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Indus University Placements 2023 - Highest and Average Package, Top Recruiters

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Updated on Dec 29, 2023 2:50PM IST

Indus University Placements Overview

The Indus University placement report 2023 is yet to be released by the university. However,  a few official statistics on best-placed students and placement packages are available for reference. According to the official website, Indus University highest package is Rs 30 LPA. On the other hand, the official booklet of Indus University shows the 12 best-placed students with Karan Saini receiving the highest package of Rs 13.58 LPA during 2022-23 placements. The other 11 students mentioned in the booklet received offers varying from Rs 8.50 LPA to Rs 5.50 LPA. Moreover, the Indus University average package stood at 6.8 LPA as per the official website. 

Looking back, the highest package offered during the Indus University placements in 2022 was Rs 25 LPA. This represents a 20% hike in the highest package offered this year. Some of the top recruiters at Indus University placements 2023 were Amazon, Atul, Audi, Byju’s, Capgemini, Decathlon, Jaro Education, JSW Paints, TCS, Capgemini, Kia, Godrej and Forbes among others. As per the official booklet of Indus University, Federal Bank offered Rs 13.58 LPA, Wonderbotz offered Rs 8.50 LPA, and TCS offered 7.20 during the 2022-23 placement year. Moreover, the Indus University average package CSE ranged between Rs 5.50 LPA to Rs 8.5 LPA.

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Indus University Placements Report 2023

The Indus University placement report 2023 hasn’t been released by the university. However, some placement data is available on the official website. This year, the highest and average placement package increased as compared to the Indus University last year placements. Moreover, the top packages ranged from Rs 5.50 LPA to 30 LPA this year. More details about Indus University placement packages can be found below. 

Indus University Placement 2023 Details

Particulars Details  
Highest Package Rs 30 LPA 
Average PackageRs 6.8 LPA 

Indus University Placement 2023 - Best-Placed Students 

Student NameCourseCompany Package
Karan SainiMBAFederal BankRs 13.58 LPA
Pruthvi Tirmal B.Tech (CE)WonderbotzRs 8.50 LPA
Aman Kumar SinghB.Tech (CE)Zeus Learning Rs 7.20 LPA
Kashish MotwaniB.Tech (CE)TCSRs 7.20 LPA
Nirmal MudaliarB.Tech (CSE)Valorx INCRs 7 LPA
Pushaparaj RajagopalB.Tech (CSE)Valorx INCRs 7 LPA
Samkit SangviB.Tech (CSE)Valorx INCRs 7 LPA
Bhavesh KothariB.Tech (CSE)Valorx INCRs 7 LPA
Dhrumi PanditB.Tech (CSE)Synoptek IndiaRs 5.50 LPA
Vraj ShahB.Tech (CSE)Synoptek IndiaRs 5.50 LPA
Mahrashi GohelB.Tech (CSE)Synoptek IndiaRs 5.50 LPA
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Indus University Placements Report 2022

A complete report on Indus University placements 2022 wasn’t released by the university. However, a list of the highest packages offered at different schools of the university is available. The Indus University highest package in 2022 stood at Rs 25 LPA bagged by the Indus Architecture School. 

Indus University Placement Statistics 2022

Name of the School Indus University Highest Package 
Indus Architecture School Rs 25 LPA
Indus Institute of Technology and EngineeringRs 24.10 LPA
Indus Institute of Management StudiesRs 14 LPA
Indus Institute of Aviation Technology and EngineeringRs 12 LPA
Indus Institute of LawRs 8 LPA
Indus Institute of Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal StudiesRs 7.5 LPA
Indus Design SchoolRs 6.5 LPA
Indus Institute of Pharmacy and ResearchRs 6.3 LPA
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Indus University Previous Years Placements Trends

Highest PackageRs  12 LPARs 25 LPA
Second Highest PackageRs 10 LPARs 10 LPA
Third Highest Package Rs 8.5 LPARs 6.60 LPA
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What was the Highest Package of Indus University for the Academic Year 2023?

A 20% increase was witnessed in the Indus University highest package in 2023from 2022. If we compare the highest package offered in 2022 and 2021, a rise of more than 100% was reported. 

Indus University Highest Package Trend

HighlightsHighest Package 2021Highest Package 2022Highest Package 2023
Highest PackageRs 12 LPARs 25 LPA30 LPA  
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What was the Average Package of  Indus University for the Academic Year 2023?

Upon comparing the Indus University average package 2023 with 2021, we see a minor rise of Rs 80,000. Moreover, the average packages may vary once the official report gets published.

Indus University average package Trend

HighlightsAverage Package 2021Average Package 2022Average Package 2023
Average PackageRs 6 LPANA6.8 LPA  
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Indus University Company-wise Placements 2023

Indus University placement cell hasn’t released the complete details of company-wise placements in 2023 yet. However, a list of 12 students with their recruiting companies and packages offered has been found in the official booklet. Given below are the available statistics on company-wise placements at Indus University for 2023. 

Indus University Company-wise Placements 2023 

Company CoursePackage
Federal BankMBARs 13.58 LPA
WonderbotzB.Tech (CE)Rs 8.50 LPA
Zeus Learning B.Tech (CE)Rs 7.20 LPA
TCSB.Tech (CE)Rs 7.20 LPA
Valorx INCB.Tech (CSE)Rs 7 LPA
Synoptek IndiaB.Tech (CSE)Rs 5.50 LPA
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Indus University Top Recruiters 2023

Federal BankWonderbotzZeus Learning Valorx INCTCS
AmazonAtul AudiByju’sCapgemini
DecathlonForbesHitechHyperlink InfoSystemKIA
KnovosMagnetoSynoptek IndiaOraclePosco
GodrejDesignmateE InfochipsJaro EducationJSW Paints
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FAQs about Indus University Placements

What is the average package offered during Indus University placements?

The average package offered during the Indus University placements in 2023 was Rs 6.8 LPA. Indus University has a strong placement record, which reflects the quality of education and training provided by the university.

Who are the top recruiters during Indus University placements?

Indus University attracts a wide range of recruiters from various sectors. Some of the top recruiters include Amazon, Audi, Tata Motors, Kia Motors, Oracle, Siemens, SKF, Godrej, Samsung, Bridgestone, Posco, Byjus, Capgemini, IDFC First Bank, JSW, Adani Gas, Bajaj Allianz, Apollo Munich, Rishab Software, Winsor, Forbes, Atul Auto Ltd, and many more.

What is the highest package offered during the Indus University placements 2023?

The highest package offered during the Indus University placements in 2023 was Rs 30 lakh per annum. This package was offered by LUMMO, a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

How are the placements at Indus University?

The placements at Indus University are managed by the Training and Placement Department, which was instituted in 2006. The department works independently to manage all placement activities and works closely with students to prepare them for the final placement round. This includes resume-building training, mock interviews, mock group discussions, soft skill development programs, and technical training rounds.

What is the placement percentage in Indus University?

Based on the student reviews, Indus University placed around 70% of students during the 2023 placement drive. The university provides 100% placement assistance to its students. However, the Indus University placement rate hasn’t been released by the university yet. The training and placement cell of Indus University provides career guidance and ample opportunities to its students. 

How are the placements at Indus University in 2023?

Based on the official website, the Indus University placements 2023 season was better than the last year. The highest package in 2023 reached Rs 30 LPA showing an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. The Indus University average package increased by Rs 80,000 from Rs 6 LPA in 2021 to Rs 6.8 LPA in 2023. Companies like Federal Bank offered Rs 13.58 LPA, Wonderbotz offered Rs 8.50 LPA, and TCS offered 7.20 in 2023. 

Which companies visit Indus University for placements?

Many leading companies visit Indus University for its campus placement drive. These include Byju’s, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Samsung, IndusInd Bank, ICICI Bank, Bajaj Alliance Insurance, JARO Education, SFK Group, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Posco, Saffron Lifestyle Traders, and several others. During the Indus Univesity placement 2023, Federal Bank, Wonderbotz, Zeus Learning, TCS, Valorx INC and Synoptek India were prominent recruiters. 

What are the qualifications needed to join the Academia Courses offered by Indus University?

Any Student who belongs to the Software and tech discipline from 5th Semester if UG from 1st Semester if PG can join these courses from ECE, CSE, IT, BCA, MCA, MBA, M.Sc. IT or Equivalent Branches can join these courses.

What is the Micro Academy Course conducted by Indus University?

Indus University Made Collaboration with Microchip Technology is a major provider of semiconductors and microcontrollers-related services. It provides training for students on Embedded Systems Using PIC18.

How is the Alumni network at Indus University?

Indus University has a good alumni network. Most of them are placed at software companies and in business corporations. 15% of the alumni are from the engineering sector, and the other 17% are from the business development field. Many are placed in sales, marketing, finance, education, research, human resources, etc. Indus University also has an Alumni Association of the Indus University organize the Alumni meet, and Alumni Talk Shows frequently to boost the confidence and career guidance for the students.

Which sector has the most placements at Indus University?

Looking at the stats provided by the institute, the engineering department gets the most placements in comparison to the rest of the departments. But when we look at it closely, there are more job offers in the marketing, finance, sales, and business development sectors collectively. So, the students pursuing MBA have many job offers compared to the other sectors at Indus University.

When can I apply for Campus Interviews at Indus University?

The Placement Cell at Indus University is responsible for all the campus interviews and placements that take place each year. The students are eligible to apply for jobs in their 5th semester. They need to undergo training programs and tests to be ready to crack.

What is the average package offered at Indus University?

As per the official website, the average package offered at Indus University is Rs 6.8 LPA. However, Indus University has yet to release the latest average package with its placement report. This might highlight changes in the average package offered during the 2023 placement season. In 2021, the average package offered during Indus University placements was Rs 6 LPA. 

Which company gives the most jobs at Indus University?

On the Indus University campus, the highest salary offered is Jaro Education which offered a 12.02 LPA for a B. Tech student. Like this top recruiter recruits every year.

How are the placements at Indus University in the Computer Science Department?

The Computer Science department bags the most job placements under Engineering as well as other departments in the College. Many software and tech-giant companies visit the College during placement, because of which the computer science students get better jobs. Most of the alumni at Indus University are also working in software companies. Out of the 20% of alumni that come from the engineering sector, Computer Science field, or background.

How are the Placements for MBA at Indus University? What is the Average salary package?

As per the records of the University, 80% of the students got placements, and 25% of them placed in Top MNC companies. The Highest Salary is around 10 Lakhs per annum, and the average salary is between 5 to 6 Lakhs per annum. Placement & Training Cell in Indus University always tries to bring many companies to university campuses. Placement opportunities at Indus University are good.

How is the Campus Life, Education system, and placement in Indus University?

Indus University is very famous in Gujarat State. The education system of this University is very good. This College is focused on practical knowledge so that you can easily understand each topic. The candidate needs to apply on the college website for admission. Need to give Higher secondary certificates of 12th and pay tuition fees. As compared to other universities, Indus university has more equipment for practical knowledge, and placements are also amazing.

How Good Placements at Indus University, Ahmedabad?

The University has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty that facilitates the placement activities of students. It also organizes Expert sessions, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Inter House competitions to prepare the students for placements. Training & Placement cell trains the students for CV writing, Aptitude, Technical, Psychometric tests, Mock Interviews and Group Discussions. The College has a placement record of 90% in Top Companies. The Highest Package Offered to the College in 2019 was INR 12.02 LPA.

When do the placements at Indus University begin?

The placement process of Indus University usually commences around the month of November or December every year.

What is the placement record of Indus University?

The Indus University claims to have maintained a 100% placement record in the past few years for most of its courses.

Does Indus University have a placement cell?

Yes, Indus University has a well-functioning placement and training cell that is dedicated solely to grooming the students for placements and finding the best opportunities for them to start their professional venture. Many activities and events are organised by the members of the Indus University placement cell for assisting students during the placement process.

What is the highest package offered at Indus University?

According to the official information, the highest package offered at Indus University is Rs 30 LPA. However, as per the official booklet of Indus University, Rs 13.58 LPA was the highest package among the best-placed students in the 2022-23 placement season. Indus University placement report 2023 is yet to be released by the university which will clarify the statistics. Looking back, the highest package offered at Indus University in 2022 stood at Rs 25 LPA. 

Which courses at Indus University get the best placements?

Students of all the programmes of Indus University are offered good job roles and lucrative salary packages. The best placement results of Indus University are from the B.Tech and MBA courses.

How many B.Tech, MBA, MCA, MSc students got placed in the IU, Ahmedabad placements in 2019?

Around 294 B.Tech, MBA, MCA, MSc students got placed across leading MNCs in 2019.

What was the average package offered in B.Tech at IU, Ahmedabad in 2019?

The average package offered in B.Tech in 2019 was INR 3.6 Lakh.
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Related Questions


Priya Haldar, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Sept-11-2023

Dear Mustafa Siamwala,

Yes you can do mechanical engineering without diploma. If you are seeking Indus University admission in B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, you must have appeard for JEE Main/ GUJCET and for M.Tech Mechanical Engineering, admissions are done through GATE scores. The final selection of candidates will be done based on the marks obtained in the GUJCET exam and the merit list.


Isha Chauhan, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-18-2023

Dear candidate, Indus university course fee for computer engineering is Rs. 1,01,000 per annum. You can visit the official website of the university to know more details about the desired programme.


riya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on May-31-2023
LPU have a extraordinary reputation in terms of placements. There is plenty of placement are there for management students and they have so many options are there to work in like banking, insurance, taxes, law and so on and if I talk about the salary packages the the highest salary package in 21lacs average salary package is 6.37lacs. Yes, finding a job is not a simple endeavour, but if you are career-focused and set small objectives to achieve large things in life, you can easily land jobs at three or more firms in addition to one because many companies visit LPU every year for placements. The university offers PEP classes, mock interview sessions, webinars, workshops, guest lectures from expert students, and other events that help students develop their skills and improve their personalities.

Soumavo Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on May-22-2023

Dear Unnati,

The Indus University courses list does not have any distance learning courses. All the courses offered by the university are in regular full-time/ part-time mode. The Indus School of Management Studies offers a PhD in Commerce programme in the regular mode. Students who have a post graduate degree in a relevant field with at least 55% marks from a recognised university may apply for this programme. They also need to take the IURAT exam conducted by Indus University to be eligible for the selection process. However, students whp have passed the UGC NET/ CSIR NET or have an M.Phil degree in a relevant field are exempted from the entrance test. The application fee for the PhD Commerce programme is Rs 1,500. Moreover, the Indus University course fee for PhD in Commerce is Rs 65,000 per year (full-time) and Rs 55,500 (part-time).   


riya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on May-22-2023
The integrated BBA-MBA programme has a duration of 4 years (8 semesters) during which students can SAVE ONE YEAR of time and costs and benefit from scholarships for every 4 years. The programme is administered by the LPU within the Mittal School of Business, which is accredited by ACBSP (USA). The programme is designed to equip students with the practical skills, analytical skills, and leadership skills needed for global careers in major corporations. In addition to the course material, the programme offers additional inputs to improve communication skills, analysis and reasoning skills and soft skills. Through a variety of assignments and projects built into the programme, you'll have the opportunity to discover your inner entrepreneur. The LPU accommodates all built-in and regular programs. The college offers many opportunities to place qualified students. Many companies including Federal Bank, Trident Group, Colgate Palmolive, Phonepe, Marico Ltd. , Ernst and Young, Accenture, Flipkart, Wipro, Hindustan Unilever, Godrej Consumer, McKinley & Rice, ITC Limited, Bajaj Allianz, Kellogg's, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Cavin Care, Moodys Analytics, WNS Global, Ocwen Financial, Redington, Transport Corporation of India, Crescendo Group.