Best Ways to Relax While Studying

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Best Ways to Relax While Studying
Highlights: Studying requires clear head and mind filled with immense level of concentration and zeal. We study to attain knowledge, information and be aware of t

Studying requires clear head and mind filled with immense level of concentration and zeal. We study to attain knowledge, information and be aware of things around us.

Studies do not only mean theoretical knowledge but also practical awareness on applications. Be it during exam days, regular lectures or while preparing for certain examinations, students need to study thoroughly and sincerely. But continuous studies might not be effective at times. Often students get bored and dull while studying the same thing again and again. Then what happens is they become disinterested towards their study material and lose the pace. Hence, taking short breaks to relax well during studies help in focusing effectively.

Here are ways that help you relax while studying and thereby making studies fun.

• Taking Breaks every 40 minutes: It becomes monotonous if you have to study continuously without breaks. Therefore, take short breaks after every 40 minutes to rejuvenate your mind. So, get up and take a break off your books and stationery. You can either listen to the radio or news, draw something beautiful, get engrossed with nature to feel peace around you.

Munching and Drinking water: Keep munching along something or the other every hour to fill your appetite. The same goes with drinking gallons of water. You cannot gulp down litres of water at a go thus, keep on drinking water at frequent intervals to stay alert and focused towards studies.

Meditating and exercising: Keeping your mind refreshed and meditating with breathing in fresh air before and after a particular time slot of your studies help you in staying relaxed and serene with peace of mind. Exercising and stretching of muscles also help in re-energizing your body.

Counting numbers: Close your eyes and count till 100 or reverse count from 100. This is a process of staying calm and feeling relaxed from studies. While counting numbers, visualize or imagine something beautiful that gives you peace of mind.

Acupressure: Light massaging your hands, palm, fingers, toes or feet along with acupressure or touching points of relaxation helps in relaxation of mind when it gets congested after continuous studies.

Clean the mess: Clean the mess or the clutter around you. Clear the stuffs from your desk and stay organized in order to remain calm and focus more on studies. The more cluttered your area is, the more furiated your mind becomes!

Take quick walks: Walking quick steps for a few minutes helps in relaxing your mind from nitty-gritty thoughts that arise while studying continuously. Walking helps in cleaning your mind from thoughts and taking your sleepy head away as well!

Solve a puzzle: Taking a break from studies and solving short puzzles make you active. Your brain gets refreshed and you are more alert and focused before restarting afresh. Alphabetical, numerical, calculation or vocabulary puzzles help equally in refreshing your mind.

Hope these short tricks in taking breaks while studying would help you stay focused and study more effectively!

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