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Choosing a field of study for your international higher education? Check out this article and learn about Applied and Pure Sciences and what they entail. You can check out the different courses available along with the few of the colleges where you can enrol.

When we look back to a couple of decades, the level of innovation and ingenuity that has been witnessed along with the economical, social or the overall growth of the society in itself, we can see that science and engineering have played a crucial role. The constant questions of “Why?” “How?” “What?” or even “What if?” and many other questions have led to the 21st century we now know.

In other words, if it were not for sciences and engineering, we could be living in a different and unutilised world as we know it. In this article, we shall discuss as to why one should choose to study Applied and Pure Science abroad and the future prospects of the field in itself. Before we answer the final question, let us first dive into a few more questions and see if applied or pure sciences is the route for you.

What is Pure Sciences?

Commonly also known as Basic or Natural Sciences, Pure Sciences is the field scientists work towards scientifically and factually answer questions that baffle the world. Pure Science concerns itself with the development of scientific theories, knowledge and predictions that usually occur in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Pure Sciences concerns itself with answering questions and phenomena through science and facts and does not bother itself with the methods of applying these theories into different applications.

What is Applied Sciences?

On the other hand, applied sciences, concerns itself with the application of scientific theories, knowledge and understanding in real world issues and challenges. Applied Sciences are usually found in areas such as Engineering and Technology, commonly in Research and Development. In other words, as the name suggests, we ‘apply’ the current existing knowledge, theories and understandings to come up with the best possible solutions to each challenge that arises in different industries.

In other words, Pure Sciences deals with the ‘Why’ in a question, while Applied Sciences deals with the ‘How” in a question. Thus, practically working hand-in-hand with each other.

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Why Should I Pursue Applied and Pure Sciences?

Albert Einstein once said, “A mind that is open to new ideas, never returns to its original size”. A major motivation for anyone pursuing the sciences is the curiosity behind wanting to know and learn more things. Exploring the unanswered questions, searching far and wide, coming up with new ideas, allows the human mind to be fresh and rejuvenated. Thus, pursuing a programme in Applied or Pure sciences requires you to be curious and open to learning new things.

If you are interested in learning, understanding and figuring out solutions and answers to issues that require research and patience, then pursuing a programme in Applied or Pure sciences may be the choice for you. Depending on your interests, you can choose between Applied and Pure Sciences, however, these subjects are purely for the curious and the smart.

If you are interested in solving technical and theoretical challenges faced in different fields, sectors and industries, pursuing a programme in Applied Sciences may be the route you may choose. However, if you wish to research, study and build new theories over the basic and natural sciences that constitutes the world, then, Pure Sciences is the way forward for you.

What Course Can I Pursue in Applied and Pure Sciences?

There are hundreds of programmes to choose from the thousands of universities in the world that you have the opportunity to pursue. Among these hundreds of programmes lies a few popular Pure Science programmes in Applied and Pure Sciences across the globe for you. Here are some of the Applied and Pure Science programmes offered in the world.

Pure Sciences Courses

Applied Sciences Courses


Applied Physics


Applied Chemistry


Automotive Engineering


Computer Science


Information Technology


Architectural Sciences

Material Sciences

Chemical Engineering

Agriculture Sciences

Social Sciences


Business Informatics


Information Systems


Integrated Engineering

Biomedical Engineering or Science




Note: These are just a few of the courses and fields you can choose in the discipline of Applied and Pure Sciences. However, choosing the right college to pursue the interested field of study can be tasking for a few. Worry not! Check out our website and browse through our list for applied and pure science universities in the world, some of which have been mentioned below.

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Top Universities for Applied and Pure Sciences in the World

If you are interested in pursuing a programme in this field, then check out the list of top Universities for Applied and Pure Sciences in the world.

Name of College

Programmes Offered


Humber College, Toronto


Diploma in Biotechnology


University of Windsor


BS (Hons) in Biology

BS (Hons) Physics

BS (Hons) Chemistry

BS (Hons) in Biochemistry


MS in Physics


Victoria University


Master of Applied Sciences


Otago Polytechnic


Master of Applied Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Sciences

New Zealand

Box Hill Institute of TAFE


Bachelor of Biotechnology and Innovation


Canberra Institute of Technology


Bachelor of Forensic Science (Crime Scene Investigation)


Northwestern University


BS in Chemistry

BS in Biological Sciences


Master of Biotechnology Programme


Sacred Heart University


BS in Mathematics

Bachelors in Biology

BA in Chemistry


MS in Chemistry


Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai


BS in Biotechnology


MS in Medical Biotechnology

MS in Molecular Biology & Human Genetics


Liverpool Hope University


BS in Human Biology

United Kingdom

University of East London


MS in Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences (With Specialisations)

United Kingdom

University of Leeds


BS in Biology

BS in Financial Mathematics

BE Chemical Engineering

BS Business Management and Mathematics


MS in Food Science

MS in Bioscience’

MS in Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering

MS in Biopharmaceutical Development

ME in Chemical and Nuclear  Engineering

MS Financial Mathematics

United Kingdom

With hundreds of institutes, colleges and universities located across the world, aspirants can explore their opportunities of pursuing higher education in their interested field of study. Visit our website, browse through our list of colleges and universities and choose your future school of study at Collegedekho StudyAbroad.

You can seek assistance with regards to international university admissions and education by contacting us at 785-9990-990 or write to us at and clear out all your queries.

All the best to all aspirants!

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