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MAH-CET Preparation Tips and Study Plan

Updated By Abhinav Chamoli on 02 Sep, 2021 16:31

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How to Prepare for MAH CET 2021

MAH CET 2021 for MBA admission in Maharashtra is likely to be conducted in the last week of September 2021. It is advisable to the candidates to start the preparation for MAH CET 2021 as early as possible as the exam date is approaching fast. It is easy to crack MAH CET 2021 if you're already preparing for national-level MBA entrance exams like XAT, CAT, MAT etc. Even if you are not preparing for any other exam, it is easy to crack MAH CET provided the students have the right set of preparation tips for MAH CET 2021. For this purpose, you need a planned strategy to cover the syllabus of MAH CET 2021 also.

Before starting the MAH CET 2021 exam preparation, it is necessary to refer to the MAH CET syllabus, exam pattern and previous years' questions. Based on your understanding of the syllabus, prepare a timetable so that you can proceed with a systematic way of exam preparation. Practice enough number of MAH CET mock tests and practice tests for effective preparation.

In order to help the MAH CET aspirants with preparation, we've come up with MAH CET section-wise preparation strategy and general tips and tricks to crack MAH CET.

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Section-wise Preparation Strategy for MAH CET

MAH CET exam covers three subjects that include Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability. It is necessary to give emphasis to all the subjects so that you can achieve a higher score in the entrance exam. Check some of the important preparation tips here.

Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning section of MAH CET exam is easy to crack if you understand the basics better and practice enough mock tests. Some of the preparation tips for effective preparation are –

  • Relationship questions are easy to crack in MAH CET exam. However, it is very important to read the question twice or thrice, understand the logic carefully and solve it.

  • In order to improve accuracy in this section, you must understand the basics. Refer the syllabus prescribed for Logical Reasoning section of MAH CET exam.

  • Understand the prescribed topics, practice mock tests for each concept.

  • Try to practice a mock test regularly to improve the accuracy of solving problems.

  • Better practice and understanding of concepts will help you to solve complex problems.

  • As far as arrangement questions concerned, it is significant to find the statement that has more data. It will help you to reach the arrangement faster.

  • Pie-chart based solving technique is the best way to solve statement-based questions.

  • Practice separate mock tests for each model or give emphasis to practising mock tests that have questions with different difficulty levels.

Quantitative Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude section of MAH CET exam deals mostly with basics. If you are aware of the concept, you can solve the problems accurately. Some of the important tips are –

  • All that you must do is learn tricks and formulas. Build a strong base in these so that you can solve complex problems without any confusion. Note down important formulas and tricks for future reference.

  • Observe the previous years' question papers and try to solve those questions.

  • As far as calculation part is concerned, learn tables until 25, the square root of at least 10 natural number and score & cubes up to 30.

  • Practice as many mock tests as possible and analyse your performance.

Verbal Ability: Verbal Ability section of MAH CET is a blend of verbal and non-verbal questions. Therefore, you need to concentrate on both types of questions.

  • Wren & Martin High School English Grammar and Composition is the best book to practice reading compression, jumbled sentences, vocabulary, antonyms, and synonyms.

  • It is also advisable to learn at least five new words a day along with its meaning, synonym, and antonym.

  • Read a piece of news or article in the newspaper and pick up the complex words. Learn the meaning for these complex words.

  • Revise the learnt words regularly so that you do not forget them.

  • Practice mock tests to test your ability.

How to Prepare for MAH MBA CET in 1 Month

Candidates who are aiming to complete the preparation for MAH MBA CET 2021 do not have a lot of time since they have to complete many topics in just one month. Here we have provided some of the important strategies that can help the candidates to prepare for MAH MBA CET in one month.

  • Go through the syllabus of MAH MBA CET and note all the important topics that will be covered in the exam

  • Check the exam pattern of MAH MBA CET and understand the marking scheme

  • Solve at least 1-2 mock test papers as well as sample papers daily

  • Read magazines, novels and articles regularly. This will help the candidates to improve their communication as well as verbal skills.

  • Candidates should prepare notes alongside their preparation so that they can revise them before going for the exam.

  • Practise the previous years’ papers to get an idea about what type of questions they can expect in the exam.

  • Candidates should learn shortcut formulas. This will help them complete the calculation part quickly.

MAH MBA CET 2021 One Month Study Plan

We have also provided a one-month study plan for MAH MBA CET 2021 below. Candidates who are preparing for the exam may either follow this preparation plan or they can prepare their own plan for preparation.

No. of Days for Study


Recommended Time for Study Each Day

At least 5-6 Hours

No. of Chapters in a Week


Days to Complete the Syllabus

Maximum 23-24

Days Dedicated to Practice Every Week


Days for Solving Mock Test Papers

30 Days(Daily)

Important Tasks to be performed daily

  • Learn 5-6 new words and understand their usage in sentence

  • Practise 1 section-wise sample paper

  • Revise all the topics you have learnt

  • Prepare notes

  • Tick mark all the topics you have covered and what are remaining

Last Minute Preparation and Revision

2-3 Days

General Tips & Trick to Crack MAH CET 2021

Make a Proper Time Table

It is very important that you make a proper timetable for yourself and stick to it so that you have an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it.

Concept Clarity Rather Than Rote Learning

It is essential for you to have a clear idea of all the formulas and concepts rather than rote learning for the entrance exam. Having thorough concept clarity will help you in memorizing the formulas while studying and will clear your basics a before moving on.

Prepare Notes

It is indeed important for you to make small notes or prepare a comprehensive list of the formulas on each of the topic/chapters, as these notes will come in handy at the time of revision. Also, this will require you to be regular with your work, which will surely make things easy at the time of revision.

Seek Guidance

It is not possible for you to know everything in your syllabus, at least not at the time of your exam preparation. Sooner or later you will run into a concept/ topic which will give you trouble later. Therefore, it is best for you to seek guidance from an instructor or a teacher. It is necessary that you clear your doubts at regular intervals and do not keep your doubts pending for long.

Sample Papers

Even though there may be a complete change in the exam pattern or the expected questions altogether, it is important that you practice on the sample and previous years question papers. By solving sample papers, you will know the existing pattern and have a fair idea of the type of questions that come in the paper along with the time constraint.

Mock Tests

The paper pattern, duration of the paper and the number of questions to be attempted in the given amount of time is not something you will be able to pick up on the day of the examination. A mock test judges student’s abilities as it not only provides a similar feel of the real exam but also helps in building speed and confidence to face the exam. Furthermore, mock tests will improve your performance in the exam, which will give you an extra edge in the actual exam. You can go through the previous year's mock test here - MAH CET 2018 Mock Test Available Now!

Time Management

Time management can be learned through thorough practice and regular test-taking. So it is important that you manage your time and manage it well.

How to Prepare for MAH MHMCT in 3 Months

Candidates who are are targeting to clear the MAH MBA CET exam in three months do not have a lot of time on their hands. They should have a preparation plan in place before starting to prepare for the exam. We have provided some of the important tips below that can help the candidates to prepare for MHMCT within three months.

  • Candidates should check the syllabus to know what important topics will be covered in the exam

  • They should check the exam pattern of MAH MBA CET to know the marking scheme and exam structure

  • Candidates should learn shortcuts and formulas for mathematical problems. This will help them solve mathematical problems quickly

  • Candidates should solve a maximum number of previous years papers/ mock test papers to know what type of questions were asked in the exam

  • Candidates should prepare notes alongside their preparation. They can revise the notes prepared by them before going for the exam

  • Candidates are advised to read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis to improve their communication skills and reading speed

  • Candidates are advised to choose the preparation books that contain sample questions for each topic. They can also refer to the books recommended by the experts

MAH MBA CET 2021 3 Month Study Plan

We have provided a three months preparation plan for the MAH MBA CET in the table below. Candidates may follow the 3 months MAH MBA CET preparation plan provided below. 

No. of Days for Exam Preparation


Recommended Time for Study Each Day

5-6 hours

No. of Chapters to Complete in a Week

At least 4-6

Days Taken Complete the Syllabus

60-70 days

Days Dedicated to Practice Every Week


Daily Routine for MAH MBA CET Preparation

  • Check the syllabus and pick any topic as per your interest

  • Read all the important concepts of the selected topic and solve the sample questions from that topic

  • Pick up one topic from Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section and solve the questions asked in the previous years’ papers

  • Learn 4-5 new words and check their usage in different kinds of sentences

  • Solve at least 5-6 problems from each DI problems

  • Revise all the important topics you have learnt and make notes from all the topics

Total Practice Days

15-20 days

No of Days for Last Minute Preparation and Revision

10-15 days

How to Prepare for MAH MBA CET in 60 Days

With just 60 days left for the MAH MBA CET exam, candidates should focus on solving the maximum number of sample papers and mock test papers. They can start their MAH MBA CET preparation by checking the syllabus and exam pattern. The exam pattern of MAH MBA CET will help the candidates to understand the marking scheme and exam structure. Besides this, the syllabus of the exam will help you know what topics will be covered in the MAH MBA CET. After checking the syllabus, candidates can proceed to prepare a preparation plan. The preparation plan should be prepared in a way that enough time is allotted to all the sections of the MAH MBA CET exam. 

60 Day Study Plan for MAH MBA CET

We have provided a 60 days study plan for MAH MBA CET in the table below. Candidates may either follow the preparation plan prepared by our experts or they can prepare their own preparation schedule.

No. of Days for Exam Preparation

60 days

No of hours to study in a day

At least 6

No of days to complete the syllabus

38-40 Days

No of sample papers/ mock test papers in a week

At least 3-4

Days Dedicated to Practice Every Week


Daily Routine for MAH MBA CET Preparation

  • Check the syllabus and pick up any topic

  • Start answering beginner level questions from that topic. Once done, proceed to the mid & high-level difficulty questions

  • Solve the questions asked from that topic in the previous years’ exams

  • Learn all the important formulas and shortcut techniques 

  • Read at least 7-8 new words daily 

  • Solve 3-4 exercises from Sentence Correction, Jumbled Paragraph and other important topics of English

  • Read newspapers to improve the communication skills

  • Complete one exercise from the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

  • Make notes of important points and formulas from the topic you have prepared on that day

No of days for last-minute preparation

15-20 Days

How to Crack MAH CET 2021 Exam in First Attempt?

MAH CET 2021 entrance exam is a state-level Management entrance exam conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra for admission into popular management courses like MMS, MBA, PGDM and PGDBM. Although a popular management entrance exam, MAH CET 2021 exam is quite difficult to crack in the first attempt as there are over lakhs of applicants eyeing to secure a seat in the top Management Institutes. However, with the right approach, the students can definitely crack the MAH CET 2021 entrance exam at the first go. CollegeDekho shares certain trips and tricks which might be useful for aspirants who are trying to get their names etched in the elite list of students who cracked MAH CET exam in their very first attempt. 

In pursuit of clearing the MAH CET 2021 exam in their inaugural attempt, the students must take note of these following things:

  • There is no substitute for hard work and practice which will help the applicants to polish their question-solving skills and speed

  • The applicants must not waste their precious time in finding shortcuts. Instead, increasing the study hours will be a much preferable option

  • Practising more and more MAH CET mock test papers will only bring the applicants closer to their goal of clearing the exam in the very first attempt

  • The aspirants must ensure that they are high on confidence which will only boost the chances of qualifying the entrance exam in their maiden attempt

  • “Looks can be deceptive” and this statement is aptly applicable to the questions asked in the MAH CET entrance exam. The test-takers must go through the question at least thrice before attempting them    

The pointers mentioned above also matches with the topper’s point of view of scoring the desired marks and all those who confidently say that they have ticked all the boxes might most probably do the unthinkable - cracking MAH CET 2021 exam in the first attempt.

MAH CET 2021 Important Instructions

  • The MAH CET 2021 hall ticket should be carried to the examination venue along with your recent passport size photograph duly pasted on it.

  • Follow the instructions of the Test Administrator and CET cell representative at the examination venue. Violation of the instructions will lead to disqualification and you will be asked to leave the examination venue.

  • No use of calculators (separate or with the watch), books, notebooks or written notes, cell phones (with or without camera facility), or any other electronic device will be allowed during the examination.

  • A valid photo identity proof (in original) should be carried to the examination venue along with the admit card. Valid photo identity proof may be PAN Card/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ Voter’s Card/ Bank Passbook with photograph/ Photo Identity proof issued by a Gazetted Officer on official letterhead/ Photo Identity proof issued by a People’s Representative on official letterhead/ Valid recent Identity card issued by a recognised College/ University/ Aadhar card with a photograph/ Employee ID/ Bar Council Identity card with photograph.

  • Please Note - Ration card and E-Aadhar Card will not be accepted as valid ID proof for this CET.

  • Please note that your name as appearing on the admit card (provided by you during the process of registration) should reasonably match the name as appearing on the photo identity proof.

  • Female candidates who have changed first/ last/ middle name post marriage must take special note of this. If there is any mismatch between the name indicated in the hall ticket and photo identity proof, then, you will not be allowed to appear for the exam. In such cases, candidates who have changed their name will be allowed only if they produce Gazette notification/ their marriage certificate/ affidavit.

  • Any candidate who is found copying/ receiving or giving assistance will not be considered for assessment. The CET cell may take further action against such candidates.

  • You should bring with you a ball-point pen. A sheet of paper will be provided which can be used for rough work. After the test is over, you must hand over this sheet of paper to the Test Administrator before leaving the test venue.

  • Anyone found to be disclosing, publishing, reproducing, transmitting, storing or facilitating transmission and storage of test contents in any form or any information therein in whole or part thereof or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or found to be in unauthorised possession of the test content is likely to be prosecuted.

  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) should contact the Test Centre Administrator of the test venue at least 30 minutes before the time of examination for assistance in seating (if needed).

We hope that you can achieve a better score in MAH CET with the above preparation strategy.

All the Best!

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I am domicile of UP. Can I apply for MAH CET MBA 2021 in the EWS category if i have certificate?

-AnonymousUpdated on June 30, 2021 02:05 PM
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Abhinav Chamoli, CollegeDekho Expert

Dear Student,

Domiciles of UP cannot apply for admission under the EWS category in MAH CET MBA 2021. The EWS category reservation is only available for Maharashtra State candidates and since you are a UP domicile, you will have to apply under the All India quota. You can check the information on the MAH MBA CET Eligibility Criteria and the MAH MBA CET Domicile Rules for more information.

 Thank you.


I have scored 99.786 percentile in CMAT 2020. Is this CMAT Score acceptable for MAH MBA CET Counselling 2020, given that I had only registered for MAH MBA CET 2020 (OMS Candidate) and didn't appear for the exam?

-anirudh jhawarUpdated on June 27, 2021 06:31 PM
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Shreya Sareen, CollegeDekho Expert

Dear Student,

Yes, you can appear for MAH MBA CET Counselling with CMAT scores. The counselling process will remain the same for the type of candidates. You will be grouped according to your scores in entrance exam and category. Since you have scored 99.786 percentile in the CMAT exam, you have higher chances of selection in a top B-School of Maharashtra, You can choose a minimum of 1 and maximum of 300 college choices while registering for the exam. Once you are selected for admission, you can visit the college to confirm your admission. You will also have to ...


Am I eligible for MAH MBA CET with 48% in graduation?

-Akash KulkarniUpdated on March 08, 2021 11:32 AM
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Shreya Sareen, CollegeDekho Expert

Dear Student,

You must have scored at least 50% marks in graduation to get eligible for the MAH MBA CET entrance exam. If you have scored 48% marks in graduation, you can apply for direct admission to any MBA college. Some of the colleges where you can apply for direct admission are listed below.

Flame University, Pune

Pinnacle School of Business Management, Mumbai

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur

You can apply to any of these colleges by filling our Common Application Form. Besides this, you can check the article provided below to know more about direct MBA ...


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FAQs about MAH MBA CET Preparation Tips

Which section is considered the toughest in the MAH MBA CET exam?

Quantitative Aptitude section of the MAH MBA CET examination is considered the most difficult section because this section involves calculations. Candidates are advised to improve their calculation speed to crack this section.

Is it easy to crack MAH MBA CET?

Cracking the MAH MBA CET exam will totally depend on your preparation level. If you prepare well for the exam then you will be able to clear the exam.

What is the 3 month preparation strategy for MAH MBA CET?

You should try to solve the maximum number of previous years question papers & mock test papers to score well in the MAH MBA CET exam. Besides this, you are advised to solve at least 30-40 questions from each type of problem.

What is the best preparation time for MAH MBA CET?

Candidates are advised to start preparing for the MAH MBA CET exam at least four months before the exam.

How important is the exam pattern for MAH MBA CET preparation?

The exam pattern will help you understand the MAH MBA CET marking scheme. It will also help you understand the exam structure and section-wise weightage of the MAH MBA CET exam.

How can I prepare for the Verbal Ability for MAH MBA CET?

You are advised to read newspapers and articles on a daily basis. Besides this, you are advised to improve your vocabulary and communication skills to clear the Verbal Ability for MAH MBA CET.

What is the difficulty level of MAH MBA CET?

The difficulty level of the MAH MBA CET is not very high. Candidates who have prepared well for the exam will be able to clear the exam.

Can I prepare for MAH MBA CET In four months?

Yes, you can prepare for MAH MBA CET in four months. However, you must study hard in order to crack the exam.

How can I prepare for MAH MBA CET?

You can start your preparation for MAH MBA CET by preparing a schedule. Besides this, you are also advised to go through the syllabus and exam pattern before starting the preparation.

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