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Chanakya University Fees Structure & Courses List 2024-25

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Updated on May 02, 2024 9:15PM IST

Chanakya University Courses and Fees 2024

Chanakya University fees range from Rs 75000 to Rs 550000 per year, depending on the degree level, duration and specialization of the course. The college offers 47 courses at PG and UG programmes. Furthermore, Chanakya University offers 8 courses in BA, 6 courses in B.Tech at the UG level. At the PG level, the students can choose a wide range of specializations - 4 courses in MSc, 3 course in MBA. Admissions are offered to PG and UG programmes based on the marks secured in the qualifying examination.
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Chanakya University Fee Structure 2024

BARs 95,000 - 1,50,0004 Years
B.TechRs 2,05,000 - 3,05,0004 Years
BBARs 1,35,000 - 1,50,0003 - 4 Years
BScRs 75,000 - 95,0003 - 4 Years
BCARs 1,20,000 - 1,40,0003 - 4 Years
B.ComRs 1,00,0004 Years
BA+LLBRs 1,25,0005 Years
BBA+LLBRs 1,40,0005 Years
MScRs 95,000 - 1,10,0002 Years
MBARs 3,00,0002 Years
MARs 90,0002 Years
MastersRs 75,0002 Years
LLMRs 1,00,0001 Years
M.ComRs 95,0002 Years
MSWRs 75,0002 Years
MCARs 1,75,0002 Years
PGDRs 5,50,0001 Years
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17 Courses are offered by Chanakya University

Fees (Yearly):1.75 Lacs
Number of courses:1
  • MCA
Fees (Yearly):90 K
Number of courses:3
  • M.A in Strategic Studies
  • M.A in Applied Economics
  • M.A in Cultural Studies
Fees (Yearly):75 K
Number of courses:2
  • Master in Social work (Human Resource Management)
  • Master in Social work (Medical and Social Psychiatry)
Fees (Yearly):95 K - 1.5 Lacs
Number of courses:8
  • B.A (Honours) Psychology
  • B.A (Honours) Literary and Cultural Studies
  • B.A (Honours) Economics
  • B.A (Honours) Civil Services Integrated Stream - Political Science
  • B.A (Honours) Political Science
  • +3 More
Fees (Yearly):3 Lacs
Number of courses:3
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Business Analytics
Fees (Yearly):1.2 Lacs - 1.4 Lacs
Number of courses:3
  • BCA in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics
  • BCA in Data Science
  • BCA (Honours)
Fees (Yearly):75 K - 95 K
Number of courses:3
  • B.Sc (Hons) in Physics
  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Mathematics
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
Fees (Yearly):1.35 Lacs - 1.5 Lacs
Number of courses:5
  • BBA in Embedded Industry Integrated
  • BBA (Honours) Start-up and Innovation
  • BBA (Honours) Business Analytics
  • BBA (Honours) Services Management
  • BBA (Honours) International Business
Fees (Yearly):2.05 Lacs - 3.05 Lacs
Number of courses:6
  • B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
  • B.Tech in Electronics & Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech in Computer Science
  • +1 More
Fees (Yearly):95 K - 1.1 Lacs
Number of courses:4
  • M.Sc in Workplace Psychology
  • M.Sc in Clinical Psychology
  • M.Sc in Counselling Psychology
  • M.Sc in Data Science
Fees (Yearly):1 Lacs
Number of courses:2
  • B.Com (Honours) Fintech
  • B.Com (Honours) Accounting & Taxation
Fees (Yearly):1 Lacs
Number of courses:2
  • LLM in Business Law
  • LLM in Corporate Law
Fees (Yearly):95 K
Number of courses:1
  • M.Com
Fees (Yearly):75 K
Number of courses:1
  • Master in Social work (Community Development)
Fees (Yearly):1.25 Lacs
Number of courses:1
  • B.A+LLB
Fees (Yearly):1.4 Lacs
Number of courses:1
Fees (Yearly):5.5 Lacs
Number of courses:1
  • Post Grdauate Diploma in Social Science; (Chanakya Fellowship)

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Is there hostel facility for girls
-Manjunatha -Updated on Sept-18-20231 Answers

Sanjukta Deka, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Sept-18-2023

Yes, there is a hostel facility for girls in Chanakya University. The hostel is located on the campus and offers comfortable and secure accommodation for students. It has a variety of room types to choose from, including single rooms, double rooms, and triple rooms.

FAQs about Chanakya University Courses

What types of courses does Chanakya University offer?

At the UG level, Chanakya University offers BA, B.Tech, BBA, BSc, BCA, B.Com, BA+LLB, BBA+LLB , etc, while at the PG level, Chanakya University offers MSc, MBA, MA, Masters, LLM, M.Com, MSW, MCA, PGD, etc.

Which courses are popular at Chanakya University?

The most popular Chanakya University courses include the BA, B.Tech, BBA, BSc, BCA and B.Com programmes. UG courses also include BA, B.Tech, BBA, BSc, BCA, B.Com, BA+LLB, BBA+LLB, etc. Some of the popular PG courses include MSc, MBA, MA, Masters, LLM, M.Com, MSW, MCA, PGD , etc. Chanakya University also offers several certificate and diploma courses.

Does Chanakya University accept 12th marks?

Yes, passing class 12 is a prerequisite for enrollment in UG courses at Chanakya University. Admission to programmes such as BA, B.Tech, BBA, BSc, BCA, B.Com, BA+LLB, BBA+LLB and so on is determined by the grades/ marks received in Class 12 qualifying exam.

Is Chanakya University easy to get into?

Admission in Chanakya University courses are based on the marks of the qualifying examination. Candidates have to meet the basic eligibility requirements with the subject combination and minimum percentage of marks required for admission.

Is Chanakya University very expensive?

The annual cost of undergraduate programmes ranges from Rs 75000.0 for BSc to Rs 305000.0 for B.Tech. The annual Chanakya University fee structure for PG programmes is between Rs 75000.0 for Masters to Rs 550000.0 for PGD.

What is the annual fee of Chanakya University?

The annual Chanakya University fees fall between Rs 75000 to Rs 550000. Depending on the degree level, duration, and area of specialisation, the fees differ for various programmes. Chanakya University courses at the PG and UG levels are available.Around 47 courses are available under different degree levels; some of the well known ones are BA, B.Tech, BBA, BSc, BCA, B.Com, and so on.

What is the course fee for bachelor of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)?

The course fee for bachelor of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is Rs 95,000.

What is the course fee for bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)?

The course fee for bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is Rs 1,10,000.

Which courses are offered at Chanakya University?

Chanakya University courses are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in different disciplines. The streams in which these courses are offered include legal studies, Mathematical Sciences, Commerce, Arts, and others.
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