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Birsa Institute of Technology, sindri Placements 2023 - Average & Highest Package, Percentage

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Updated on Feb 04, 2022 4:45PM IST

BIT Sindri Placements

Bit Sindri students are placed in some of the India's most prominent companies. It is one of India's best engineering colleges and is also well-known internationally. Quite naturally, a lot of companies from India and abroad participate in BIT Sindri placement process. In fact, BIT Sindri placement is a strong, ongoing activity where students are trained in aptitude, technical, and soft skills. Seminars, workshops, and faculty development programmes are also held by the Training and Placement department at BIT Sindri on a regular basis to help students prepare for various jobs and prospects.

BIT Sindri Placement Statistics

The table graph below depicts the total number of students placed at BIT Sindri in 2021:


Statistics (2021)

Highest salary

Rs. 10.54 LPA

No. of recruiters


No. of students placed


BIT Sindri Placements

BIT Sindri - Placements Year-Wise Trends (Last 3-5 years)

In comparison to the previous two years, 2019 and 2020, there was a shifting pattern in BIT Sindri placements in 2021. Over 133 students have received offers thus far in 2021, a decline of 57 percent from 2019 and 64 percent from 2020. Furthermore, when compared to 2019 and 2020, the number of recruiters that participated in 2021 placements showed a shifting tendency. In the infographic below, we'll look at the overall number of recruiters who participated and students who were placed during BIT Sindri placements over the years:





Total Recruiters 




Total Students Placed




Highest Package Offered

Rs. 10.58 LPA

Rs. 10.34 LPA

Rs. 10.54 LPA

BIT Sindri Placements

BIT Sindri Placements

BIT Sindri Placement Process & Placement Cell

All eligible students at BIT Sindri, are offered placement possibilities. The institution's Training and Placement Cell examines BIT Sindri placements. Corporates are invited to BIT Sindri’s training and placement unit, which facilitates on-campus recruiting of its students. The placement cell at BIT Sindri assists students with summer and final placements by disseminating placement brochures, inviting recruiters to campus, having guest lectures from renowned industry executives, and organizing student debates on current circumstances. The placements cell of BIT Sindri also works on enhancing students' hard and soft abilities. Hard skills are academic capabilities, experience, and level of knowledge, whereas soft skills are self-developed, interactive, communication, human, and transferrable qualities.

The following is the BIT Sindri placement procedure:

  • Companies are contacted by the BIT Sindri Training and Placement Cell come to the campus for interviews.
  • The companies/organizations confirm the day and time of their visit to the university.
  • The institute's students are informed of the placement date as well as the names of the companies/organizations.
  • On the specified date, the companies/organizations perform the placement drive. The students are given a brief discussion (pre-placement talk) about the company's operations and the career roles available.
  • Interested individuals must submit a CV to the company.
  • On the same day, shortlisted candidates are invited to campus for interviews.
  • Candidates who are recruited by companies/organizations are given job offers.

Top Recruiters in BIT Sindri Placement

BIT Sindri’s top recruiters include some of the country's most famous companies. With internships and training, the college helps students connect with some of the greatest firms in the country and prepares them for campus interviews. Over the years, BIT Sindri has helped thousands of students access the best internship and job opportunities because to its strong industrial collaboration.

The following are some of the top recruiters for BIT Sindri placements in 2022:

  • ZS
  • Yamaha
  • TCS
  • Wipro
  • Tata Steel
  • Matix Group
  • Jindal Steel & Power
  • Honda
  • ISWP
  • Ericsson
  • Tata Motors
  • JSW Steel
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • L&T
  • Vedanta
  • HCL
  • ACC
  • BYJU’S
  • Vedantu
  • Idea
  • Mahindra
  • Tata Power
  • Accenture
  • Bhushan Steel Limited
  • Ericsson
  • Nalco Water
  • JSL Hisar

BIT Sindri - Domain-wise Placements 2022

BIT Sindri 2021 placement witnessed placement of most students in the IT industry (59%), followed by the Core sector (28%) and 13% in consulting sector. Below is a chart for students placed in each sector:

BIT Sindri Placements

BIT Sindri - Stream/ Course wise Placements

BTech Specialization

Number of Students Placement (Graduation Year 2021)



















BIT Sindri - Alumni Network

BIT Sindri has a very strong network of alumni who are placed at some of the world’s best companies including TCS, Infosys, Honda, Ericsson, Tata Motors, JSW Steel, Aditya Birla Group, L&T, Hindustan Unilever Limited, and HCL. Some of the many notable alumni from BIT Sindri includes: 

  • Amit Kumar - Indian playback singer and music composer
  • Prof. B. S. Sahay - Founder Director, Indian Institute of Management Jammu
  • Subodh Kumar Das - Scientist, engineer, and inventor
  • Hafizul Ansari – Cabinet Minister in Government of Jharkhand
  • Bidhu Shekhar Jha – Renowned Canadian politician

BIT Sindri - Alumni Placements: Domain-wise Statistics

BIT Sindri has a large international alumni network. BIT Sindri graduates work in a variety of fields, including engineering, business development, consulting, and more. Engineering employs a total of 30% of alumni across all industries. Apart from that, 21% and 13% of graduates work in the operations and IT sectors, respectively. The following is a complete list of alumni placements by sector:

BIT Sindri Alumni Placements


Percentage of Alumni Placed 







Business Development 




BIT Sindri Placements

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FAQs about Birsa Institute of Technology, sindri Placements

What is the average compensation package for MTech students at BIT Sindri placements?

The average package for MTech students at BIT Sindri placements is around Rs. 5 LPA. 


Is there a fee for availing placement facility at BIT Sindri?

No.There is no fee for availing placement facility available at BIT Sindri.

What are the top industries where students at BIT Sindri typically get placed?

Typically, BIT Sindri students get placed at IT industry, core engineering sector and the consulting sector.

Does BIT Sindri offer job training opportunities for its students?

Yes. During the summer and winter terms, students are required to complete at least one industrial training. Students can enrol in extended training sessions through the university's training cell.


In which industries do BIT Sindri alumni works?

BIT Sindri alumni is placed in a variety of fields including consulting, information technology, banking, finance, engineering, human resources, and more.

Which industry offered placement to highest number of students during BIT Sindri 2021 placement?

With 59% of students placed, the IT industry offered the most placements to BIT Sindri students in placement 2021.


How many organizations participated in BIT Sindri 2021 placements?

More than 10 companies participated in BIT Sindri 2021 placements.


For BIT Sindri placement 2021, which companies were the top recruiters?

TCS, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Deloitte, Tata Steel, Multicoreware, Vedanta, and Schlumberger were among the top recruiters at BIT Sindri placement 2021.

During placement 2021, how many BIT Sindri students were placed?

According to placement reports available online, around 133 students were placed during the BIT Sindri placements 2021.

During placement 2021, what was the highest package offered to a BIT Sindri student?

The maximum package offered during the BIT Sindri placements 2021 was Rs. 10.54 LPA, marking an increase of 2% as against the year 2020.


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