Everything You Need to Know About TOEFL Speaking Section

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A solid understanding of the pattern and syllabus before preparing for the examination can help students to achieve their desired TOEFL test score. This article discusses everything in detail that you need to know about TOEFL Speaking Section.

It is imperative for students considering studying abroad that they have a solid command of English speaking, writing, and grammar. Their fluency in English allows them to speak freely within their native country as well as on their college campus. It also features a Speaking section, which is designed to measure their English proficiency.

For many applicants, preparing for the language tests is the most daunting part of the process, extraordinarily the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (or TOEFL). TOEFL test section 3 is the shortest, averaging 17 minutes in length.

Depending on the candidate's academic background, personal experience in concert with their academic areas of study will determine how well they are able to sound off English in an academic environment.

What is TOEFL and Why is it important?

For students attending universities/colleges abroad where English is the primary language of communication, they need to take an English proficiency test in order to demonstrate their proficiency. In order to ensure that International Students are not hindered by a language barrier, this is a critical aspect.

The TOEFL is administered by ETS throughout the year at a number of different locations across the country. The TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test) is a test that measures candidates' ability to read, write, listen, read, and speak in English.

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TOEFL Speaking Test Overview

Below is an overview of the TOEFL Speaking Test that is divided into 4 tasks.

First task: Independent Speaking

Preparation time: 15 seconds

Response time: 45 seconds

Independent speaking involves answering a question of general interest on a topic and expressing your personal ideas about it. There will be no readings or listening passages provided in this section. Instead, you must respond based solely upon your experience. This question tests the quick thinking ability of your analytical mind and how fluently you can express your thoughts in English. 

A final 15 seconds will be allowed for you to think and plan your answer. Next, you will be required to record and submit your 45-second response into the microphone.

Second Task: Integrated Speaking Task (Reading, Listening & Speaking)

Preparation time: 30 seconds

Response time: 60 seconds

The integrated speaking section deals with campus situations. The reading passage is accompanied by a listening conversation in which you have to sum up and combine information from both sources. 

Answering the question requires you to listen to a conversation and read a passage related to a campus-related topic. Afterwards, you will have a 30 second period to prepare your response and a 60 second period to deliver it into the microphone.  

Third Task: Integrated Speaking Task (Reading, Listening & Speaking)

Preparation time: 30 seconds

Response time: 60 seconds           

The third task involves analyzing a first-year college textbook in order to describe a subject or key concept. There are two parts to this exercise: you must read a passage on an academic subject and listen to a segment of a lecture on the identical topic. Afterwards, you will be given 30 seconds for planning and preparing your response, and 1 minute for presenting it.  

Fourth Task: Integrated Speaking Task (Listening & Speaking)

Preparation time: 20 seconds

Response time: 60 seconds 

Similarly, Task 4 entails listening to a lecture and expressing your response in the form of speech. Here, no reading passage is assigned. 

Additionally, you will be given a time limit of 20 seconds for preparation and a maximum of 60 seconds or one minute for vocalizing. As a general rule, answer questions in the form of a summary of the lecture.   

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What topics are there in TOEFL Speaking?   

There is a wide range of TOEFL speaking topics, including physical science, social science, literature, history, and art. No worries, you do not have to be an expert to answer the questions, because it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of these topics. This test only tests how well you can structure your judgement logically and your dexterity in English. 

TOEFL speaking topics can be divided into several types. Here are the types you should know:

  • Explain a lecture

  • Describe a problem with campus life

  • Choose a single option

  • Choose One of Two Options

  • An explanation of a lecture topic

  • Describe your opinion on a campus issue

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TOEFL Speaking Topics

Now that we've got a list of TOEFL Speaking topics, let's take a closer look at some TOEFL Speaking topics by categorization.

Speaking Topics on the TOEFL: Three Choice Questions

  • In the future, there will be a television show aimed at students. Which would you prefer to watch? (3) Interviews with school leaders, (2) Debates among students about topics such as politics and social issues, and (3) Comedic sketches about school life.

  • In an event organized by the International Student office, the International Student Office will offer three different kinds of activities. Which one sounds the best to you? 1) An international food fair 2) An international music festival 3) An international film festival.

  • What is the most significant impact on environmental protection among the following choices? 1) Government regulation 2) Environmental awareness groups 3) Efforts on the part of the individual.

  • As far as your final project is concerned, which one would you prefer? (1) Making/giving a presentation (2) paper writing work  (3) making a video.

Speaking Topics on the TOEFL: Agree/Disagree Questions

  • Would you agree/disagree that students should perceive a job while they are studying at a university or school? Be specific and use examples to explain your position.

  • In your opinion, does it make sense that the young population should learn some domestic skills, cooking, sewing, and how to take care of their children?

  • While some think libraries will disappear with the development of technology and the Internet, others believe libraries are vital for the development of culture. Would you agree with either opinion?

Speaking Topics on the TOEFL: Explanation/Description

  • Should parents be allowed to provide education to their children at home or should they be obligated to send their children to school? Describe your answer with examples.

  • Would you think the person's license should be revoked if the police stopped him or her after he or she was driving drunk? Describe your answer with examples.

  • Should parents teach their kids the basics of managing money? Be specific and give reasons for your opinion.

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Tips & Strategies to Ace The TOEFL Speaking Test

We have shared a few winning strategies below to help you prepare effectively and share your opinions without any hesitation.

Take quick notes: It is clear that you cannot recall everything you hear during the speaking tasks. To ensure that you stay focused on the main idea of the topic, it is incredibly important for you to note down some key phrases or words. Once you have prepared your response, you can refer to your notes to ensure that you are on track.   

Answer your questions fully: Be as clear as possible when expressing your ideas. For maximum effect, make sure to connect ideas properly between your statements in order to convey your opinion clearly.

Good delivery of speech should be prioritised: By speaking without any hesitation, displaying clear, fluid, and good grammar, you will have a better chance of scoring high. Furthermore, you should speak at a normal rate, sound natural, and avoid the impression that you have memorized the topic or presented it like a robot.

Make use of correct pronunciation: The correct pronunciation of words is crucial. If you face difficulty pronouncing words on a daily basis, create a list of 10 difficult words and practice pronouncing them. 

Manage your time wisely: Keep track of your time while speaking during preparation days. It will help you gauge how long you need to spend answering a question. Make sure you learn how to answer the questions in the exam within the allotted time.

Take Ample Practice Tests: 

The saying "practice makes perfect" is probably familiar to most of us. In fact, practising is a surefire way to score well. To prepare for the test, practise mock tests, sample papers and solve last year's test questions. Practice Tests from ETS are available for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Students on TOEFL Speaking (FAQs)

Q1. How difficult is TOEFL Speaking?

Ans- TOEFL Speaking cannot be characterized as hard or difficult. If you practice and utilize the right strategies, you are sure to succeed. To help you with the speaking section, keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure you have a solid grasp of your grammar

  • Become fluent in an extensive vocabulary

  • Don't forget to express your ideas clearly

  • Make your sentences clear and concise

Q2. What is the best way to practice speaking TOEFL?

Ans- The official ETS website offers practice tests that can help you prepare for the TOEFL Speaking examination. Furthermore, you can practice by solving sample papers and previous years' question papers.

Q3. If I want to score 26 on the TOEFL Speaking, what should I do?

Ans- Practicing and putting in the effort will definitely help you reach the TOEFL Speaking score of 26. Plan your study plans carefully and incorporate practising speaking as much as possible. Aside from that, you must also have a clear understanding of the basics and have good note-taking skills. By practising extensively and by attending TOEFL Speaking multiple times, you can achieve a score of 26.

Q4. How can I speak in the TOEFL Speaking section?

Ans- A headset is provided to you when you speak on the TOEFL Speaking section. The headset includes a microphone that you will need to use to record your response.    

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For more information, write to us at abroad@collegedekho.com to resolve your queries regarding the TOEFL speaking section. Each year, thousands of students are placed at our partners' institutions around the world. We are thrilled to know that many of our students are now enrolled at their desired colleges as a result of our Study Abroad experts' advice. 

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