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SUNY Binghamton, USA Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

SUNY Binghamton, earlier known as Triple Cities College was founded in 1946 for serving World War II veterans’ needs of higher education. A public research university and a part of the SUNY system with campuses in three cities namely Binghamton, Vestal and Johnson City in the state of New York. Ranked 79 for best college in National universities in 2020 edition of US News and World Report 2020 ranking. Binghamton University was named as the “Public Ivies” one of the public-funded universities providing the experience of Ivy League university in terms of quality of education.   

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

Binghamton University has a state of the art infrastructure with more than 120+ buildings. The university expanded infrastructure with Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) which includes four buildings Biotechnology building, Engineering and Science building, the center of excellence, smart energy building for chemistry and physics departments. The Main Campus built in the shape of a brain built in an area of 930 acres, of which 190 acres is nature preserve containing forest, wetlands, and pond. A total of 17,768 students (2018) were enrolled for different programs at undergraduate (130+ academic courses ) and graduate level. Popular majors at SUNY Binghamton include Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology/Biological Sciences, Economics, and Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse. 

Accomplishments & Alumni 

With 23 organized research centers, 1000+ faculties, $46 Million in research expenditure. SUNY Binghamton is among the top public research institutions. From supplying designs for ventilators parts, immersive media research and research on amphibians SUNY Binghamton has various accomplishments in the field of science and technology. 

Amongst various notable alumni, few are William Baldwin (American actor, producer and writer), Deborah Tannen (Prof of linguistics), Yasmin Hurd (professor of neuroscience), Jack Dann (writer).

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

Binghamton University is an inclusive community where students from different backgrounds come together and learn from one another. Various platforms have been created such as the division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Multicultural Resource Center, LGBTQ services and Multicultural clubs and organizations to support diversity. With strong Non-discriminatory policy help, students feel valued and safe. 

Binghamton University is the #1 provider of new recruits for EY and PwC in NYC. Top recruiting partners are GEICO, Q2 Solutions, RAYMOND, Collabra link, Raid response.  

Campus Location

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