Top Countries to Study MS in Computer Science

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The best countries to study MS in Computer Science include USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany among many others. Find out the cost of study, best universities, and visa details of these countries.

Among all the students in India who take up the option of study abroad, there are many who aspire to pursue MS in Computer Science. Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science is one of the most sought-after degrees among students in India and around the world. Every year, many Indian students apply for higher education abroad and as it turns out, most of them look for the best universities for MS in Computer Science

Deciding upon the best country to pursue MS in Computer Science abroad depends upon several factors. As moving to a foreign country for pursuing higher education involves many more things than just taking admission in a college, candidates have to really think it through and not leave much scope for risks. Apart from this, students also have to think about how the reputation of the college will impact their resume and whether or not it will open employment opportunities.

While this is not a decision that you can take overnight, the following pointers will at least give you some insights and understanding of all the things that you need to keep in mind before shortlisting a country for further education. 

Why Pursue an MS in Computer Science

Wondering if doing an MS in Computer Science would be the right choice for you, or if it would give you an edge over others? Here are a few reasons why you should a Master’s in computer science:

  • The degree lays the foundation for a career in technology research and development.

  • For those already in the field, earning a Masters degree in computer science will help boost your career and expand your knowledge and expertise in the field. 

  • It will further offer the skills in areas such as artificial intelligence, software development and network security. 

  • With computer science graduates making a net $100,000 per year on average (according to PayScale), you can pay off student loans within two-three years, in case you have got any.


Interested in Studying MS in Computer Science?


Top Countries to Study MS in Computer Science

Check the list of best countries for pursuing MS in Computer Science. Some other details like the cost of study, best universities, and visa details have also been provided.


It does not need to be mentioned that the US has always been an attraction for thousands of ambitious students around the world. One of the primary destinations that Indian students prefer to other countries is the US because the colleges in the US offer academic excellence, flexible curricula, extensive support services for international students, a wide variety of educational options, generous funding, and OPT and CPT that provide hands-on training. Additionally, the US is also home to some of the top universities and has one of the strongest employment sectors in the world.

Cost of Living in the US

The total cost of staying in the United States of America can vary from $12,000 - $15,000 per annum and it depends on the place where you choose to stay. Staying in a suburb will cost you around $10,000-$12,000 per year while residing in a major city like Chicago or New York can increase your expenses up to $18,000 per annum. There are three types of US study visa - F1 Visa, M1 Visa, and J1 Visa. The application fee for a US study visa is $ 160.

Best US Colleges for MS in Computer Science

The list of some top US universities has been given below along with their fee structure of MS in Computer Science.

Name of the University

MS Computer Science Fee

Harvard University

$36,000 - $39,000

Stanford University

$38,000 - $40,000

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

$42,000 - $44,000

California State University

$28,000 - $32,000

Southern Illinois University

$26,000 - $30,000

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In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of international students who have enrolled in Canadian universities. The higher education sector of Canada is characterised by its diversity as all of its institutions vary in their history, size, and the kind of programmes and specialisations they offer. As the US has tighter norms as compared to Canada, the Canadian universities have become one of the best places to do MS for international students. The standard of all the Canadian degree and diploma is recognised to be the highest around the world.

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living and tuition fee both are remarkably less in Canada. The tuition fee in Canada for the programmes of MS in Computer Science can fall in the range of CAD 15,000 - 55,000 per annum. Apart from this, you will also need around CAD 10,000 - 12,000 as living expenses. The study permit for Canada costs CAD 150.

Best Canadian Colleges for MS in Computer Science

Name of the University

MS Computer Science Fee

University of Toronto

CAD 16,000 - CAD 18,000

University of Alberta

CAD 18,000 - CAD 21,000

University of Ottawa

CAD 22,000 - CAD 25,000

Western University

CAD 20,000 - CAD 23,000

University of Windsor

CAD 24,000 - CAD 28,000

MS in Computer Science Tuition Fees

United Kingdom

The master’s courses that are offered in the United Kingdom are not only shorter as compared to those provided at other countries but they are also more intensive. Therefore, this enables students to graduate sooner (usually within a year) without having to compromise on the quality of education. This will be helpful in saving your time and money that you will spend on tuition fees and cost of living. The UK has the second-highest number of universities that are ranked in the top 100 by the 2014 - 2015 Times Higher Education World Rankings. Historically, the UK has had a long tradition of education with some of its universities having started as early as in the 12th - 13th century.

Cost of Living in the UK

The tuition fee for international students in the UK can vary from £10,000 to £38,000. Apart from that, as per the UK Border Agency (UKBA), an international student will be required to show a budget of at least £1,265 per month for staying in London and £1,015 per month for staying anywhere outside London excluding the tuition fee. The fee for the Tier 4 General Visa of UK is £348.

Best UK Colleges for MS in Computer Science

Name of the University

MS Computer Science Fee

University of Oxford

£10,300 - £36,000

University of Birmingham

£20,140 - £24,000

University of Nottingham

£11,000 - £20,000

University of Glasgow

£13,200 - £20,500

University of Salford

£12,000 - £19,000


The qualifications provided by Australian universities are internationally recognised and valued by academics and employers worldwide. Australian degrees can be divided into Professional Masters, Professional Development Masters, and Traditional Academic Masters. A Professional Development Masters degree offers you the opportunities to specialise in a particular area whereas a Professional Masters degree enables students who have a general or non-professional undergraduate background to train and qualify for practising in a particular field.

Cost of Living in Australia

Any international student will have to fulfil the financial requirements that are set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia. The candidate will have to show INR 10.30 lakhs for his/ her first year to study in Australia. The fee for a postgraduate degree can be around INR 17.30 lakhs. The cost of all the subclass visas for international students in Australia is AUD 575.

Best Australian Colleges for MS in Computer Science

Name of the University

MS Computer Science Fee

Queensland University of Technology

AUD 28,000 - AUD 34,000

University of Canberra

AUD 32,000 - AUD 36,000

The University of Adelaide

AUD 28,000 - AUD 30,000

The University of Sydney

AUD 30,000 - AUD 32,000

The University of Melbourne

AUD 30,000 - AUD 32,000

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The masters’ programmes offered in the universities of Germany draw on world-leading expertise in a number of fields, especially in engineering, applied sciences, technology, and the related subject areas. The sole criteria for the selection of a student in a German university are academic excellence as documented by means of academic certificates, patents, publications, etc. After completing a degree programme from a university in Germany, a student is allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months in order to look for a job according to his/ her qualification.

Cost of Living in Germany

The public universities in Germany either do not charge tuition fee at all or charge a minimal fee, whereas the private universities of the country can charge anywhere between 10,000 to 12,000 Euros. The living expenses of a student in Germany comes to approximately 6,000 - 7,000 Euros. The fees for a Germany student visa is €60.

Best German Colleges for MS in Computer Science

Name of the University

Technical University of Berlin

Braunschweig University of Technology

University of Bayreuth

Dresden University of Technology

Technical University of Munich

Career Prospects After an MS in Computer Science

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 550,000 new jobs in the field of computer science will be created by 2028. While there has been a rise in the number of openings in the area, not many trained professionals are found to fill positions- which also highlights the fact that the field demands those holding more than a Bachelor’s degree. 

Studying an MS in Computer Science leads you to senior positions, open to skilled workers with new and changing expertise. Given below is the list of a few job roles for Masters in Computer Science graduates:

Job Role

U.S Annual Median Pay, 2019

Web Developers


Software Development Engineer


Computer Network Architects


Database Administrators


Software Developers


Information Security Analysts


Network and Computer Systems Administrators


Computer Systems Analysts


Computer and Information Systems Managers

$146, 360

Computer and Information Research Scientists


Hope this helps you in getting some clarity regarding which country to pursue your MS in Computer Science from. Proper research and steady goals will lead you to find the best college and country for earning an MS in Computer Science degree from abroad.

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