Eligibility to Pursue STEM Courses in the UK

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Before applying for a STEM course in the UK, it is very important that the candidates meet the eligibility criteria and have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the application process. Find out complete details regarding the eligibility criteria to pursue STEM in the UK. 

Given the increasing demand for skilled workers in various industries, more and more students are choosing to study STEM abroad. The UK has some of the best universities in the world that offer programs in STEM, short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And this is the reason why it has become one of the best study destinations for international students, particularly for STEM. 

It is no secret that these STEM degree programmes in the UK are highly competitive. This is why it becomes important for candidates to have all the background knowledge related to their field of study as well as admissions and eligibility requirements. 

Some of the most popular job roles offered by universities in the area are those related to biotechnology, computer science, and engineering. Aside from these, some of the industries that are becoming more popular include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.

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Eligibility to Pursue Bachelors in STEM in the UK

The eligibility to pursue an undergraduate degree in STEM in the UK is quite subjective and depends on the university one wishes to apply for. However, there are certain parameters that must be followed in order to ensure that your application is not rejected on the grounds of eligibility. Without any further ado, let us see the complete eligibility criteria required for international students to pursue bachelors in STEM in the UK. 

Previous Education: Your previous education is one of the most important and basic requirements that you are required to fulfil in order to be considered for admissions.

Most universities in the UK require that their students have at least a high school diploma in the field of science. Chemistry, Physics, and Math/ Biology are the subjects that are most important for getting into top STEM programs in the UK.

If you plan on pursuing a bachelor's degree, then your school should have provided enough exposure to the basics of science subjects. If you aspire to study biomedical engineering, then you should have studied both math and biology in your 12th grade. 

In case of admission to Bachelor's degree programmes in the UK, students are required to complete their 10+2 from science specialisation with a minimum aggregate of 60% which is equivalent to a GPA of 3.3. In most cases, the minimum 12th score required by international universities will typically be 60%. However, the higher the percentage, the better your chances of being accepted.

Letter of Recommendation: Most universities require these letters of recommendation from highly skilled and experienced teachers and tutors.

Statement of Purpose: Most universities in the UK also require a statement of purpose to explain why you should apply to a particular course or institution.

Aptitude Test/SAT: Although the SAT is not mandatory, having an SAT score is still very important if you are applying to universities in the UK. A minimum of 1200 in the SAT is required to be considered by an average university. The SAT exam pattern has two major sections – Reading-Writing and Math in addition to optional essay writing. These sections are scored on a range of 200-800. Aside from the SAT, UK schools usually do not require you to clear a standardised test to stay a Bachelor's degree.

Engish Language Proficiency Test: Since English is the medium of instruction in most universities in the UK, international students are obliged to appear for at least one English language test. For admission to a Bachelor's degree in STEM in the UK, the minimum scores required in different tests are:

  • IELTS Score: 6.5 band

  • TOEFL Score: 78

  • PTE Score: 50

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Eligibility to Pursue Masters in STEM in the UK

To be eligible for a postgraduate degree in STEM in the UK, here are the eligibility criteria that an applicant needs to meet:

Bachelor's Degree: In case of admission to Master’s degree programmes, students are required to complete their bachelor’s degree in a field related to their Master’s specialization with an aggregate of 60%. However, students should note that the aggregate could be low or high depending on the university requirements. 

To pursue masters in STEM abroad, you need a minimum of 60% (or 3.3 on a 4.0 scale) in your undergraduate degree. If your aggregate score in Bachelors exceeds 60%, you may be eligible to apply to some good universities in the UK.

Work Experience: Many countries, including the UK and many European ones, require at least two years of work experience before applying. Some schools may accept candidates without work experience. However, it is better to gain relevant experience before applying.

Standardised Test: GRE or GMAT is one of the most integral parts of a student’s application. Some schools may require a GRE score while some may accept a GMAT score. Although many international students do not have to take the GMAT exam, it is still important that they take the GRE. 

  • GRE: The GRE General Test consists of three main sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning. The total time allotted to take the test is three hours and thirty minutes.

  • GMAT: The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test that consists of 80 questions. It is one of the most critical tests for students wanting to study in some of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The main sections of the GMAT exam are - Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, and Integrated reasoning. 

Engish Language Proficiency Test: For admission to a Master's degree in STEM in the UK, the minimum scores required in different tests are:

Letter of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation (LORs) are especially valuable to admissions officers as they help them paint a better picture of who you are and what impact you will have on campus.

Most selective schools and universities require at least three letters of recommendation from teachers, guidance counsellors, and professors.

Statement of Purpose: One of the most important pieces of advice when applying to study abroad is writing a statement of purpose. This short essay will introduce you to the parts of your ideal program and highlight the various aspects of your academic background.

Students should note that if they decide to study a field that they have never even studied in the past, the admission process would be very challenging. It would be difficult for an admission committee to explain to them why they should accept someone who has never studied a particular field.

To study a course in one of the UK's top universities, candidates must meet the requirements established by the universities. Most of the STEM programs offered by the UK's top universities require that their applicants have completed their high school studies in the field of science. The courses and the requirements of the universities vary depending on the field of study. However, most STEM courses have more or less of a similar requirement. 

The UK's universities are known for their creativity and innovation. There are various STEM undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in the country for international students. After completing their STEM studies in the UK, students can look for job opportunities in a wide range of industries. In the UK, students from universities are widely sought- after by employers globally. 

Top UK universities have highly experienced faculty members who are devoted to teaching and learning. The UK's universities offer a variety of courses and degrees in various fields of study, which are in sync with the students' dreams. To be a part of such educational institutes, it is important for students to take the right steps at the right time and ensure their admission to the top universities of the world. 

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