Job Prospects After Masters in Data Science Courses in the US


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Aug 10, 2022 01:49 PM IST

With the world adopting technological advancements quickly across the globe, Data Science and Data Science professionals are becoming increasingly in demand. Earning a Masters in Data Science degree from the US will put you on the radar of many top organisations across the world, thus, offering you immense job opportunities.

Job Prospects After Masters in Data Science Courses in the US
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As the world turns adapts to technological advancements, especially after the entire globe was forced to sit at home and get things done from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, job opportunities for Masters in Data Science graduates in the US grow increasingly as well. Masters in Data Science degree holders will find a lucrative job profile, not only in the US but in every corner of the world.

IT organisations, multinational companies and businesses, both domestic and global look are looking for skilled and qualified Data Science professionals who can help them reign in more profits. Moreover, with the advancement of technology in almost every sector and industry in the world, Masters in Data Science graduates can find career opportunities across sectors and industries, thus widening their career prospects even further.

With the US having one of the globally renowned and sought-after curricula, earning a graduate degree in Data Science from a US university can be beneficial for you. The job opportunities for graduates from one of the top universities in the US for Masters in Data Science are immense and varied.

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Job Profiles for Masters in Data Science Graduates in the US

As mentioned, Data Science and Analytics courses have garnered a lot of attention due to their utility and demand. Students graduating with a Masters in Data Science degree from any university in the US can expect to build a lucrative career path in the field of analytics. Some of the high-in-demand job profiles for Master of Data Science graduates in USA include:

  • Data Scientist: As the name suggests, data scientists study and predict the future with the given data such as the reasons and causes behind certain data fluctuations and their impact on the future of a business.

  • Data Analyst: Data Analysts collect and compile data from various sources into one meaningful report, which can allow for a comprehensive conclusion to different problems and challenges, furthering decision-making processes in a company.

  • Operations Analyst: Operations analysts are responsible for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of particular departments in a company. Here, they provide solutions to different inter-departmental issues and challenges, thus facilitating enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Business Analyst: Similar to Operations Analysts, Business Analysts use work-based or domain-based data analytics skills to make business-related decisions to improve the overall performance of a business.

  • Market Research Analyst: Here, Data Analysts will study the purchasing behaviour of its customers. This can help the company predict its future sales services and make decisions to improve or sustain its sales numbers.

  • Risk and Investment Analyst: As the name suggests, Data Analysts will study data collected from previous decisions that the company has made and assess the risks involved and methods of reducing such risks in the future.

  • Supply Chain Analyst: Data Analysts take the responsibility of enhancing the efficiency of its logistics. This is done to allow the company to provide its customers with the products on time. Supply Chain Analysis allows for a company to easily search for the products at the time of the placement of the order.

Among these profiles, graduates of a Masters in Data Science can pursue different profiles, as per the needs of the company. You can also pursue research or doctoral studies after graduating from a Masters programme across institutions in different nations, thus, improving your career prospects as well.

Why Study Masters in Data Science in USA?

With the turn of the century into a data-centric world, the need for data scientists has grown ever more so. Data Scientists are renowned for their vast knowledge and analytical skills with numbers and factual data, which can help accelerate the growth of an economy as well as an organisation. But here’s why you should study Data Science in USA?

  • The USA has recorded one of the highest numbers of jobs for data scientists across the globe.

  • The US has also recorded one of the highest paying jobs for Data Scientists, allowing for better career prospects for aspiring students.

  • Pursuing Data Science from a University in the US can help you build career paths across different nations due to the globally accepted recognition of the degrees offered in various US Universities.

As the field and industry continue to grow and develop across the globe, so do the opportunities and career scope of Masters in Data Science in USA and anyone who chooses to pursue the degree. With the drastic shift toward a digital and electronic world, where data is continuously collected every second, a graduate programme in Data Science can be the right choice for you.

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Is there a demand for Data Science in USA?

Yes, there are several job opportunities for Masters in Data Science available in USA. In fact, career experts suggest that Data Science profiles are some of the top profiles available in the country and the demand will continue to grow. Websites like Payscale, LinkdIn and Glassdoor have all stated that Data Science jobs are some of the more high-paying jobs in the country.

What Data Science roles are available in USA?

There are several data science roles available in USA that graduates of Masters in Data Science can apply to after completing their studies. Some of the popular Data Science roles n USA include Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Operational Analyst, Business Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Risk and Investment Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst and many more.

Do Data Scientists make a lot of money?

Depending on the type of data science job role you take up in USA, your salary as a Data Scientist will vary. But on average, the annual salary of a Data Scientist in USA often ranges between USD 100,000 to 150,000. Moreover, the career growth opportunities available for Data Science graduates are immense, with many often earning high 6 figures at the peak of their careers.

Do I have a future as a Data Scientist?

Currently, since the job profile is fairly new and since data is continuously being used for growth, your future prospects as a data scientist are immensely lucrative. Understanding the importance of Masters of Data Science graduates to companies and businesses, the job opportunities for Data Science graduates are expected to remain high and incredibly lucrative.

Are Data Science jobs in USA difficult to do?

Job profiles for data scientists in USA are some of the more lucrative jobs in the world, however, it comes at a cost. Being a highly necessary element for the efficient growth of a business or company, Data Science job roles often require candidates to go through volumes of data within specified deadlines can make the job difficult.

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