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NSIBM Jamshedpur Reviews & Rating - Student, Faculty, Hostel, Placements, Campus

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    Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
  • Private
  • Approved by : AICTE, MBA
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NSIBM Jamshedpur Overall Rating

(Based on 2 reviews)
Infrastructure 4.0/5
Placements 4.8/5
Faculty 4.0/5
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What students says about NSIBM Jamshedpur

  • Eligibility requirements are good and favorable
  • Soft Training is provided before internships and interviews
  • Application process is simple
  • Free buses are available for students
  • Reservations are available for students who are unable to pay the fee amount
  • Faculty members are helpful and supportive
  • Classes are fully furnished with proper sitting arrangements
  • Admission process should include a basic test
  • Location of college is far from many students
  • Quality of students has decreased due to low cutoff for admission

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NSIBM Jamshedpur Reviews

Best for learning and experience
By Sahil
Feb 06, 2024 5:12:33

Overall: It has a variety of courses with deep learning and industrial visit is also a part of the college it has its own Library you can easily issue books u can take the issues book to your home without any problem

Placement: Campus placement are reely helpful for students to get placed to the certain companies Many reputed companies visit to your campus Companies like Wipro puma tcs Amazon reliance visit here

Infrastructure: professionalism is first priority of the college it best best fit for bba students I will suggest students to be a part of our college journey and enjoy like professional do

Faculty: The way of teaching and learning is good It will increase your communication skills programs like explore ranneeti sports event It's has well bus facility all over the Jamshedpur

Hostel: Fees for hostel is cheaper than te others college in Jamshedpur and has a good facility in hostel it has its own GYM . It's really helpful for the boys who want to join gym








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Practical application of skills
By Rishika
Feb 03, 2024 1:15:34

Overall: education quality was well, deficient. The teachers were very friendly and nice, but the classes and education was not taken as seriously. Teaching Quality: The faculty possessed impressive qualifications and were generally approachable and kind. However, regarding the overall teaching quality, I noticed a mixed bag. While some instructors genuinely engaged the class and fostered a vibrant learning environment, others seemed to deliver the curriculum rotely without much enthusiasm. Curriculum Relevance: The curriculum covered core business principles and practices. However, I felt there was room for improvement in incorporating recent industry developments and trends. While some courses touched upon emerging technologies and business models, it wasn't consistently integrated throughout the program. Job Readiness: The academic program provided a fundamental understanding of business, but I wouldn't say it fully prepared me for the job market. The practical application of skills and exposure to real-world scenarios seemed limited. Overall, The overall academic environment fostered a sense of "going through the motions" rather than a deep pursuit of knowledge. This meant that students who actively sought out oppurtunities and took initiative thrived, while others might not have gained the full potential of the program.

Placement: I'm currently pursuing Master in Business Administration. The teaching pattern is also nice. They provides practical knowledge more compare to theorical knowledge. Yes they also provide better placement.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure is impressive and well-equipped. Classrooms are spacious and provide a comfortable learning environment with smart boards for enhanced engagement. The library is beautiful and well-maintained, offering a vast collection of resources and a conductive space for studying. Additionally, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus, including hostels, ensure seamless access to information and online tools. Classrooms: The spacious classrooms provide ample room for movement and group activities. Each classroom is equipped with smart boards, enhancing the learning experience through interactive presentations and visual aids. Library: The library is a true gem, offering a vast collection of books, journals, and online resources. The space itself is beautifully designed and well-maintained, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for research and studying. Technology: Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout the campus, including major hotspots and even within hostels. This ensures seamless access to online resources and tools essential for modern learning. Hostels: The hostel rooms are impressive in size, comfortably accommodating three individuals. The availability of Wi-Fi within the hostels facilitates staying connected and completing course work effectively.

Faculty: Academic titles, or ranks, either modified or unmodified, include: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. The title of teaching associate is given to faculty members who do not hold terminal degrees yet and who participate in teaching under supervision.






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What is the percentage of placement
-Pawan -Updated on July-21-20232 Answers

riya, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-21-2023
Placements is not that easy task to do but if you are career oriented and make small small goals to achieve big in life then you can easily get placed in not only one company but in 3-4 companies because in LPU tons of companies come every year for placements. University conduct PEP classes, mock interview classes, webinars, workshops, guest lecture from expert students kept on participating in these activities by which their skill will be enhancing and their personality comes across better. The key points for students: • Attend all the lectures, maintain the attendance always and CGPA • Attend all the personal enhancement classes by which you work on your personality and soft skill. • Just believe in yourself and don’t realia on short cuts there is no short cut in life, do hard work keep on do that after you become pro in that then do smart work it will best for you own career. So dear, LPU will give you all which you need in order to find a great job, but it is YOU who has to grab the opportunity.

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