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May 27, 2022 17:36PM IST

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CAT 2022 Mock Test
May 27, 2022 05:36 PM

CAT 2022 Mock Test: Importance of CAT Mock Test During Preparation

CAT 2022 is likely to be conducted on November 27 and more than 2 lakh candidates are expected to appear in the exam. With the number of CAT aspirants increasing every year, the competition to get admission in IIMs and other popular management colleges in the country is on the rise. Candidates are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they give their best performance on the day of the exam. Taking CAT Mock Tests is probably the most important aspect to feature on your checklist for CAT 2022 preparation.

If you are taking CAT this year, you must attempt at least 10-15 CAT Mock Tests before the real exam to get an understanding of your preparation level. You may find too many Mock Tests available online, but there are only some that match up to the level of the actual exam. Therefore, take Mock Tests that capture the real essence of CAT to have the best results on the exam day.

CAT 2020 Mock Test

The mock test papers of CAT 2022 will be updated on the official website of CAT. All candidates who are appearing for CAT 2022 must use the mock test to get familiar with the exam interface and how to answer questions in CAT 2022. IIM Indore has clarified that the questions asked in the mock test have been taken from previous year question papers of CAT 2022.

What is CAT Mock Test?

Mock tests are useful learning resources for candidates preparing for CAT 2022. A Mock test is a close replica of the actual CAT exam, which gives you a fair idea of how well prepared you are. It works like a practice test that you take before the exam day to become familiar with the exam pattern and the marking scheme. The best part of taking Mock Tests is that you get to know your strengths and weaknesses beforehand so that you can work on them accordingly. Also, you get an idea of the format and the type of questions to expect in the examination.

Some of the tips mentioned here on how to approach the CAT question paper will also be helpful for you.

Why take CAT Mock Test?

The Mock Test paper of CAT will help you know the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. Besides this, there are many advantages to taking a CAT Mock Test paper. Candidates can check some important benefits of taking the CAT mock test paper provided in this article.

Importance of CAT Mock Test

What is the importance of the CAT Mock Test? Find out below.

  • The mock test helps you in becoming familiar with the exam pattern, which eventually builds up your speed and confidence to take the actual test later.
  • No matter how many times you take the mock tests, you will learn something new with every attempt.
  • It evaluates and assesses your overall performance over the course of your preparation.
  • It improves your accuracy in solving various types of questions, which is important for the actual exam.
  • It provides a brief idea about your current level of preparation and compels you to work hard to put your best foot forward.
  • It sheds light on your strong and weak areas and helps you avoid mistakes that you must have made in your previous attempts.
  • By frequently taking the CAT Mock tests, you get accustomed to the pressure of the exam, which also prepares you for D-day.
  • By regularly taking the Mock tests, you will develop time management and problem-solving skills, which are the two most important parameters to get a high CAT score.

When to Take CAT 2022 Mock Test?

It is recommended that candidates should analyse their CAT preparation regularly to know their preparation level. They should try to solve at least 1 to 2 CAT Mock tests in a week. However, the frequency for giving mock tests of CAT should be doubled when just two or three months are left for the exam.

Candidates are further advised to give a mock test before starting the preparation of the exam so that they can know the exam pattern and structure. Answering the CAT Mock Test papers regularly will also help the candidates to build the necessary mental stamina to sit in the exam for 3 hours.

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MAT Score vs Percentile
May 27, 2022 02:39 PM

MAT 2022 Score vs Percentile: How to Calculate & Process?

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is one of the most popular MBA entrance exams in India. MAT-Score and MAT Percentiles can be used for admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses in around 1200 MBA colleges in India.

Candidates who are appearing for the MAT 2022 exam can check all of the important details regarding the calculation of MAT score and MAT percentile here. The information given below is based upon the interpretation of the MAT score, as provided by AIMA.

MAT Section-Wise Scoring Pattern 2022

The table below contains the section-wise composite scores of MAT 2022. 


Allotted Marks

Composite Score Scale

Language Comprehension


0 - 100

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning


0 - 100

Data Analysis & Sufficiency


0 - 100

Mathematical Skills


0 - 100

Indian & Global Environment


0 - 100


200 199 - 801

Do not worry if the information given above seems a bit confusing or incorrect at first glance. There is some calculation involved in the calculation of MAT-Score based upon the guidelines provided by AIMA to ensure that MAT-Score provides an accurate and fair depiction of each candidate's performance relative to the others.

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The information given below will clear all of your doubts regarding the calculation of MAT-Score. Refer to the MAT 2022 Exam Pattern for a better understanding of this information.

MAT Result-cum-Scorecard Important Details 2022

Following are the important details mentioned on the MAT scorecard or score report.

  • MAT section-wise scaled scores in Language Comprehension, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, and Mathematical Skills.

  • MAT 2022 Composite Score.

  • The score of a candidate in the Indian & Global Environment section. The Indian & Global Environment score of a candidate is not used in the calculation of the overall composite score or MAT percentile. This is because according to AIMA, questions asked in this section do not illustrate a candidate's ability to perform in a PGP course.

  • Section-wise and overall percentile of a candidate in the MAT exam.

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MAT 2022 Score vs Percentile Calculation

We have provided the calculation method of the scores and percentile of the MAT 2022 exam. Candidates are advised to go through the calculation method to know how the percentile and scores of MAT are calculated. 

Calculation of MAT Scaled Scores 2022

The section-wise scores mentioned in the MAT 2022 scorecard are the scaled scores of a candidate. The scaled scores are calculated based on marks obtained by a candidate in each of the MAT 2022 exam sections.

  • Each section of the MAT exam contains 40 questions of 1 mark each. This puts the maximum achievable raw marks in each section of MAT 2022 at 40.

  • The raw scores obtained by a candidate in the MAT 2022 exam are scaled to a range of 0 to 100.

  • Since MAT is conducted 4 times each year and the level of difficulty of each exam can vary, the scaled scores are adjusted to nullify this difference in difficulty levels.

  • Scaled scores give a near-accurate depiction of a candidate's ability and performance in the MAT exam and can be compared to the scores obtained by other candidates.

  • While the scaled score of the Indian & Global Environment section is included in the MAT score report, the score is not considered when calculating the overall composite score or percentile of a candidate in the MAT exam.

  • AIMA re

MAT 2022 IBT (Remote Proctored Internet Based Test)
May 27, 2022 02:35 PM

MAT 2022 IBT (Remote Proctored Internet Based Test): Exam Instructions

MAT IBT 2022 will be held on May 28, and 29, 2022. All India Management Association (AIMA) introduced a new form of taking the Management Aptitude Test (MAT) last year. It is called the MAT as a Remote Proctored Internet-Based Test (IBT). Through the MAT IBT mode, candidates can take admission to the MAT participating colleges offering MBA and PGDM courses. An applicant needs to acquire a good MAT score in the exam as there are plenty of MBA colleges that accept the MAT score.

AIMA MAT IBT Trouble Shooting Guide

Since the MAT 2022 IBT will have to be attempted from home, there will be no in-person assistance if a technical glitch arises. By using the MAT Trouble Shooting Guide, the candidates can find ways to resolve the issue on their own. Access the MAT May 2022 IBT Troubleshooting Guide at the following link.

MAT 2022 Application Form (May Session) Direct Link

Direct Link to MAT IBT Technical Troubleshooting Guide for Candidates

Common Issues During MAT 2022 IBT

Some of the possible issues which can arise while taking MAT 2022 IBT are the following

  • A prohibited process is running

  • SEB Windows service not available

  • Network error message

  • Close browser

  • Blank screen appears

  • Stuck at webcam and audio permission

  • Not able to launch test

  • Long waiting time for authorization

 This new form of MAT was introduced in light of the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown. In this new format of the test, candidates will be able to take the test from their homes by logging into the MAT server from their compatible devices.


AIMA also conducts mock tests for MAT IBT to ensure that candidates have a seamless experience while attempting MAT. The direct link to access the mock test is given below.

Direct Link to Take MAT IBT Mock Test

Direct Link to Register for MAT IBT Mock Test

AIMA has also issued special instructions for the MAT IBT aspirants. These instructions contain all of the important information for a candidate to ensure that they have their system ready before the exam day. All of the details regarding the MAT IBT can be found given below.

MAT February 2022 IBT Exam Dates 

The IBT mode of the MAT February 2022 session will be held on multiple dates between March 12 and March 22, 2022. Check the complete schedule given below.

MAT 2022 IBT Exam Dates

Last date to register Admit card date

May 14, 2022

May 11, 2022

May 12, 2022

May 21, 2022

May 18, 2022

May 19, 2022

May 22, 2022

May 19, 2022

May 20, 2022 

May 28, 2022

May 25, 2022

May 26, 2022

May 29, 2022

May 26, 2022

May 27, 2022

MAT February 2022 IBT Exam Timings

Two shifts of MAT February 2022 IBT are conducted on each day.


Shift Timing


10 am to 12:30 pm


4 pm to 6:30 pm

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System Requirements for MAT IBT 2022

The basic requirements for taking the MAT IBT test are a laptop or computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection. Candidates mus

Last Minute Preparation Tips and Exam Day Instructions for MAT 2022 Exam
May 27, 2022 02:31 PM

MAT 2022 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, Exam Day Instructions and Last Minute Tips

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is one of the national-level management entrance examinations in India conducted for admission to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) or the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. The ideal preparation time for the MAT 2022 exam is 6 months and if you are following a 6-month MAT preparation strategy, you must be in the final stages of exam preparation. Some of the best management colleges in India accept MAT scores for admission to their management programs

However, this is a crucial time for every MAT aspirant as the preparation done just before an exam is conducted is best retained by any candidate and can go a long way in improving your performance and score in the MAT 2022 exam. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to have a good last-month or last-week preparation strategy for the MAT exam.

COVID-19: Specific Guidelines Issued by AIMA

AIMA is about to conduct MAT CBT and PBT for Phase 2 will be conducted on May 28, 2022 (May session). Candidates planning to take the examination must go through the guidelines on how to conduct the exam safely during the COVID-19 pandemic released by AIMA.

The examination will be conducted while ensuring that government-specified safety regulations are being followed.

Candidates will be required to visit the examination hall to appear for MAT CBT and hence must exercise the utmost caution to ensure their safety as well as the safety of other candidates who visit the exam centre.

Government Issues Revised SOP for Conducting Exams Amid COVID-19

AIMA Safety Guidelines for MAT CBT During COVID-19

Check the important guidelines issued by AIMA for MAT CBT and PBT candidates and exam centres.

List of COVID Safety Measures in MAT PBT

  • Reporting will be done in batches with different reporting times provided to each batch.
  • The temperature of each candidate will be checked using a thermal gun. Candidates with high body temperatures will not be allowed to enter the exam centre.

  • Candidates are advised to not visit the exam centre if they are sick and have a fever, cold, headache, cough, etc.

  • The candidates will be required to fill out a self-declaration form, which will have to be submitted at the main entry gate of the exam centre.

  • Candidates must be prepared to be frisked at the main entry. However, contactless frisking will be conducted to avoid any spread.

Personal Items Allowed Inside the MAT CBT & PBT Exam Centre

Candidates must bring only the following personal items to the MAT CBT and PBT exam centre.

  • Ball Point Pen

  • Hand sanitizer in a transparent bottle

  • Drinking water in a transparent bottle

Precautions To Be Taken at the MAT Exam Centre Due to COVID-19

It is important that every candidate is aware of and follows the COVID-19 related safety precautions given below to ensure the safety of every student appearing for the exam centre.

  • Keep a safe distance from other candidates as well as from invigilators and other staff members.

  • Sanitize your hands properly before entering the examination hall and promptly after touching any foreign surface.

  • Keep wearing a mask at all times and ensure that your nose and mouth are properly covered.

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MAT 2022 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Here are some last-minute preparation tips for the MAT 2022 exam, that can give an ultimate boost to your score and make all the difference between getting admitted to the best and just a good MBA college.

Last Minute Tips for MAT

  • Identify Last-Minute Topics for Study or Revision: It is only human for some topics and/or subjects to fade from memory, especially the ones that you may have studied early on and not revised for some time. Identify these topics and prepare notes in a manner that would allow you to

Important Topics of MAT 2022 Indian & Global Environment
May 27, 2022 02:25 PM

MAT 2022 Indian & Global Environment: Tips for Preparation, Topics

The Indian and Global Environment section of MAT 2022 has 40 multiple choice questions each carrying one mark. Candidates usually focus on Maths, Reasoning, and Comprehension as they believe that the section of Indian & Global Environment can be tackled easily and leave just the last few days for this section. MAT 2022 CBT and PBT for Phase 2 will be conducted on May 28. MAT IBT will be conducted on May 28, and 29, 2022.

But this strategy can fail as this section also requires equal attention and with the right preparation strategy, candidates can score well in this section. This article will take you through all the important topics under the Indian and Global Environment section that will be covered in MATexam 2022.

MAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Before getting into the preparation strategy for MAT, let's take a look at the exam pattern of MAT.


No. of Questions

Total Marks

Mathematical Skills



Language Comprehension



General Intelligence & Logical Reasoning



Data Interpretation and Sufficiency



India and Global Environment






The image given below captures the highlights of the MAT 2022 exam pattern: 

MAT Exam Pattern

Topics Covered Under MAT 2022 Indian & Global Environment

Refer to the table below to know all the topics covered in the Indian & Global Environment section of the MAT entrance exam.




Current affairs


Top officials of big companies


The punch line of companies






Books and Authors


International Organisation


Famous awards and Prizes




Social issues




Important Quotations






World Records




Major Corporate news



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MAT 2022 Admit Card

MAT 2022 Indian & Global Environment Section-Wise Questions

Total 40 questions will be asked in the exam with each carrying equal marks. You can check the total weightage of the section and the number of the questions that will be asked in the exam in the table given below

Type of Questions


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