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    IIT Patna Campus & Infrastructure

    • Patna (Bihar)
    • Government
    • Approved by : AICTE

    IIT Patna Campus

    The Indian Institute of Technology Patna campus is spread over 500 acres of land. The campus is close to the market area making it convenient for the students to buy their daily necessities.

    The classrooms are built with digital facilities and smart class features in order to give a different learning experience to the students. The IIT Patna central library consists of a number of books and periodicals along with a section of CDs termed as CD library. E-journals and a separate section for news are also available in the central library of IIT Patna.

    Laboratories for different disciplines are also available within the IIT Patna campus for its students. Students are free to learn new experiments and try their experimental thoughts out with the help and guidance of mentors present. The labs are furnished with the latest techno-friendly equipment so that carrying out the experiments becomes simple and quick. Both the central library and the labs are spacious enough to accommodate a good number of students. The arrangements are monitored on a regular basis so that the students may not face any kind of difficulties while gaining knowledge.

    The institution also has seminar halls, auditorium, open theatrical ground, conference room, sports grounds, common rooms, incubation centre along with a separate administrative block. A number of functions are carried out in these areas which include seminars, workshops, talk shows, cultural events, sports events, debates, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in all of these events so that they may open up in a better way and be ready to face the world outside the college campus.

    The IIT Patna internship sessions have been made compulsory for the students. During the internship tenure, students get a chance to learn and experience the actual working of the industry. This in a way also helps them to prepare for the placements. The IIT Patna placements are conducted for the students of the final year. A number of top companies are invited for the placements to select a set of best candidates for their openings. The placement cell of IIT Patna looks after organising placements for the students.

    Apart from an effective placement cell, the institution also has the availability of 24*7 security which makes IIT Patna a secure environment for the students. CCTV cameras and security guards are present at every corner of the institution. The availability of pharmacy and medical support has also been made a part of the institutional advantages that the students must know about.

    IIT Patna Hostel & Fees Structure

    IIT Patna currently has one boys' hostel and one temporary girls' hostel in the campus. It also has necessary arrangements for married research scholars. More boys and girls hostels are in the process of construction. The boys' hostel is at a distance of about 1KM from the academic complex and the girls' hostel is situated near the faculty quarters, about 3 KMs from academic complex. Presently over 1200 students are residing in the hostels. Regular bus services have been provided from the hostels to and the academic buildings. Students have access to Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the buildings. In addition to the adequate health care facilities, all the students are covered under Vidyarthi Mediclaim Insurance Policy. The hostel is equipped with gymnasium, TV room and table tennis facilities. Campus has a basketball court, a volleyball court, and badminton court. A football-cum-cricket ground will also be available very soon. There are two students' mess in boys' hostel and one mess in the girls' hostel, along with various food joints and canteen in the Food court. The students elect a student body once every year in the month of April.

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    Students Activities & Clubs

    Cultural Club -

    The Cultural club organizes and promotes all the extra-curricular activities. The club aims to promote major cultural festivals. This club organizes small events for easing out the academic pressure on students as well. Currently, this club is organizing modern dance, music and yoga classes. Fests like Reverberance, Anwesha, Nebula and many more intra college and inter college gaming competitions were organized successfully by this club.


    Entrepreneurship Club -

    The Entrepreneurship Club at IIT Patna was setup with the vision to create a gelling point for aspiring entrepreneurs at the institute. The club’s mission is to educate the students about the nuances involved in business and entrepreneurship and to prepare them to undertake the journey from the genesis of an idea to its successful business implementation.

    The Club regularly hosts guest lectures by distinguished personalities from the industry and academia, in addition to organising various business and marketing competitions round the year.

    Technical club -

    Each department at IIT Patna has its own student-run technical club. These clubs organise a multitude of competitions and special lectures all round the year and work to encourage and mentor innovative student-led projects. Their efforts culminate into ‘Celesta’, IIT Patna’s annual techno-management week organised during the autumn season every year.

    The departmental clubs include:

    • NJACK (Not Just Another Computer Science Club)
    • Sparkonics (The Electrical Engineering Club)
    • SCME (Students' Council of Mechanical Engineers)
    • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

    Literary Club -

    Indian Institutes of technology have always been the cradle that groomed many a brilliant author in the country, thanks to those who still cherish the spark despite the technological work load they confront day after day. The founding of literary club produced a platform conducive for nurturing such talents in today's students of technology. For all those who know that the "pen is mightier than the sword", this is very well their arena. Talents are to be shown, not to be hidden. Some of the most successful and crowd pulling events in the institute were organized under the literary club such as the treasure hunt, love letter writing, arbit speaking, and so forth. The literary club of IITP represented the college in "Rendezvous of Colleges", a parliamentary debate competition held in the Magadh Mahila College in Patna and bagged the first prize out of all participating twenty colleges. 

    Sports Club -

    Apart from academic and cultural activities, IIT Patna gives equal importance to sports as well. One can continue his/her passion in a game or sport even after a long breathless struggle to be in one of the best institutes in India. The sports club IIT Patna under the guidance of Asst.Coach Shyam Kumar, brings the most talented sportsmen to light by organizing inter-hostel and inter-department competitions from time to time. The ones who excel in the college level will be selected to inter IIT sports meet where they can experience the real time competitive environment in which each IITian will be striving his best to show the world that IITians are no less compared to the best sportsmen in the country. IIT Patna has a cricket ground, foot ball ground, volley ball court, tennis court, badminton court, Table tennis tables with in the campus where one can find students practicing round the clock. 

    Social Club -

    The aim of the Rural Technology Development Club (RTDC) is to identify the problems prevailing in the rural areas and to work to develop technologies and devices to address them. The Club strives to fill the technological void existing in the rural areas. Keeping this in mind, the team regularly surveys different villages to understand the problems faced by the rural populace.

    Various projects currently being undertaken by the Club include a manual wheat harvesting machine, a self running canal based irrigation system and a solar-powered LED based reading light.

    Nature Club -

    The environmental club of IIT Patna attempts to change our attitude towards the Earth.We do everything to spread awareness among people and sensitize them to global and local practices which are changing the world for the worse.And we do it innovatively too. By organizing seminars, awareness camps, debates, quiz shows, campus clean up initiatives, tree-plantation camps and so on.We have tie-ups with GREENPEACE and AARAMBH and they are going to take up collaborative projects with us.

    Sports Club -

    The aspirations of sports enthusiasts of IIT Patna is given voice by the sports cell. The sports cell is responsible for management and conduct of all events. These events are those in the campus as well as those in which we participate outside including Inter IIT sports meet. This website page is meant to share news, achievements and experiences. We want to create a legacy of determination, expression and fun.

    Music Club -

    We believe that music is not only some notes and bits, it is made up of feelings of hearts. The club is not about three or four people who arrange some events, it is a group of people who play or sing good stuff, or those who just love listening to music. It is a club in which people meet and enjoy music let their feelings out from their heart and express it through music. The club is proud of the diverse forms of music that it portrays .


    The club has the bands as its functional units. Over the past years there have been bands playing genres ranging from the blues, fusion and funk to progressive rock, thrash and metal.

    Dance Club -

    Does the musical energy emanating out of the thunderous beats resonate through every molecule of your existence, and you find yourself magically grooving and dancing to the tunes of the rhythm? Do you believe dance is more than just the movements, a means of expression of your inner self-your emotions and feelings and passions- a form of art more heavenly, which gives you an escape to your own universe?

    Drama Club -

    When you are at your wits end and your reputation is being ransacked by your own cronies you go back to only one option that you have, “Acting” ! Such is the sheer power of acting that it can even get a bawdy guy look innocent and it can even make a slumdog look like a millionaire.


    Right from scripting and staging plays to performing Mimes on stage, from making short movies to shouting heart out in Nukkads, this probably is the most active club througout the year; you will join just not a club, you will join a family!

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    FAQs about IIT Patna Campus

    What are the various facilities available on campus at IIT PATNA ?

    IIT PATNA offers various facilities to its students including Academic Zone, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab, Girls Hostel and more.
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