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    Shri Siddhi Vinayak Institute of Management Campus: Address, Hostel Fees, Facilities, Infrastructure

    • Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)
    • Private
    • Approved by : AICTE

    SSVIM Campus

    The college has a well-stocked library with a collection of over twenty thousand books, separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, transport, education loans, well-equipped computer center, cafeteria, Indoor and Outdoor Sports facilities and Well-Constructed classrooms and other academic facilities.

    Students Activities & Clubs

    Sports Club -

    “ THE GLADIATORS ” (Latin: gladiator, "swordsman", from gladius, "sword") was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their lives and their legal and social standing by appearing in the arena. Most were despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death.

    Gladiators (The Sports Club) help students to:

    • Make connections
    • Stand out from the crowd
    • Discover and deepen their passions
    • Be a better student

    Events organized by Club are:

    • Mini Cricket
    • Champions League
    • Chess
    • Basket Ball
    • Volley Ball

    Cultural Club -

    An amalgam of cultures, the symphony of music and art are forever embedded jewels of this club with the perspective of achieving the best. The pinnacle of thoughts and talent with the epitome of excellence, that’s how the “OASIS” club is described, which has the threshold of perfection.

    Oasis - Ocean of Artists is the cultural club at Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institutions, Bareilly. The aim of the club is to provide students a platform to showcase their talent in singing, dancing, dramatics which improves their personality and also strengthen their skills and presentation and leadership qualities. It helps them to learn about team work and also students are recognized as an individual among many.


    • To prepare students for real life and strengthening their personal skills
    • To develop themselves in a desired field To improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication.


    • Blitz- the Annual Techno - Cultural Fest
    • Fresher and Farewell Party Every year
    • Fashion Show
    • Antakshari
    • Aura

    Literary Club -

    Jivan jina ek kala hai aur isi kala ko protsahit karta hai Kalanjali. “kala ke prati samarpan”

    Besides academic excellence, the KALANJALI CLUB enhances dynamic literary, creative and artistic abilities of the student. Artistic pursuit from a tender age instills creativity and develops the mind to appreciate and value nature.

    Education prospers, if the person sees it with an Artistic view & may be art or literature, as high thoughts must have high language. To bring in the said culture, Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institution has taken another initiative, launching fine Art, Literary & Media club. It inculcates the habit of reading books, in turn absorbing soft skills and developing presentation skills, which sets a policy for Lifelong learning skills. This club also provides a platform for any fine art demonstration and spread the essence in order to motivate others to divine into the world of arts and excel in those chosen area along with their day-to-day academic activities.

    Importance of the club

    • Implements true spirit in students
    • Enhances the confidence vocabulary
    • Improve the creative skills of students
    • Develop personality of students

    Events Organized by Club are

    • Debate Competitions
    • Quiz Competitions
    • Entertainment Quiz
    • Collage Making

    Rotary Club -

    A club for noble cause to help is society and its people in serving the humanity by walking hand in hand with the needful.


    The purpose of the Rotract Club at Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institute is to serve as a link between current social work students, prospective social work majors, faculty and administration. The Rotract Club upholds the core values of the professional service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence while supporting the development of social, academic and cultural awareness among the students. The prospective of our club is service to others is service to us. Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institute strongly supports the idea to make our environment and community better.


    • Women’sday
    • Children’sday
    • Holicelebration
    • Blood donation camp
    • Go green
    • Hindi divas
    • Fun events
    • Treasure hunt

    Technical club -

    Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious”

    GIZMOFREAKS - DARE TO PARTICIPATE club working as a technical and management Club in SSVGI aims is to provide an opportunity for you to explore the amazing world of technology , to innovate, to learn, to create and a place for you to realize your dreamland develop the next killer technology with the thought:-


    The vision is to eliminate barriers and create opportunities in technical and management fields that enable all students to experience success. Ideology of our club is “Participation with almost concentration which brings contentment and job”.


    • LAN Games (Counterstrike) and Brat Race (NFS)
    • QUIBBLE (Technical knowledge based quiz)
    • RIDGE THE BRIDGE ( bridge making competition)
    • MAD4 CAD (event for 3D designing of machines and figures on Auto-CAD software
    • SPIN THE WEB (website development event)
    • TECHIE TALK (paper presentation)
    • ROBO RALLY (A robo-race event


    • ADZAP(Advertisement and campaign designing event)
    • THE WOLFOFTHE WALLSTREET (Stock market game)
    • SHERLOCK HOLMES (Case study event )

    FAQs about Shri Siddhi Vinayak Institute of Management Campus

    What are the various facilities available on campus at SSVIM , Bareilly ?

    SSVIM , Bareilly offers various facilities to its students including Academic Zone, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab, Convo. Hall and more.
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