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How to Crack Logical & Abstract Reasoning in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022

Abhinav Chamoli
Abhinav ChamoliUpdated On: July 15, 2022 12:18 pm IST | MAH MBA CET

The Logical Reasoning section of MAH MBA CET is based on intuition and mental ability. These tips and tricks to crack the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA CET 2022 will help you become an expert with regular practice.

How to Crack Logical & Abstract Reasoning in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022

Abstract Reasoning and Logical Reasoning are two separate sections in MAH MBA CET 2022 having 25 and 75 questions respectively. However, they both are branches of Reasoning, a subject that every MBA aspirant must be familiar with.

Out of the 200 questions in MAH MBA CET 2022, the Abstract and Logical Reasoning sections contribute a total of 100 questions. This is a remarkable 50% weightage in the exam.

Hence, it can be argued that Reasoning is the most important section of the exam and hence must also be given proportionate consideration when preparing for MAH MBA CET 2022. In this article, we take a look at the best tips to prepare for the Logical and Abstract Reasoning section of MAH MBA CET. 

MAH MBA CET 2022 Logical & Abstract Reasoning Highlights

Major highlights of the Logical and Abstract Reasoning sections in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022 have been provided below.

Total No. of Questions


No. of Abstract Reasoning Questions


No. of Logical Reasoning Questions


Type of Questions

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)



Marks Per Question


Negative Marking


Total Marks


Difficulty Level (2020)

Logical Reasoning: Difficult

Abstract Reasoning: Moderate

Good Attempts (2020)

Logical Reasoning: 41 - 44

Abstract Reasoning: 19 - 21

MAH MBA CET 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The MAH CET 2022 Logical Reasoning Syllabus is designed to test the candidates on their logical analysis and critical thinking skills. While preparing for the MAH MBA CET 2022 Exam, candidates may find that they need more time to solve certain types of questions. Therefore, it is imperative for them to prioritise such topics as they prepare for MAH CET 2022 to improve speed and accuracy. The detailed syllabus for MAH MBA CET Logical Reasoning is tabulated below:

Linear and Circular Arrangement

Venn Diagram

Symbol-based Comparison

Series Completion



Sequential Output

Selection Criteria

Blood Relations

Conditional Coding

Direction Sense





Quantitative Reasoning

MAH MBA CET 2022 Logical & Abstract Reasoning Weightage

The weightage of Logical & Abstract Reasoning Sections in MAH MBA CET are as follows


No. of Questions (out of 200)


Logical Reasoning



Abstract Reasoning





Weightage of Important Topics in MAH MBA CET Logical Reasoning

Given below is the weightage of important topics in the MAH MBA CET Logical Reasoning section


No. of Questions

Level of Difficulty

Arrangements (Game Changer)

25-35 Questions



5 Questions


Blood Relations

5 Questions


Critical Reasoning

15-20 Questions



5-8 Questions



2-5 Questions


Data Sufficiency (Logical Reasoning based)

5-8 Questions


Coded Inequality

2-5 Questions



2-5 Questions


How to Prepare for MAH MBA CET 2022 Logical Reasoning?

Follow the tips given below to prepare for MAH MBA CET 2022 Logical Reasoning section

  • Candidates must practice daily, without fail. They should make a schedule based on their preferences and stick to it.

  • Candidates must find a good book and consult only that book rather than referring to multiple sources as it may confuse them.

  • Aspirants must clear all the basics of MAH MBA CET logical reasoning before proceeding to solve the questions.

  • It is imperative for the aspirants to find shortcuts and simpler ways to solve certain types of problems like arrangements, syllogisms, etc.

  • When solving the logical reasoning questions, candidates must not immediately look at the options. They must think about the question and consider the answer before looking at the options.

  • Candidates must read each question carefully. They must practice active reading.

  • It will be beneficial for the candidates to practice the deduction method. If they are unable to find the correct answer or are short on time, they must eliminate the obviously incorrect answers and choose the answer based on logical conclusions.

  • Candidates must learn to use visualisation techniques to think about the answers.

  • Solving a large number of MAH MBA CET mock tests, sample assignments,  and practice questions is a good idea.

  • Candidates can also join a good study group to stay motivated during the test. 

  • Candidates are advised not to rush through the data provided in the questions. They must read the information carefully and draw and solve the puzzle. After that, they must review each question based on that data set, analyze the demand for the question, and respond accordingly. Candidates must read all the data carefully, as missing even a single point can lead to wrong conclusions.

  • Candidates must not spend more than 35-40 seconds on a question. 

How to Crack Logical & Abstract Reasoning in MAH MBA CET 2022

Once a candidate has understood the basics, it is time to start preparing. Cracking the Logical & Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022 can be a bit difficult as it is full of tricky questions. However, both of these sections are doable if you:

  • Carefully chalk out a strategy for preparation and attempt,

  • Set a well-thought-out target for the number of attempts, and

  • Practice regularly using mock tests and previous year's papers.

Given below are some of the best tips to crack the Logical and Abstract Reasoning sections of MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022.

Make Short Notes

Students should make notes of the indirect information given. Since the exam has some tricky questions, taking down the notes and not wasting too much time on a question will help the students to manage their time in the actual exam.

Practice Practice Practice

Reasoning is a section where there are a limited number of tricks available to reach answers quickly and hence a candidate has to rely on improving their mental capacity to perform well. Regular practice is the only way to get better in this section. Make sure you are solving as many questions as possible. Take the help of the previous year's question papers to understand the type of questions asked in the section and then use Mock Tests and Sample Papers as your trusted resources.

MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022 Mock Test

MAH MBA/ MMS CET Previous Year Question Papers

Learn Time Management

When it comes to the Reasoning section, it is easy to lose track of time. This can prove to be disastrous as there is no sectional time limit in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022. Hence, it is best to focus on solving the easy questions first and move on from the difficult ones while wasting as little time as possible. Here are the number of good attempts for this section based on last year's paper.


Good Attempts

Logical Reasoning

41 - 44

Abstract Reasoning

19 - 21

All Questions Carry Equal Marks

It is virtually impossible to attempt all 200 questions in the given time limit of 150 minutes. This makes it certain that some questions will have to be left unanswered. The trick is to identify the difficult and tricky questions beforehand and move on from them while attempting the easy ones. Remember that whether you spend 2 minutes on a single very difficult question or 10 seconds on a super-easy one, you will be rewarded 1 mark for both. Always take the better deal.

No Negative Marking Can Be Misleading

Because there is no negative marking in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022, some students may be tempted to use guesswork to fill up their answers. However, this strategy can backfire. Instead, it is best to attempt the questions that you are sure of and be as accurate as possible. You can be more liberal in using calculated guesswork and ballparking to reach an answer where required.

Use Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Because Reasoning is not a formula-based section, there are only a few tricks that candidates can use to reach the answer quickly and more accurately. Make sure you use all of them. However, a word of advice at this point would be to use only the tricks you have practiced as some can get confusing. Here are some of the best tricks to use in the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET 2022.

  • The Reasoning section is not as much a test of your calculative skills as of your observation, logic, and intuitive thinking ability. Hence, reaching an answer is not always about following just the right steps. Instead, skip unnecessary steps where needed, and don't be afraid to be unconventional in your thinking.

  • Visualizing your problems is another way in which you can make solving Reasoning questions easier. Develop your methods of writing down the information provided in a question by using codes and symbols.

  • Try to keep your rough work as clean as possible as it will help you visualize better. For example: when solving a circular arrangement puzzle, make sure that you place the seats equally apart and leave enough space to jot down short notes. For questions where you are confused between two possibilities, just create two diagrams and one will eventually be canceled out.

These were some of our best tips on how to crack the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA CET 2022. If you have any queries, make sure to post them on the CollegeDekho QnA Zone. For help regarding admissions to the top MBA colleges in Maharashtra, apply easily with our Common Application Form (CAF) or discuss your options with our counsellor at 18005729877.


How much is the weightage of Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA CET?

The total weightage of the Logical and Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET is 50%.

How time is given to a candidate for the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET?

There is no sectional time limit in MAH MBA/ MMS CET and hence candidates can spend any amount of time they want on this section. However, it is important to not spend more time than necessary on any section.

How many questions should I attempt in the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET?

Depending on the difficulty level of the exam, it is recommended to attempt around 60 - 70 questions in the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section. Try to attempt around 40 - 45 questions in Logical reasoning and 20 - 22 questions in Abstract Reasoning.

Is the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA CET difficult?

The difficulty level of the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA/ MMS CET ranges from Moderate to Difficult. It is certainly a challenging section in the exam.

What is the best tip to get better at the Logical & Abstract Reasoning section in MAH MBA CET?

The best way to get better at Reasoning in MAH MBA/ MMS CET is to practice as many questions as possible from previous year question papers, mock tests and other question banks.


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