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    Walchand College of Engineering (WCE), Sangli Cut Off 2023, 2022, 2021 - Previous Year's Cutoff List

    • Sangli (Maharashtra)
    • Private
    • Approved by : AICTE, NBA

    Walchand College of Engineering Sangli Cut off 2023

    Walchand College of Engineering cut off for B.Tech courses is released by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra on its official website. The cutoff is derived from candidates' score in MHT CET / JEE Main. It must be noted that only candidates who meet Walchand College of Engineering Sangli cut off ranks are eligible for admission in B.Tech courses. Every year three cutoffs are released for B.Tech courses admission. Walchand College of Engineering cut-off differs for each specialisation. Further, it also varies as per category of candidates. Walchand College of Engineering Sangli cut off 2023 is not released yet. In the meantime, you can check out the college cut off for the year 2022 given below. 

    Walchand College of Engineering Cut off 2022

    The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra released three cutoffs in 2022. After each cutoff was released candidates were given three to four days' time to confirm Walchand College of Engineering B.Tech admission. Below given is round-wise Walchand College of Engineering B.Tech cut off 2022

    Walchand College of Engineering Sangli B.Tech Cut off 2022: Round 1 (Maharashtrian Candidates)

    Civil Engineering1247920606112150163491241311099
    Computer Science and Engineering10194479190761269136710403
    Information Technology1363555722708149419021397
    Electrical Engineering58821508640377765759325419
    Mechanical Engineering681217880113867927792236470
    Electronics Engineering29041159587998332638783055

    Walchand College of Engineering B.Tech Cutoff 2022: Round 2 (Maharashtrian Candidates)

    Civil Engineering129501892289377194791014410150
    Computer Science and Engineering1244475321158153914631221
    Information Technology1597579330143185721561881
    Electrical Engineering72901703162205765771317094
    Mechanical Engineering7977196841143831135798318095
    Electronics Engineering36328711-494344933656

    Walchand College of Engineering Sangli Cutoff 2022 for B.Tech Courses: Round 3 (Maharastrian Candidates)

    Civil Engineering14384-9019921643-10601
    Computer Science and Engineering1263-29080164517381276
    Information Technology166860833792918772341-
    Electrical Engineering777914192--6777-
    Electronics Engineering---540750791922
    Mechanical Engineering870020422-1143098444739

    MHT-CET Cutoffs 2019 for Walchand College of Engineering (WCE), Sangli

    Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
    B.Tech in Civil EngineeringState Level - DEFSTS148.4082038
    State Level - EWS194.2715613
    State Level - GNT1S195.7138098
    State Level - GNT2S198.0645699
    State Level - GNT3S196.8410304
    State Level - GOBCS197.6481536
    State Level - GOPENS198.1177987
    State Level - GSCS193.6773535
    State Level - GSEBCS197.7289022
    State Level - GSTS190.1276768
    State Level - GVJS196.166074
    State Level - LNT2S196.0136295
    State Level - LOBCS196.2906368
    State Level - LOPENS197.4493602
    State Level - LSCS190.9536293
    State Level - LSEBCS197.122745
    State Level - LSTS186.1518072
    State Level - LVJS189.4932758
    State Level - PWDOBCS179.6763541
    State Level - PWDOPENS177.465365
    State Level - TFWS198.1496636
    B.Tech in Mechanical EngineeringState Level - EWS197.2531014
    State Level - GNT1S198.3234721
    State Level - GNT2S198.5957721
    State Level - GNT3S198.6279991
    State Level - GOBCS198.7203349
    State Level - GOPENS198.996618
    State Level - GSCS196.552798
    State Level - GSEBCS198.7178002
    State Level - GSTS188.3551922
    State Level - GVJS195.811215
    State Level - LNT2S197.1415743
    State Level - LOBCS196.9286589
    State Level - LOPENS197.8031329
    State Level - LSCS192.4708328
    State Level - LSEBCS196.7381937
    State Level - LSTS155.5546302
    State Level - LVJS190.3952695
    State Level - PWDOPENS124.8415808
    State Level - TFWS199.0657793
    B.Tech in Electrical EngineeringState Level - DEFSEBCS195.2687876
    State Level - EWS195.7511062
    State Level - GNT1S197.3961313
    State Level - GNT2S197.1651108
    State Level - GNT3S198.1105567
    State Level - GOBCS198.1514741
    State Level - GOPENS198.4621568
    State Level - GSCS194.5739157
    State Level - GSEBCS197.8053055
    State Level - GSTS182.7241587
    State Level - GVJS196.7468841
    State Level - LNT1S190.9141603
    State Level - LNT3S195.775367
    State Level - LOBCS196.6219593
    State Level - LOPENS197.631497
    State Level - LSCS194.7480863
    State Level - LSTS192.9545998
    State Level - PWDOPENS18.4318852
    State Level - PWDSEBCS166.0280411
    State Level - TFWS198.455639
    B.Tech in Electronics EngineeringState Level - DEFSCS155.8102735
    State Level - EWS196.635357
    State Level - GNT1S198.1779075
    State Level - GNT2S197.6177372
    State Level - GNT3S196.9978202
    State Level - GOBCS197.9830971
    State Level - GOPENS198.4299298
    State Level - GSCS194.1068053
    State Level - GSEBCS197.6890711
    State Level - GSTS19.3747963
    State Level - GVJS194.9305852
    State Level - LNT1S184.4064802
    State Level - LNT2S196.4818261
    State Level - LOBCS196.5857492
    State Level - LOPENS197.8433261
    State Level - LSEBCS197.2433247
    State Level - PWDOBCS139.0649102
    State Level - TFWS198.5266108
    B.Tech in Computer Science and EngineeringState Level - DEFOPENS198.5197309
    State Level - EWS198.5056089
    State Level - GNT1S198.624016
    State Level - GNT2S198.4147216
    State Level - GNT3S199.3999986
    State Level - GOBCS199.1725991
    State Level - GOPENS199.4090511
    State Level - GSCS197.7995119
    State Level - GSEBCS199.082798
    State Level - GSTS176.0687413
    State Level - GVJS196.9760941
    State Level - LNT1S196.1244324
    State Level - LNT2S197.7368684
    State Level - LOBCS198.5878059
    State Level - LOPENS199.161374
    State Level - LSCS197.0094074
    State Level - LSEBCS198.6913668
    State Level - LSTS163.4723319
    State Level - LVJS197.2074767
    State Level - PWDOBCS174.2846694
    State Level - PWDOPENS194.481942
    State Level - TFWS199.6494862
    B.Tech in Information TechnologyState Level - DEFOBCS198.0743466
    State Level - EWS197.9295062
    State Level - GNT1S197.3262458
    State Level - GNT2S198.3654758
    State Level - GNT3S198.3777873
    State Level - GOBCS198.8611922
    State Level - GOPENS199.0675898
    State Level - GSCS195.6135078
    State Level - GSEBCS198.814119
    State Level - GSTS170.8954035
    State Level - GVJS197.115503
    State Level - LNT2S197.6876227
    State Level - LNT3S196.0784456
    State Level - LOBCS198.3448361
    State Level - LOPENS198.5443538
    State Level - LSCS196.0990853
    State Level - LSEBCS198.2137555
    State Level - LSTS148.6461042
    State Level - PWDOPENS182.7364701
    State Level - PWDSEBCS157.1337529
    State Level - TFWS199.1975841

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    Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

    Dear student, the previous year admission cutoff list for OBC category of Walchand College, Sangli mechanical engineering programme is not available on the official website. We request you to contact the college authorities directly for detailed admission information. You can also call our experts and counsellors at 1800-572-9877 for any queries. In case you want to find out some other top mechanical engineering colleges similar to Walchand College Sangli, you can go ahead and fill up our Common Application Form and get assistance at each step of your admission process.

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