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Aditi Shrivastava
Aditi Shrivastava
Aditi Shrivastava

Aditi is an avid reader and a passionate writer. She has a knack for researching content and converting it into beautiful blogs. She fell in love with literature at an early age and began writing poems and short stories. Writing is a form of expression of her thoughts and it’s a comfort zone for her. She has been appreciated for her poetry and writeups since she was in school and slowly developed a career in this field. 

Aditi has completed her B.Com(Hons.) degree from Shri Rama Krishna College of Commerce. Her love for Education and English made her pursue Bachelor's in Education and she is currently pursuing M.A. in English. Aditi took part in literary competitions at the university level and won prizes and the hearts of people. She has a good command of English and Hindi language and admires Shakespeare and Premchand equally. 

Aditi is an experienced content writer with a work history in the educational content industry. She is also a certified educator as she has recently cleared CTET and MPTET. She loves to write about Education, Colleges, Courses, Fashion, Food, Literature, etc. She is adept at editing and proofreading. 

She has recently joined CollegeDekho as a content writer. She has experience in writing about colleges, courses, study materials, etc. She holds a certificate in Digital Marketing from Google and has an interest in optimizing content as per ever-changing SEO practices to drive more business and gain organic traffic. She is fond of content writing and designing tools such as Canva, Grammarly, Moz, Ubersuggest, Google Keywords Planner, Adwords, Search console, etc. She is an active social media enthusiast and helped to raise 100 followers in a day in her content writing internship. 

As a person, Aditi is a spiritual person and theist. She believes in the presence of special energy which exists universally. She is a mix of introvert and extrovert personalities. She can be found trying to understand herself in the early mornings. She practices Yoga and reads spiritual texts like Gita to awaken her awareness or consciousness. She is an animal lover and a family-oriented person. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She values her time and relationships. Aditi loves watching movies, web series, documentaries, and listening to evergreen old Bollywood songs. Her favourite book is Life’s amazing secrets by Gaur Gopal Das. She also likes travelling as it provides fuel to create content and write stories and poems. She is a patient listener and values the opinions of others. She participates in healthy discussions and never stops putting her point forward. 

She believes in kindness, morality, and positivity & practices the same. She started tutoring kids and creating content & curriculum for them just after passing out class 12th. The long journey of collaboration with students has taught her qualities like empathy, selflessness, time management, organization, adaptability, and communication. She takes online classes in her past time and transfers knowledge to the students. 

Aditi has a strong belief in humanism and her favourite subjects are Philosophy, Psychology, and Literature. She has a deep passion for doing research in education and implementing changes in our current education system. She values a “learner-centric” education system and aspires to bring notable changes in this area. “Knowledge is the key to development” is her motto in life and she aspires to transfer the same as much as she can. She works hard to help students to believe in themselves and develop their personalities. 

She is greatly impressed by the words of an American sociologist, Charles Horton Cooley, “ I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am, who I think you think I am.” These lines had enraged a spark in her mind to understand herself and her existence in this world. She believes in Karma and righteousness. For her humanism is the greatest religion and righteousness is the best path to lead life. She has an opinion that every human is born to conduct a special duty on Earth. They should believe in themselves and do their best by taking responsibility for their actions and helping others. 

News and Articles by Aditi Shrivastava

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