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Bengal Institute of Technology Campus Facilities - Hostel Fees, Infrastructure, Address

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Bengal Institute of Technology Campus

The College has all kinds of modern facilities and resources for its students. It is full of the amenities like bank ATM, canteen, etc. It has large spacious rooms which are well-appointed with audio-video, green panel, and projectors. It has a huge spacious information Resources Center (Library). The library is full of all quality books, reference materials, Seminar reports, discussion rooms and academic journals fulfilling the needs of the students. The college library uses LibSys software which makes it an ultra-modern library.  It serves as an integral part in developing skills among the students as students use the library in order to deepen their knowledge and enhance themselves. The college exclusive canteen provides hygienic and all kind of food for the students. The college has its Digital logic lab, Antenna lab, VLSI Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Immunology lab, Microwave Lab, Micro Controller Lab and Tissue Culture lab.The College is full of world-class labs for its students. The college has large number of prominent teachers who are always willing to help students with any problem.

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Students Activities & Clubs

Robotics Club -

Robotics brings together several very different engineering areas and skills. There is metalworking for the body. There is mechanics for mounting the wheels on the axles, connecting them to the motors and keeping the body in balance. You need electronics to power the motors and connect the sensors to the controllers. At last you need the software to understand the sensors and drive the robot around.

The Robotics Club of BIT is a fraternity, not just a group but a faction of such students whose passions dwell in beholding wires and metal beget a machine that has a brain of its own. It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice , pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in competitions all over India. The Club offers indispensible guidance, workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipments, components and workspace. We welcome anyone, with or without prior knowledge, who wishes to be a part of this fraternity. There are no pre-requisites to join because we have members that believe in the transfer of knowledge, especially that which concerns our precious interest in Robotics.

Photography Club -
Debating Club -
Sports Club -
Dance Club -
Music Club -
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FAQs about Bengal Institute of Technology Campus

What are the various facilities available on campus at BIT , Kolkata ?

BIT , Kolkata offers various facilities to its students including A/C, AV Lab, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab and more.
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