmarks is crucial for aspiring management students. For a perfect 100 percentile, candidates usually aim for scores ranging between 345 to 350. Attaining percentiles between 90 to 99.99 typically requires scores from 281 to 340, while securing percentiles of 81 to 89 necessitates scores between 201 to 280. Explore the table below outlining the CMAT scores and their corresponding percentile range.

CMAT Score Range

CMAT Percentile Range (After Score Normalization)













Below 116

Below 51

How to Calculate CMAT Percentile

The CMAT examination, overseen by the National Testing Agency (NTA), employs a scoring system that rewards correct responses with +4 marks and penalizes incorrect ones with a deduction of -1 mark. If a question remains unanswered, no marks are deducted. To calculate your CMAT percentile, you can employ the following formula:

Percentile=100−(Candidate’s RankTotal Number of Candidates appeared×100)

Your CMAT score is the cumulative total of marks earned or lost in each section of the CMAT test. You receive marks for each section, which are then aggregated to yield your CMAT Total Score (out of 400).

Factors Influencing CMAT Percentile

CMAT percentile ranks candidates based on their performance in the exam, indicating their position on the merit list relative to others. It is calculated by comparing a candidate's score with those of other qualified candidates. Below are the key determinants influencing the CMAT Percentile:

  • Exam Difficulty: The difficulty level of the CMAT exam impacts the percentile, with more challenging exams potentially resulting in lower percentiles.
  • Number of Test-Takers: The total number of candidates taking the CMAT exam affects percentile rankings, with higher competition potentially leading to lower percentiles.
  • Available Seats in Participating Institutes: The number of seats available in institutes accepting CMAT scores influences percentiles, with limited seats possibly affecting percentile distribution.
  • CMAT Scorecard: While CMAT scorecards display raw scores and All India Rank (AIR), they do not include percentiles. Candidates can utilize the CMAT percentile predictor to gauge their performance and estimate expected cutoffs.

Previous Year's CMAT Score vs Percentile

Below is the comparison of CMAT scores from the previous year alongside their corresponding percentiles, allowing candidates to assess their performance:

CMAT Score

CMAT Percentile















































In summary, while the 2024 CMAT Passing Marks have no strict threshold, aiming for a minimum score of 120 is advisable. The CMAT college cut-off serves as the minimum score requirement for advancing to subsequent rounds of the MBA admission process, such as Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI).

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What are the qualifying marks for MBA colleges accepting CMAT scores?

The qualifying marks for MBA colleges vary, but a score between 250 and 300 out of 400 is considered very good and can help secure admission to top colleges. However, admission ultimately depends on the CMAT cutoff set by respective participating colleges.

What are the CMAT passing marks for OBC candidates?

There are no specific passing marks designated for OBC candidates by the NTA. However, candidates aiming for admission to management colleges should target scores based on the general guidelines provided, with a score above 120 being considered advisable.

Is there any qualifying score for CMAT 2024?

No, there is no qualifying score for CMAT 2024 set by the National Testing Agency (NTA). However, a score above 120 is generally considered safe. For admission to premier MBA institutions, candidates should aim for a score of at least 250.

What is a good CMAT score for admission to top MBA colleges?

A good CMAT score for admission to top MBA colleges is to aim for 99-100 percentile. For Tier 1 colleges, a good score would be 85 percentile or higher. For Tier 2 colleges, aiming for 70-85 percentile is advisable, while for Tier 3 colleges, anything below 70 percentile in CMAT would be considered satisfactory.

Is a score of 150 good in CMAT?

A score of 150 is considered average in CMAT. It typically corresponds to a percentile around 65, which may not suffice for admission to top MBA colleges that accept CMAT scores. For admission to such institutions, candidates usually need to score between 250 and 300.

How to score a 100 in CMAT?

To achieve a 100 percentile in CMAT 2024, a candidate's score should fall between 345 and 350. Similarly, to secure a percentile between 90 and 99.99, one must score between 281 and 340, and for the 81-89 percentile range, a score of 201-280 is required.

How can I calculate my CMAT score?

You can calculate your scores by using the following steps: 

  • Each correct answer earns 4 marks.
  • Each incorrect answer results in a deduction of 1 mark.
  • There is no penalty for unanswered questions.
  • The total score is computed by summing the marks gained or lost on each question.

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