CMC Vellore Courses 2024 - List and Fees Structure

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CMC Vellore Courses and Fees 2024

CMC Vellore fees range from Rs 400 to Rs 267000 per year, depending on the degree level, duration and specialization of the course. The college offers 105 courses at PG, UG, Ph.D, Diploma and Certificate programmes. Furthermore, CMC Vellore offers 16 courses in BSc, 1 courses in MBBS at the UG level. At the PG level, the students can choose a wide range of specializations - 19 courses in MD, 11 course in PGD. Admission to CMC Vellore courses are open for the academic year 2024-25. For admission the college conducts Tamilnadu 12th. In addition to this, scores of CBSE 12th, NEET SS, NEET, NEET PG are accepted by CMC Vellore.
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CMC Vellore Fee Structure 2024

BScRs 3,835 - 49,4803 Years
MBBSRs 2,4555 Years
BPTRs 13,4833 Years
BASLPRs 16,493NA
BBARs 49,5203 Years
MDRs 400 - 3,8353 Years
PGDRs 4,480 - 2,67,00018 Months - 2 Years
MScRs 16,530 - 64,6902 - 3 Years
MChRs 500 - 1,5003 Years
MS (Surgery)Rs 4003 Years
MPTRs 1,200NA
MastersRs 98,0002 Years
DiplomaRs 400 - 1,53,0001 - 2 Years
CertificateRs 65,2503 Years
DMRs 500 - 1,5003 Years
B.O.TNA3 Years
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17 Courses are offered by CMC Vellore

Fees (Yearly):65.2 K
Number of courses:1
  • Certificate in General Dentistry
Fees (Yearly):98 K
Number of courses:1
  • Master in Medicine (Family Medicine) (Part Time)
Fees (Yearly):49.5 K
Exam Accepted:CBSE 12th, Tamilnadu 12thCBSE 12th, Tamilnadu 12th
Number of courses:1
  • BBA in Hospital Administration
Fees (Yearly):2.46 K
Exam Accepted:NEETNEET
Number of courses:1
  • MBBS
Fees (Yearly):16.5 K - 64.7 K
Number of courses:10
Fees (Yearly):0.4 K - 1.53 Lacs
Exam Accepted:NEET PGNEET PG
Number of courses:11
  • Diploma in Dermatology
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Optometry
  • Diploma in Urology Technology
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology
  • +6 More
Fees (Yearly):0.4 K - 3.83 K
Exam Accepted:NEET PGNEET PG
Number of courses:19
Fees (Yearly):0.5 K - 1.5 K
Exam Accepted:NEET SSNEET SS
Number of courses:14
  • DM in Endocrinology
  • DM in Medical Oncology
  • DM in Neurology
  • DM in Nephrology
  • DM in Paediatric Neurology
  • +9 More
Number of courses:1
  • BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy)
Fees (Yearly):0.5 K - 1.5 K
Exam Accepted:NEET SSNEET SS
Number of courses:8
Fees (Yearly):13.5 K
Number of courses:1
Number of courses:1
  • Master of Public Health
Fees (Total):1.2 K
Number of courses:1
  • Masters of Physiotherapy
Fees (Yearly):4.48 K - 2.67 Lacs
Exam Accepted:NEET PG, CBSE 12th..NEET PG, CBSE 12th, Tamilnadu 12th+1
Number of courses:11
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Policy & Financial Management (HEPFM)
  • PG Diploma in Medical Microbiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Histopathological Laboratory Technology
  • PG Diploma in Hospital Administration
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Community Health Management (PGDCHM)
  • +6 More
Fees (Total):16.5 K
Number of courses:1
Fees (Yearly):0.4 K
Exam Accepted:NEET PGNEET PG
Number of courses:7

CMC Vellore QnA

What are the selection criteria for PG courses at CMC Vellore (Medical)?

The selection criteria for PG courses at CMC Vellore include: Meeting eligibility criteria set by the college. Completing the application process and submitting required documents. Qualifying in accepted entrance exams: NEET PG for MD and MS, and NEET SS for MCh and DM. Selection is based on merit in the last qualifying exam and performance in entrance exams.

What are the eligibility criteria for PG courses at CMC Vellore?

The eligibility criteria for PG courses at CMC Vellore vary by course: MPH: Bachelor's degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Allied Health Sciences, or any health-related field, with at least two years of work experience in a health-related field. MPT: Admission based on scores in a Computer-Based Test (CBT), Practical Test, and Interview. MS (Surgery), MCh, MD, M.Sc: MBBS degree from a recognized university with minimum specified marks. NEET PG qualification is required for M.Sc, MD, and MS courses.

What are the annual fees for PG courses at CMC Vellore?

The annual fees for PG courses at CMC Vellore are mentioned below: MPT: Rs 1,200 (per annum) MS (Surgery): Rs 400 (per annum) Master in Medicine (Part-time): Rs 98,000 (per annum) M.Sc: Rs 16,530 - Rs 64,690 (per annum) MCh: Rs 500 - Rs 1,500 (per annum) MD: Rs 400 - Rs 3,835 (per annum) Masters: Rs 98,000 (per annum)

What is the duration of MS (Surgery) at CMC Vellore?

The duration of MS (Surgery) at CMC Vellore is 3 years. A total of 10 seats are offered for the course for the 2024-25 academic year.

What are the PG courses offered at CMC Vellore?

CMC Vellore offers various PG courses including MPH (Master of Public Health), MPT (Master of Physiotherapy), MS (Surgery), Master in Medicine (Part-time), M.Sc (Master of Science), MCh (Master of Chirurgical), MD (Doctor of Medicine), and Masters in various specializations.

What types of courses does CMC Vellore offer?

At the UG level, CMC Vellore offers BSc, MBBS, B.O.T, BPT, BASLP, BBA , etc, while at the PG level, CMC Vellore offers MD, PGD, MSc, MCh, MS (Surgery), MPH, MPT, Masters, etc.

What are the CMC Vellore courses after 10th?

CMC Vellore offers Diploma in Electronics Equipment Maintenance and certification Certificate in General Management after class 10.Diploma is a 1.0 Years programme, admission to which is granted based on merit of the last qualifying exam.

Which courses are popular at CMC Vellore?

The most popular CMC Vellore courses include the BSc, MBBS, B.O.T, BPT, BASLP and BBA programmes. UG courses also include BSc, MBBS, B.O.T, BPT, BASLP, BBA, etc. Some of the popular PG courses include MD, PGD, MSc, MCh, MS (Surgery), MPH, MPT, Masters , etc. CMC Vellore also offers several certificate and diploma courses.

Does CMC Vellore accept 12th marks?

Yes, passing class 12 is a prerequisite for enrollment in UG courses at CMC Vellore. Admission to programmes such as BSc, MBBS, B.O.T, BPT, BASLP, BBA and so on is determined by the grades/ marks received in Class 12 qualifying exam.

Is CMC Vellore easy to get into?

Admission in CMC Vellore courses are based on valid entrance exam scores. The college conducts its own entrance test to grant admission in PG, UG, Ph.D, Diploma and Certificate courses. Candidates must apply for admission and take the CMC Vellore Entrance Exam followed by a personal interview session, to secure admission. The university also accepts national-level entrance exam scores for admission which include Tamilnadu 12th, CBSE 12th, NEET SS, NEET, NEET PG etc.

What is the top package of CMC Vellore?

Companies like Tata Consultancy Services., WFPM Mission Hospital, The Leprosy Mission Trust India, Scudder Memorial Hospital, Neyyoor Mission Hospital, etc. visited during placements.

Is CMC Vellore very expensive?

The annual cost of undergraduate programmes ranges from Rs 2455 for MBBS to Rs 49520 for BBA. The annual CMC Vellore fee structure for PG programmes is between Rs 400 for MS (Surgery) to Rs 267000 for PGD.

What is the annual fee of CMC Vellore?

The annual CMC Vellore fees fall between Rs 400 to Rs 267000. Depending on the degree level, duration, and area of specialisation, the fees differ for various programmes. CMC Vellore courses at the PG, UG, Ph.D, Diploma and Certificate levels are available.Around 105 courses are available under different degree levels; some of the well known ones are BSc, MBBS, B.O.T, BPT, BASLP, BBA, and so on.

Does CMC Vellore offer online or short-term courses?

Yes. CMC Vellore does offers online & short-term courses such as Distance Fellowship in Diabetes Management, International Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine, Diabetes Training Programmes, Peritoneal Dialysis Nursing and more.

What types of courses does CMC Vellore offer?

Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore offers a wide range of courses at the diploma, certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Some of the courses available at the college are MBBS, B.Sc, BOT, BPT, MS, MD, M.Ch and more in the specialisation of medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, and more.

Can I pay my CMC Vellore fee online?

Yes, you can pay your CMC Vellore fee online according to their website. They accept online payments through various methods including:

  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

What are the CMC Vellore courses after 10th?

There are no courses available at CMC Vellore that start after the tenth grade. In India, the majority of institutions and universities demand that applicants for undergraduate programmes have completed their 12th grade.

Which courses are popular at CMC Vellore?

Some of the popular courses offered by CMC Vellore are MBBS, B.Sc in Allied Health Sciences, BPT, BOT, MD, MS, M.Ch, DM and more. All these courses are offered at the diploma, certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral levels.

What is the difficulty level of the NEET UG exam for admission to MBBS course?

The difficulty level of the NEET-UG 2023 question paper is expected to be comparable to that of the previous year, which most medical applicants felt was somewhat difficult. Aspiring students using NEET to prepare for the MBBS programme should concentrate on practising and preparing thoroughly to do well on this competitive exam.

How to get a free seat in CMC Vellore?

There are no free seats at CMC College to get admission to. The candidates can get admission to the college with good marks in the qualifying exam and entrance exam. After that, candidates can even avail merit-based scholarships offered by the college. This makes the education at the college almost free.

Does CMC Vellore accept 12th marks?

Yes. CMC Vellore does accepts class 12 marks for admission to the Certificate, Diploma as well as UG courses such as MBBS, BPT, BOT and more. Candidates must have passed class 12 from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% marks. Additionally, the college also accepts NEET UG scores to get admission to the MBBS course.

Is CMC Vellore easy to get?

It is difficult and competitive to get admission at CMC Vellore. The rigorous qualifying requirements, good test results, and outstanding academic records of prospective students must all be met. This organisation is committed to quality and chooses applicants based on their qualifications, dedication, and enthusiasm for medicine.

What is the top package of CMC Vellore?

Depending on the programme, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore offers different highest salary packages at the placements. Students in PG three-year programmes were offered an average salary package of Rs 10,51,176 Lakhs. For MSc students, the highest domestic salary package is Rs 4,20,000.

Is CMC Vellore very expensive?

When it comes to medical education, CMC Vellore is recognised on the lower end. Even if the MBBS course prices are affordable, it's important to understand that earning a medical degree comes with a high financial burden. The professors, facilities, and education standards at CMC Vellore make the fees justified. Because of the quality of education it offers, students frequently find it beneficial.

What is the annual fee of CMC Vellore?

The annual fees at the CMC Vellore range for the various courses. The fee for the diploma courses ranges between Rs 400 - Rs 1,53,000, and Rs 65,250 for the certificate courses. The annual fees for UG courses range between Rs 2,455 and Rs 49,520. For PG courses, the fee structure range between Rs 400 and Rs 2,67,000.

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This is a matter of the college's discretion. We advise you to contact the college authorities for the same. 

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What is the admission process for bpt?
-Subiksha -Updated on May-12-20239 Answers

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Hii sir I am sherin Na 12 th la 71 %mark aduthu irukka sir yenakku paramedical course kedakkuma sir na pure science group sir

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Bsc opptometry course fees for year
hi new admission finished or not
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The MBBS admission process has begun. However, the NEET entrance exam will be conducted on 26th July 2020,

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