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Gokul Global University Placements 2023 - Average & Highest Package, Percentage

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Updated on May 22, 2022 8:00AM IST

Gokul Global University Placement 2022 Top Recruiters

Gokul Global University placement cell is consisting of expert people who ensure the proper development of the students. There is a specific procedure that all the students must follow to ensure that they get a good placement. The placement cell has all the facilities, including guidance, training, and overall grooming for the students. 

A student can find assistance in many areas, including all the university's streams. They can find help in areas like Engineering, Law, Ayurveda, Nursing, Commerce & Management, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Computer Sciences & Application, Science, and Paramedical. The team helps the students get in all the training that can get them the placements they desire. 

The UGC recognized University is all in with the students' Summer internship programs, where they get the practical and hands-on experience for the career they are pursuing. This opens their eyes to the fact about what their life and day today would be like if they pursue the same thing as a job. They get the necessary insights into the professional world. 

Here is how the whole GGU Placement Process goes down:

  • The institute ensures that there is proper maintenance of regular interactions within the industry. This happens via the many Guest Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Corporate Meets, etc.
  • There is proper planning and organization of recruitment activities that happen both, Off-Campus and On-Campus.
  • The students are given the facility of management consultancy, which they can put to good use for their live projects.
  • Many training programs take place here. The students are also given assistance with completing their summer training projects with the help of the team at the Placement Cells. 
  • The Placement cell develops the database of students of the Gokul Global University. They then present the curriculum to numerous interested industries.
  • Gokul Global University also conducts the organization of Inter-Cultural exchange. This happens with other reputed institutions as well as industries.

The placement cell basically helps the students in the grooming part of their journey right before their interviews. For recruitment, many companies are in touch with the placement cell, and then the schedules and list of students are finalized. The students are prepared and notified about their upcoming recruitment interviews. The placement cell keeps track of the students, their interviews, and the companies. If the results are positive, the placement cell is notified first, after which the latter has to inform the students. 

The students then have an offer, which is upon them to accept. While the students accept the offer, it is the responsibility of the placement cell to ensure that the students join the company on the date which is agreed upon. The way a placement cell has to handle everything, it can be said that the placement cell has the most responsibility in the University when it comes to the job arena. 

TATA Consultancy Services, CIPLA, Mazda, Gokul, DCB Bank, Etech Global Services, LUPIN, ICICI Bank, Sintex, Welspun, Maruti Suzuki, Nirma, Gokul Agri International LTD, Cognizant, Amazon, Infosys, and IBM.

Gokul Global University Placements Statistics 2021

A list of some of the companies and their average offers in the year 2021

CompanyAverage Package (LPA)Number of students
TATA Consultancy ServicesNANA
Maruti SuzukiNANA
Cipla NANA

Gokul Global University Batch Profile 

The various outgoing batches at this university have secured top roles in various prestigious companies within the country, and the upcoming batches are also set to perform the same way, if not better. While engineering and management batches garner a higher number of placement offers, other domains within these batches also bag quite impressive roles with great starting salaries packaged. 

Gokul Global UniversitySummer Internship Placements

Gokul Global University is very well known for creating numerous opportunities for the students to take the foundational steps toward their careers. There are not only job placements that the institute helps the students with, but also summer internships in some of the major companies that will give a boost to their career from the very beginning. The summer internships can turn out to be a great experience for the students who get the placements. They can give them a taste of what it is like working in a practical environment. 

GGU Pre-Placement Offers

Pre-placement offer is an integral part of the placement culture of this university. During this process, students are able to engage in guest lectures by eminent industry experts and interact with prospective recruiters to discuss their futures at these respective companies. 

Placements Alumni Network in Various Companies

There are measures in place where the students get the opportunities to be associated with the big companies that there are placements available in:

  • There are mentorship programs that the students can find very much helpful
  • The students can get the best of the skill while learning at an internship
  • There are several opportunities where the students can get placements at the best companies, either as full-time employees or as interns. 
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Aditya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Oct-06-2023

Dear Mehta Isha Udayan Bhai, the Gokul Global University Sidhpur offers hostel accommodation for both boys and girls. The hostel fees structure is Rs 60,000 per year for AC Room (3 students) and Rs 45,000 per year for the Non-AC Room (5 students). The boys hostel capacity is 550 with 120 rooms and the girls hostel capacity is 700 with 150 rooms. Both boy's and girls' hostels at Gokul Global University Sidhpur are given the same facilities including spacious rooms, a central TV area, an indoor playing area, an RO water cooler, mess facilities, 24x7 wifi access, proper security system, CCTV surveillance in common areas, etc. The mess also provides 3 meals a day as per the student's requirements.

Can I join BA as a ex student
-yahya -Updated on June-23-20231 Answers

Puneet Hooda, Student / Alumni

-Answered on June-23-2023

The university does not have specific quota for ex students. If you have passed Class 12 from a recognised board then you are eligible to apply for admission in BA courses at Gokul Global University. The university BA degree in nuemrous specialisations like English, philosophy etc. 

FAQs about Gokul Global University Placements

Can a student get accepted to more than one company from campus drive at Gokul Global University?

Yes, a student can sit into as many companies they wish at the campus drive. The student will have to choose one company eventually and inform the placement officer about the same. The placement office has all the data about how many students are accepted in how many courses.

What is the perfect time to apply for Campus placement Interviews at GGU?

Normally, a student is eligible to apply for campus placement interviews in the final year of their degree. The student has to register with the placement cell and keep in touch with them. The placement cell takes care of all the application processes and details- a student should always check with the placement cell for updates on their placement interview.

Does having an MBA at GGU ensure good placements?

An MBA is essentially a degree that opens up many avenues in the corporate sector since it is a management degree that deals with marketing, business management, human resource management etc. hence, it has a high rate of securing placements. But that does not necessarily mean that only an MBA assures your placement – every sector and discipline has its own requirements, and if you are good at it- you can find placements in any sector.

What is the role of the placement cell at Gokul Global University?

The placement cell at Gokul Global University has one of the most important roles. While the institute’s colleges have the facilities that allow the students to build their skills and knowledge base, the placement cell nudges them in the right direction towards their career. This is a great step forward for all the students towards their future and achieving their goals.

Which courses are eligible for placements at Gokul Global University?

Gokul Global University has many courses, and the placement cell allows the student of each course to be placed at a good organization. The students from the Faculty of Law have a much more success rate in terms of placements.

Is the procedure of Gokul Global University’s placement cell transparent?

Yes, the placement cell at Gokul Global University is very much transparent. The profiles of the students are uploaded on the placement portal by the officials, ensuring that they have it all in front of them.

Is the Placement Cell at Gokul Global University systematic?

When it comes to the Placements cell at Gokul Global University, one can expect to get only the best facilities. While the students who are eligible do have access to it, there are other people as well. The placement cell professionals, obviously, training officials, and. faculty coordinators have this access for the smooth functioning.

Do the students of the Faculty of Law at Gokul Global University get opportunities to get good placements?

Yes, the Faculty of Law students get opportunities to get placement in good organizations. There are a lot of companies coming in to recruit the best candidates who can have an impact on their organizations. To polish their skills, the placement cell helps a lot. There is practice for the interviews, holding seminars, mentors coming in every now and then to provide some necessary assistance. They also get some good packages which are 5 LPA and onwards.

Does the placement cell at Gokul Global Universityhelp the students with full employment placements?

The placement drives at Gokul Global University are mostly for shortlisting and hiring candidates for full employment. However, there are many opportunities for the students to go for Summer Internships as well.

When do the students from Gokul Global Universitystart preparing for their placements?

The placement cell at Gokul Global University is very much helpful with the students. It all basically starts from the first year of a student here. There are many training programmes, summer internships, and much more than a student has to participate in. All these help the students in putting forward a better version of themselves in front of the recruiters. This is also a great way for them to step out into the world, gaining some needed skills along with knowledge.

What is the highest salary package that one can get at Gokul Global University?

Several big companies send their recruiters to the Gokul Global University campus. And so, there are some high salaries that the students can expect from them. The highest salary there is 20 LPA.

Is the placement cell helpful to the students of Gokul Global University?

When it comes to getting better placements from Gokul Global University, the placement cell is quite helpful. The students have the opportunity to get the help of some of the professional people who can get them all ready. There are many skills that the students can learn, such as soft skills, which are very important for them in any arena for a career they want to pursue.

Which companies have their recruiters come to Gokul Global University to hire?

Gokul Global University has many recruiters visiting every now and then to hire people. Some of the companies are TATA Consultancy Services, CIPLA, Mazda, Gokul, DCB Bank, Etech Global Services, LUPIN, ICICI Bank, Sintex, Welspun, Maruti Suzuki, Nirma, Gokul Agri International LTD, Cognizant, Amazon, Infosys, IBM, etc.

What type of package can a student expect from Gokul Global University?

There are amazing packages available for the students depending on the companies. The companies and their recruiters who come in every now and then to recruit the students are of good reputation. This mostly means that there are lots of opportunities for the students to showcase their abilities and skills. This will definitely get them the best that they deserve. A candidate can always get a better package if they have put in the effort to get the job. The average package one can get from Gokul Global University is 12 LPA.

Can a student expect good placements from Gokul Global University?

Gokul Global University is a great platform for students to have amazing placement opportunities, those too in some of the most reputed companies. There are recruiters coming into the campus and getting the best of the suitable people for the vacant jobs. The students put in efforts from the very first day in order to make themselves capable of scoring good placements.
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