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National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru Campus & Infrastructure

Bengaluru (Karnataka) Approved by : BCI
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Situated about 10 Kms from Bangalore City railway station the National Law School now has a campus spread over 23 acres in idyllic setting. It is approachable easier from the Nagarbhavi end of the Bangalore University’s Jnana Bharathi campus. The Law School is a fully residential university with independent residential facilities for men and women students, the Faculty and non teaching staff. With all its 500 odd students from all over India, the Faculty and non teaching staff residing on the same campus it is like a miniature India. With such interaction comes the greater need to adjust and share opinions, an outlook necessary for budding lawyers. Residing on campus would thus enable the students to widen their horizon and acquire important inter-personal skills.

The first building on the campus came up in 1992 and today it has the Academic Block, three Halls of Residence each for men and women students, two Hostels for post- graduate women students, three blocks of Faculty Quarters and two blocks of residences as quarters for non teaching staff.

An International Training Centre, with residential facilities, equipped for organising training programmes, seminars and video conferences is part of the campus.

  • Area
    23 Acres
  • Hostel Facility

NLSIU Facilities

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NLSIU Hostel and Fees Structure

The National Law School campus with all its 500 odd students and the faculty residing in the same campus is a like a miniature India. With such interaction comes the greater need to adjust and share opinions, and to build an outlook necessary to become budding lawyers. Residing on campus enables students to widen their horizon and acquire important inter-personal skills.

There are three Halls of Residence for men known by the names Ganga, Cauvery and Himalaya and three Halls of Residence for women known as Nilgiris, Annexe and Mess Block. In addition there are two P.G. Women’s Hostels. Students of the first year are generally provided separate accommodation. While the first year students are allotted dormitories, from the second year onwards, they have the option of triple seater rooms, which are T-shaped and, once a curtain is drawn across the entrance, each becomes a private cubicle. Women students have a choice of twin seaters, in addition to the triple seater rooms. There are also a few single rooms available in both hostels. These are usually given to students in the final year.

Students are each provided with a cot, cupboard, chair and desk. They are advised to bring their own mattresses, curtains and bed-linen. Hostels have 24-hour running hot water facility. Laundry facilities are also made available on campus. As Bangalore experiences cold weather during November- January, students are advised to bring blankets and warm clothing.

 Ragging in any form in the Hostel / Institution is illegal and is banned.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited on Campus. Use of Drugs is punishable and is banned.

The Halls of Residence have a Common-Room each, equipped with cable television, facilities for indoor games and a small in-house library. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, the Halls of Residence have their own generators. Tea/Coffee vending machines, facilities of the PCO and 24 hours security are some of the other features which ensure that students enjoy basic amenities and security so that they can focus on their studies.

 The Halls of Residence have strict rules of administration. The Rules and Regulations are notified at the beginning of each academic year. Committees are constituted to ensure compliance with these Rules. Students are expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations, failing which they will be subject to disciplinary action. Students must also identify a local guardian who can be contacted in any emergency.

 All the day-to-day activities are managed by the students themselves  through three Committees - the Disciplinary Committee, the Mess Committee and the General Welfare Committee which functions under the supervision and control of the Collegium of Wardens. At the beginning of every academic year, students are selected to be on these committees. This enables students to gain valuable organisational skills. The students-managed kitchen serves vegetarian food on all days and non-vegetarian food on designated days.

The residents are not permitted to leave campus without permission and are not allowed to stay outside their Halls of Residence, after specified hours. Keeping four/two wheelers is discouraged.

The University reserves the right to refuse admission into the Halls of Residence to students who refuse to abide by the Rules and Regulations. Parents are advised to keep constantly in touch with the Institution / Authorities of the Halls of Residence regarding performance of their wards.

The Wardens stay on campus and the students are free to approach any of the Wardens regarding any problem, inconvenience, ill health etc.


    • Boy’s Hostels
    • Location
      On Campus
    • Girl’s Hostels
    • Location
      On Campus

Get details on Fee, Cut off marks, Admission Process for session 2021.

Students Activities & Clubs

The Cultural and Fine Arts Committee

Culcomm offers the most needed breaks from the more serious and strenuous law school activities. It takes pride in organising a whole bunch of energy ridden and absolutely fun intra-college events like the creative Art Mela (that includes painting, sketching, Mehendi, Clay modelling, Face n Toe painting), Playfest MadAdz, Movie Spoofs, Western Music and Dance, Eastern Music and Dance. But that's not all, Cul Comm also organises mega inter-collegiate events like LeGala and ADMIT ONE -the only international level theatre festival. Admit One which started off as a small venture in 2006, has now grown into a full fledged theatre festival in only three years, where the best of college theatre teams/ amateur theatre teams from across the sub continent compete during the course of three days in November for the much coveted titles!

It is the events that 'Cul Comm' organizes that add colour to student life on campus. Fun often overrides competitive spirits, but that is not to say that hard work doesn't go into events - both in terms of organization and performance, Cul Comm plays a major role in the organisation of `LeGala'- Law School's inter-collegiate Literary and Cultural fest. The fest sees participation from colleges across the country in all events including choreography, theatre, music and fine arts. The fest is usually organized in the third week of November each year.

Cul Comm also organizes other fun activities like Jam Sessions - for all the lovers of Rock and Roll; Karaoke Nights - where one can croon to Britney Spears or cheesy Bollywood songs without being embarrassed; Christmas Night - To bring a little bit of snow into NLS' own little campus and Quad Parties -because everyone deserve to have a little fun! The purpose of the committee is to ensure that we as a community enjoy our time here as much as possible.

Briefly about our schedule: University teams are selected by impartial external judges for all the events mentioned in the first paragraph in the months of June & September. The third trimester (March-June) witnesses a juxtaposition of rivalry and enjoyment in the form of inter class competition. The Cultural Committee provides a firm base for intra class bonding and team work as it lays platform for the race to the cultural Shield. The batches are invited to participate in the above mentioned events and the batch with the most consistent performance throughout is awarded the Shield. This happens during what is popularly knows as the 'Univ Week'.

Also, keeping with the committee's mandate of ensuring continued interest in cultural activities on campus, Cul Comm organizes cultural performances in colloboration with SPIC MACY every year. In its past years, the committee has also organized salsa and theatre workshops. The Committee aims to continue providing this break from routine campus life by organizing more theatre and dance workshops for the benefit of the student community. The A Cappella group 'De Minimis', has been very active over the past two years and has participated in a number of music events held in Bangalore including the much acclaimed Glorius - Festival of Harmony, Echo and other collegiate fests.

Event Management Committee

The Event Management Committee (EMC), NLSIU, undertakes the organisation and coordination of some of the major events that mark the NLSIU calendar, including the Annual Convocation, Legala and Strawberry Fields, along with intra-college activities such as Teachers Day and University Week.

In the first trimester of the academic year, the EMC acts as an active interface between the faculty and student body during the organisation of the Annual Convocation. Additionally the Committee also organizes the Teacher's Day event, facilitating interaction between the student body and the faculty. In the second trimester, the EMC organises, along with other ABCs, Legala, NLSIU's annual Literary and Cultural Fest, and Strawberry Fields, NLSIU's annual rock show. Legala sees participation from colleges all over the country and is one of the most prominent festivals in the Bangalore college circuit. Legala is known not only for its varied cultural events, but also for its quiz fest Ipso Facto, which has rapidly gained widespread recognition. This fest is run in collaboration with the Cultural and Fine Arts Committee, and the Literary and Debating Society. Strawberry Fields has garnered nationwide acclaim and has been hailed to be one of the foremost rock shows in the country, getting favourable mentions in all leading rock magazines.

The underlying belief of Strawberry Fields is promoting India 's nascent rock genre and providing them with a platform to reach a wide audience. An annual three day affair, Strawberry Fields witnesses participation from over 50 bands from all over the nation. Many of India's most popular bands such as Thermal and a Quarter, Moksha, Kryptos, Antaragini (now Raghu Dixit Project), Lounge Piranha, Mother Jane, Myndsnare, Junkyard Groove have performed in this rock show and credit this as their big break in the Indian music scene.

The EMC believes in a strong work ethic and an emphasis on efficiency, and each member plays an important role in the functioning of the committee, and running its activities.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee is the committee, which deals with the budgetary requirements of the various ABCs. It reviews and sanctions the budgets as well as maintains the various accounts of SBA. Furthermore, it keeps track of the income and expenditure of each committee and publishes the expenditure incurred by each ABC.

The Finance Committee ensures that each committee carries out its functions within the allotted budget. The finances of the various student published journals and events such as LeGala, Strawberry Fields, NLS Debate, Spiritus, Admit One and Consilience, including the sponsorship received for these events and the prize money awarded, are handled by the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee attempts to make sure that the finances of the entire SBA and all the activities undertaken by the various committees are handled properly, responsibly and efficiently, making sure there is accountability and transparency with respect to the huge amounts of money that we are given through various sources. Thus, the college play what may seem to some as a small but no one will deny very vital role in ensuring all the events that you've heard about take place.

Literary and Debating Society

The Literary and Debating Society of NLSIU provides spaces for an extremely motley cross-section of students to express themselves  from loud mouthed debaters to geeky quizzers to socially inept writers. While some might argue that the thanklessness of the organization of selections and its associated controversies has made its members grumpy and easily irritable, LnD can claim with pride that it has grown in status and stature in recent years.

Despite inherent vice, the society has fostered activities such as debating, quizzing and other literary events such as DC, Picto, 20Q, JAM etc as evinced by the exemplary performance of students in those fields for which LnD has no qualms about gleefully claiming credit. Students have consistently excelled at debates both at the national and international level, reinforcing the stereotype of lawyers who talk without saying much by breaking at the Cambridge IV and winning the All Asians (not to mention locking out the finals) at the international level, and winning enough debates at the national level that they've stopped counting.

The quizzers, mostly by dumb luck and a little inspiration, are some of the most highly rated in the college circuit in India, having also risen to the top of the Karnataka Quiz Association ranking and incidentally striking fear in the hearts of college teams everywhere.

Literary events are also pursued with great verve and enthusiasm and considerable skill, in large numbers (though also having a curious aversion to using it for profit), and the college counts amongst its alumni more than one published author.

LnD, much beloved (or so we'd like to believe) and mostly harmless, persists in its popularity within the college community even as cries of 'No Parity' inevitably provide the eulogy to each conducted event.

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Chance of placement at NLSIU Bangalore after completing diploma?

-akshikaUpdated on January 21, 2021 10:49 AM
  • 1 Answer
Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

After completing a Diploma, an aspirant will get a bundle of placement opportunities at NLSIU Bangalore. Top recruiters such as L&L Partners, AZB & Partners and KPMG will hire the deserving candidates. Go through the Placements at NLSIU Bangalore to find out more about it.

In case of admission related enquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to our admission experts by simply dialling the toll-free number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or filling-up the Common Application Form. For more questions, write back to us in the QnA zone.

Thank You


Is Distance education provided by NLSIU Bangalore for LLB?

-kavita kumariUpdated on January 21, 2021 10:28 AM
  • 1 Answer
Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

NLSIU Bangalore does not provide distance education in an LLB programme. The entire list of online or distance learning courses provided by NLSIU can be checked here.

Aspirants willing to take up distance education in LLB programme can explore the list of Top Universities Offering L.L.B. Through Correspondence/ Distance Mode.

In case any admission related query or help, feel free to dial the toll-free helpline number 1800-572-9877 or fill-up the Common Application Form. You can also write to us in the QnA zone.

Thank You


If one has completed BA LLB and has chosen B.Com after the course whether he/she can do the job of both the advocates?

-anuUpdated on October 26, 2020 02:31 PM
  • 3 Answers
Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

If one has specialisations in B.Com and BA LLB, one can easily look out for jobs as an advocate in both the fields. Candidates can look out for various career options after law and shortlist the ones that interest them.

If you are unsure about which career is the most suitable for you, take our Career Profiling Test. It would take your Aptitude, Personality and Interest in concern and pick out the apt one for you.

For any more concerns, either talk to our admission experts by dialling 1800-572-9877 or writing back in the QnA zone.

Thank ...


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FAQs about NLSIU Campus

What are the various facilities available on campus at NLSIU , Bangalore ?

NLSIU , Bangalore offers various facilities to its students including A/C, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab, Mess and more.

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