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    IIT Ropar Campus & Infrastructure

    • Ropar (Punjab)
    • Government
    • Approved by : AICTE

    IIT Ropar Campus

    Spread over 501 acres of land, the IIT Ropar Campus offers its students the necessary facilities required for their overall development. The campus is situated in the beautiful city of Rupnagar, Punjab. The institution has separate blocks for different usage along with the provision of entry for the students in all the academic blocks.

    The main academic block is considered the center of excellence that produces top professionals every year for the industry outside the college campus. The classrooms of this academic block are not only well-maintained but are also digitally equipped in order to help students in the best possible way. The digitalized version of the classrooms helps students experience a new style of the learning process that helps them learn more. Other than the classroom, the library is also an asset to the institution.

    The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar library has a range of over thousands of books, journals, and periodicals, and it has become a resource center for the students. The library has both digital resources and recorded resources for the students. Apart from academics, the institution also pays attention to the comfort of the students. For this purpose, IIT Ropar has provided students with in-house hostel facilities.

    There are separate hostels for both girls and boys along with the provision of a guest house for the guests of the students or of the institution. The IIT Ropar hostels are well-maintained areas with the availability of 24*7 electricity and security. A mess facility is also available for the students at regular intervals and flexible yet fixed timings. The sports complex of the institution is another point of attraction for the candidates interested in taking admission to this institution.

    IIT Ropar provides students with an open area as a sports ground and encourages students to participate in the sports activities organized by the institution. IIT Ropar has one cricket field, three clay tennis courts, three cricket practice pitches, two volleyball courts, a hockey field, a football field, a gymnasium, a basketball court, etc apart from an open ground for sports meets and athletic events. The daycare center and bus facilities are some of the additional amenities available at IIT Ropar.

    IIT Ropar Hostel

    The IIT Ropar campus houses four hostels: Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune Hostels for boys and Venus Hostel for girls. The hostels are well equipped for comfortable lodging and boarding of approximately 380 students. All hostels are provided with water coolers and RO systems. Each hostel has a common room that provides facilities for indoor recreation and games. The hostel complex also includes four shops that cater to the basic needs of the residents, and also a few washing machine facility. The day-to-day management of hostels is taken care of by a committee consisting of student representatives. Each hostel has a warden, who guides the students to manage the affairs of the hostels.


    Students Activities & Clubs

    Dance Club - 

    IIT Ropar is one of the best institute of the country but It doesn’t mean that the students don’t rock ‘n roll. The dance club of IIT Ropar is brimmed with dedicated students; these young Jackson’s have already enthralled people at various cultural festivals held around the country. From hip-hop to jazz, romantic salsa to our Bollywood style, these dancers have fired the stages everywhere The dance club is guiding path for the enthusiasts here, anyone willing to move his body a bit!!! Here’s the right place and chance. So, everyone out there just get ready to rock ‘n roll with the IIT Ropar Dance Club. 

    Fitness Club - 

    Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards teamMates and opponents, critical behavior, integrity, and grace in victory or defeat. In order to have that attitude the student of IIT Ropar indulge themselves in large number of extracurricular activity as per their hobbies and Gymkhana is one of them. The ultimate goal of every IIT Ropar sportsperson is to have an Inter-IIT Sports trophy. In our cultural festival Zeitgiest Student body organise strong man competition TITAN.

    Music Club -

    Whether you admit it or not, music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories.The melodious students of IIT Ropar do their best in maintaining "sur taal lay" in their everyday life. The music club is the most active club in IIT Ropar. Whatever be the occasion it's the Music Club that gets the first call. From soft classical raags to acid rock, the talented students enthrall every time they get to the stage. Some of the events organized so far by the music club are: 1 SAAZ- Solo Singing 2 SUR-Duet Singing 3 TORQUE-Rock Band 4 SYMPHONY-Western Instrumental 5 RAAG-Indian Instrumental 

    Art & Craft Club - 

    The fine arts club of IIT Ropar provides an opportunity for the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. Some of the events that were held under the fine arts club in recent past are: Rangoli competition: An inter hostel rangoli competition organised on the prosperous day of Diwali saw students competing with each other. It was fun, frolic, and a test of one’s creativity. It was a test of self-expression and it left the observers bewitched. Illumination: This Diwali it was the students’ turn to illuminate the institute which has been illuminating their minds over the last few years and they did it with finesse. In the end the result was there for everyone to see and get enraptured as the shimmering lights of diyas and candles illuminated the hostels on the holy night. Blind Art: An event that saw students being blind folded and led by their partners to create images that followed the path laid by their imagination and guided to some extent by the initial image given to them. The results were hilarious in some but beyond imagination in a few. Magic of fingers: Who says a painter needs a brush to unleash his imagination. All that was needed in this event were some watercolors on one’s fingers and that’s how we crowned the Leonardo of finger painting. Sketching: Take a couple of pencils, a piece of papers and mix imagination as per your limits. This is how you make a beautiful sketch and those who followed took away attractive prizes return for their sketches that will serve as memoirs of their stay here. 

    Photography Club - 

    Arturo is the photography club of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar . It has been the first and most successful photography club of the institute, the result of the consistent efforts of the core members. An overwhelming response from the junta has been a major factor behind the formation and the successful continuation of the club. It is a club where we have regular activities, contests, lots of exciting prizes to be won and most importantly fun with photo-learning. Hub of photography lovers.... A club dedicated to learning, teaching, practicing, and exhibiting the art of photography. Our goal is to create a dedicated community of photography enthusiasts, teach you more about your camera and the techniques of taking better pictures, and the most importantly have a lot of fun.

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    FAQs about IIT Ropar Campus

    What are the various facilities available on campus at IIT ROPAR ?

    IIT ROPAR offers various facilities to its students including Math Lab, AV Lab, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab and more.
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