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    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Courses & Fees

    • Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
    • Government
    • Approved by : Other, MHRD

    Courses at Indian School of Mines

    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad offers various courses such as B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Tech, Dual Degrees (M.Tech +, M.Sc. (Tech), PhD etc. The courses that are offered in IIT(ISM) Dhanbad is taught by well-experienced faculty. IIT (ISM) Dhanbad offers courses that equip the students with strong conceptual knowledge and skills in an integrated manner.

    The B.Tech course that is offered by IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is of a 4-year-duration and is offered in various branches such as Civil, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Chemical, Electronics & Instrumentation, Engineering Physics, Environmental Science, etc.

    The dual degree course of IIT (ISM), Dhanbad has a five-year duration and the M.Sc courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and computing are of 2 years duration. Through the courses of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, the students can receive thorough knowledge in the key disciplines and can build a solid foundation in theory and practice.

    53 Courses are offered by IITISM Dhanbad

    B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology)

    Duration: 4 Years
    Annual Fee: 2,00,000 - 4,00,000
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    B.Tech in Chemical Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Civil Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Electrical Engineering200000 (Per Semester)4 Years
    B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Engineering Physics200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Environmental Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Mineral Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Mining Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Mining Machinery Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering200000 (Annually)4 Years
    B.Tech in Product DesignN/A4 Years
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    B.Tech. + M.Tech.

    Duration: 5 Years
    Annual Fee: 2,00,000
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    B. Tech. + M. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering. 200000 (Annually)5 Years
    Integrated M.Tech in Applied Geology200000 (Annually)5 Years
    Integrated M.Tech in Applied Geophysics200000 (Annually)5 Years
    Integrated M.Tech in Mathematics and Computing200000 (Annually)5 Years
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    M.Tech. (Master of Technology)

    Duration: 2 Years
    Annual Fee: 86,000
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    M.Tech in Industrial Engg. & Management86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Chemical Engg.86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. (Spl. in Information Security)86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Earthquake Disaster, Hazards and Mitigation86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engg.86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Engineering Geology86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Environmental Science & Engg.86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Fuel Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Geomatics86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Machine Design Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Maintenance Engineering & Tribology86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Mech. Engg. (Spl. in Manufacturing Engg.)86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Mine Electrical Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Mineral Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Mineral Exploration86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Mining Engineering43000 ()2 Years
    M.Tech in Mining Machinery Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Open Casting86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Petroleum Exploration86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Power System Engg.86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in RF & Microwave Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Structural Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Thermal Engineering86000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Tech in Tunnelling & Underground Space Technology 86000 (Annually)2 Years
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    M.Sc. (Master of Science)

    Duration: 2 - 5 Years
    Annual Fee: 16,000 - 36,000
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    M.Sc in Chemistry16000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Sc in Mathematics & Computing16000 (Annually)2 Years
    M.Sc in Physics16000 (Annually)3 Years
    M.Sc. Tech. Applied Geophysics36000 (Annually)5 Years
    M.Sc.Tech. in Applied Geology36000 (Annually)5 Years
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    M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)

    Duration: 2 - 3 Years
    Annual Fee: 1,50,000
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    Executive MBA150000 (Annually)3 Years
    MBA150000 (Annually)2 Years
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    Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

    Duration: 1 Years
    Annual Fee: N/A
    Study Mode: Regular
    Available courses
    Phd N/A1 Years

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    Diksha Sharma, Student / Alumni

    Dear Student,

    Since ISM Dhanbad is one of the premier institutes in India which comes under the IIT category, the admission to B.Tech course is strictly done on the basis of JEE Advanced score. There is no other way to take admission.

    You can check ISM Dhandad Admission Criteria to learn more.

    You can also fill the Common Application Form on our website for admission-related assistance. You can also reach us through our IVRS Number - 1800-572-9877.

    FAQs about IITISM Dhanbad Courses

    What is the most popular course at IITISM , Dhanbad ?

    Engineering courses are the most popular courses opted by students at IITISM , Dhanbad .
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