Best Universities in the USA to Pursue STEM Courses

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The US is home to some of the best STEM universities and institutions. Before applying for admission to the STEM courses offered in the United States, here's what all you should know.

Indian students who dream of pursuing Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) courses from abroad usually turn towards the USA due to the presence of some world-class STEM universities and institutions. For more than two centuries now, the US has been one of the most revered destinations for Indian students to pursue their higher studies. A big chunk of the international students who land on the US soil take admission in the STEM courses where the ratio of Indian students is on the higher side. So why is it that the Indian students are so inclined towards obtaining a higher degree in STEM courses from the USA even during a period of restricted immigration and international student policies? Why do Indian students still prefer studying STEM courses in the USA when there are other reputed Canadian, Australian, British, German STEM courses offering institutions where international student policies are much more friendly? We will try to find out in a while. 

We will also try to provide those students who wish to pursue their STEM courses studies from the USA in future with the list of some of the best American Universities where they can pursue their STEM studies. 

Advantages of Studying a STEM Course in the USA

There are many reasons why Indian students prefer to study STEM courses in the United States of America to other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany etc. Listed below are some of the reasons:

Diversity - The United States has always been “The Land of the Free” where people from different cultures have resided peacefully for more than a couple of centuries now. While in the US, the Indian students never feel like they are miles away from their homes due to a large population of Indians who either work or study there. Indians can find just about anything of their liking in the US like Indian food etc. which makes the country one of the hot destinations for STEM aspirants from India. 

Active Student Lifestyle - The students in American STEM universities or institutions do not witness a single moment of dullness and monotony as there are loads of extracurricular activities that are available for them. Students can get involved in a sporting activity, participate in debates, visit meetings & lectures, go for parties, concerts etc, volunteer for charity works and many more while pursuing their higher education. 

The Silicon Valley impact - One of the biggest reasons behind the obsession of the Indian students to study STEM courses from the United States is California - the Silicon Valley of USA. It is the country’s technology hub. STEM institutions in the country have uninterrupted access to the people and companies that are building the latest technology. The students benefit immensely from these companies by having access to their cutting-edge resources. 

Global Perspective - International students studying in the USA gain a life-changing experience which is incomparable to anything. The US culture induces open-mindedness in the students which becomes a valuable asset while finding a unique approach to solving a problem, both at the workplace and within the community. While studying in the US not only the International students come to know about the country, culture and world perspective, but also the local students. It becomes a personally beneficial experience for both the international and local students. 

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for STEM Courses in the USA

Before applying for admission into the STEM courses offered in the United States, it is imperative that the aspirants should know about the eligibility criteria to apply for STEM courses study in the USA mentioned below -

  • Aspirants should at least have a Bachelor’s degree or a Masters degree in a STEM course from a recognised university

  • English Language Proficiency Test scores like IELTS, TOEFL etc.

List of STEM Courses in the USA

There are more than 300 Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) courses which are offered in the United States from which only the best STEM courses could make it to the list provided below -

Name of STEM Course Average Salary Projected Job Growth Rate (10 years)
Civil Engineering USD 87,060/- per annum 6%
Biochemistry USD 1,05,940/- per annum 4.90%
Forest Engineering USD 1,46,219/- per annum 5.50%
Surveying Engineering USD 66,440/- per annum 1.90%
Geographic Information Science & Cartography USD 65,470/- per annum 15.50%
Statistics USD 1,14,000/- per annum 22.50%
Mining and Mineral Engineering USD 98,420/- per annum 5.50%
Computer Software Engineering USD 1,11,620/- per annum 0.80%
Palaeontology USD 1,05,830/- per annum 13.90%
Computer Science USD 1,11,780/- per annum 10.80%
Mathematics USD 1,04,870/- per annum 5.60%
Network and System Administration USD 87,070/- per annum 0.80%
Zoology USD 67,760/- per annum 2.30%
Plant Sciences USD 70,630/- per annum 4.70%
Physics USD 1,22,220/- per annum 9%
Petroleum Technology USD 1,37,720/- per annum 3%
Ocean Engineering USD 98,970/- per annum 6.40%
Nutritional Sciences USD 61,270/- per annum 11%
Nuclear Physics USD 79.970/- per annum 6.70%
Meteorology USD 95,380/- per annum 8%
Mechanical Engineering USD 93,540/- per annum 1.30%
Geology USD 92,040/- per annum 6%
Forensic Science & Technology USD 62,490/- per annum 1.70%
Chemical Engineering USD 1,14,470/- per annum 2.90%
Astronomy USD 1,11,090/- per annum 11.40%
Agriculture Engineering USD 79,090/- per annum 7.80%

List of Best STEM Universities in the USA

In this section, we will try to pinpoint those STEM Universities in the US which are favoured mostly by international students:

California Institute of Technology (CalTech) - California Institute of Technology or CalTech is a self-financing institution which is renowned for its science and engineering research education. According to the latest QS World University Rankings, CalTech stands at the 4th position and follows a very rigorous selection process through which only a handful of highly gifted students succeed in making the cut. CalTech is situated in Pasadena, California and was founded in 1891. The total cost of study (including rent, personal expenses etc) at CalTech can be between USD 70K and USD 75K. Scholarship programmes and work-study programs are available at CalTech for the International students. 

Harvard University - Ranked 3rd in the QS World University Rankings, Harvard University was established in the year 1636 and is among the top STEM universities in the world in terms of its academic pedigree, reputation and influence. Harvard University is considered home to academic elites only. The Harvard alumni list comprises the names of some eminent US Presidents, billionaires, prestigious award recipients and Olympic medallists. The average cost of study at Harvard is between USD 74K and USD 79K. Financial aids are available for the meritorious students and the opportunity to work while studying is also there for the International students. 

Stanford University - Currently the world’s 2nd best STEM institution, Stanford University is located in the centre of the Silicon Valley - the home to several cutting-edge tech companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google, Yahoo etc. Stanford has not only produced billionaires who have founded high-tech companies but also 19 Nobel laureates thus putting it in the bracket of “Top 3 Global Universities”. Other than high-quality education, Stanford is known to provide various state-of-the-art recreational facilities and wellness programmes. On average, the students have to pay USD 75K to pursue their higher degree studies from Stanford University. Generous scholarship schemes are also available, which benefits all the highly deserving international students, along with some on and off-campus part-time work opportunities to relieve the international students of their financial burden. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Founded in the year 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is currently the top STEM university in the entire world. It is the only institute in the world that allows the students to work with the faculty during the undergrad years as well. The MIT alumni have created roughly around 30,000 active companies generating around 1.9 trillion USD in annual revenue and have created roughly 4.6 million jobs. It is said that a nation comprising of MIT graduates can become the 10th largest economy of the world. The total expenses for an international student at MIT can be around USD 74K. Part-time work opportunities for the students and scholarship schemes are also available for the students. 

University of California, Berkeley - The University of California, Berkeley is a public institution that was founded in the year 1868. The campus of the University of California, Berkeley is situated on 1,232 acres of land which is home to around 40,000 students from all across the globe. Several alumni of the University of California, Berkeley have made it to the history books putting the institute in the list of top US universities for international students. The cost of study at the University of California, Berkeley is also quite less compared to other top STEM universities in the US. The students are to only pay around USD 32K and with the help of the part-time work opportunities available for the students and generous financial assistance schemes, life is much easier at the University of California, Berkeley. 

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How Can a STEM Degree from the USA Benefit Indian Students?

Indian students can benefit immensely from obtaining STEM degrees from the US. Here's how:

  • If the students are on an F-1 visa, they can opt to stay in the United States for a period of 24 months under the OPT (Optional Practical Training) programme

  • STEM degrees from the US open up better career opportunities in both India and America along with various other countries where the US STEM degrees are highly valued

  • STEM degree holders in the US are more likely to earn a higher salary compared to non-STEM degree holders.

  • Those who obtain their STEM degrees from the USA are trained to think creatively which might lead them to the establishment of their successful start-ups 

With countries across the world working hard to find STEM workforce, pursuing a STEM degree from the US offers a range of skills that are becoming increasingly important for employers in a variety of sectors, not to mention the highest employment rates and salaries that come from STEM disciplines such as engineering and technology and computing and IT.

Other Top US Universities Offering STEM Courses

Here are a few other top US universities offering STEM courses to foreign students:

Hope this article helps you find the ideal STEM course for you. You can write to us at or call us at 785 9990 990 in case you still have doubts or seek admission to foreign universities offering STEM courses. 

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