All About Pursuing a STEM Degree Abroad: Scope, Advantages, Job Prospects

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STEM degree programmes are among the top courses opted by international students owing to the scope, advantages and job opportunities they offer. Know all about STEM courses here: 

Among all courses that international students opt to study abroad,  STEM courses are the most preferred choices. STEM degree programmes are the courses offered by various universities and colleges in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Several academic disciplines fall under the STEM category like Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Statistics, etc.

Although STEM is the most preferred courses to study abroad, many aspirants get discouraged quite easily to pursue it from an abroad university owing to various reasons like lack of appropriate information, cost of study, the fear of additional semesters for programme completion, etc. However, what the STEM aspirants miss out on are the advantages of studying STEM course from abroad universities.

If you are interested in pursuing a STEM course from abroad then the following information will help you to be sure about your choices and guide you to choose the STEM course and country for higher studies. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for STEM Courses Abroad 

Candidates looking to earn STEM degrees from foreign universities must be aware of certain things in the first place. Firstly, the prerequisites and admission process for STEM course varies country wise. Here we have taken examples of the top three countries to understand the eligibility criteria to apply for STEM courses: 

 STEM Degree Admission in USA

Following is the procedure to apply for STEM Courses in USA

  • The first step towards applying for a STEM degree admission in the USA is to Take entrance exams like GRE (PG), SAT (UG) and TOEFL or IELTS.

  • Apply at universities according to their fee, scholarships, entrance exam scores accepted, experience and various other criteria.

  • Submit all the important documents like the letter of recommendations (3 x Nos), Degree/Provisional Degree, mark sheets, passport, etc.

  • Send the entrance test scores (GRE/ SAT/ TOEFL/IELTS) to the university.

  • Write your statement of purpose (SOP) with a little bit of research about the university you are applying to and explaining why you wish to take admission in the programme (your choice of STEM programme) offered by the University.

  • Submit your admission application request and wait until the feedback is received from the University regarding the same.

 STEM Degree Admission in the UK

Following is the procedure to apply for STEM Courses in the UK

  • Shortlist the STEM degree(s) which you wish to study and find out about the application timeline. Also, research entry requirements of the University in which you wish to pursue your STEM degree.
  • Fill up the application form available on the official website of the university/college you chose. Do not forget to submit a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you personally and academically (teacher, principal, tutor etc).

  • The application will be reviewed by the university/college and will revert you with offers and details of required English Language Test(s).

  • After receiving a go-ahead from the university, you need to arrange funds, apply for a student’s visa and collect university arrival information.

  • A Tier-4 student visa will also be required to travel to the United Kingdom.

  • UK Visas and Immigration Approved Secure English Language Test (SEL Test) to prove English language proficiency.

 STEM Degree Admission in Canada 

Following is the procedure to apply for STEM Courses in Canada

  • Applicants should at least have completed 16 years of education including a 4-year Bachelor's degree.

  • Applicants should fulfil the minimum academic requirements for STEM degree admission in Canada, i.e. an aggregate score of 65% to 70% in the bachelor’s degree programme (or 7.0 to 7.5 CGPA). Reputed universities demand at least 75% to 80% (3rd and 4th-year cumulative score)

  • Visit the official website of the University/college and find out which entrance test score it accepts (GRE/GMAT etc).

  • Applicants have to submit English Language Proficiency proof (IELTS/TOEFL score). (IELTS = 6.5 to 7.0 or TOEFL = 90 or above)

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Advantages of Studying STEM Courses Abroad 

Over the past few years, there has been a steep rise in the number of students showing interest in pursuing STEM courses from abroad. One of the reasons is that various countries have noticed the lack of qualified graduates who can combat the shortfall of the capable workforce that led them to invite students from all across the world to opt for STEM degree programmes offered at universities or colleges.

According to the National Science Foundation of the United States of America, now is the right time to develop STEM capabilities in students beyond a level that met the needs of a highly technological and information-based society.

Every activity we do revolves around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which is why the importance of STEM courses has been noticed by students, professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists from across the globe. Most experts state that students should be allowed to explore STEM and its concepts to enable them to become passionate and push them to take up a job in a STEM field. 

The other advantages why you can consider applying for a STEM degree abroad are as follows: 

  • STEM degrees abroad introduce the students to the latest technologies from the very beginning which train them to look for ingenious solutions when they confront real-world problems.

  • Students are taught by trained experts and academicians who are passionate about their areas of study and are not showing up just for their paychecks. This passion rubs off on the students, benefiting them immensely in future.

  • Students do not have to wait for a certain period to start applying their knowledge. They are allowed to start working immediately after obtaining their degrees as they are encouraged to “Learn by Doing” instead of simply following lectures and books.

  • STEM jobs are highly competitive and even during a pandemic crisis like Covid-19, finding a job means standing out from the crowd. An international STEM degree means the candidates bring a variety of qualities to the table such as the ability to work on a global scale, communicating cross-culturally, comfortable in travelling, etc. Such attributes are more valued by companies which offer the international STEM degree holders an edge over their competitors/peers.

  • In today’s world, companies have become more open-minded and thus they work with various international agencies to stay ahead in the neck and neck race. The whispers about creativity and innovation have now become louder. Today, wherever talks regarding innovation and creativity pop up, the STEM field professionals are always included. International experience for STEM students always paves the way for making connections and growing a network.

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Scope of Studying STEM Courses Abroad 

Based on the degree completed under STEM, one can apply for different job roles in the STEM field. Following are some of the popular job roles along with the average salary offered in countries like the USA, Canada and the UK: 


Average Salary in the US

Average Salary in the UK

Average Salary in Canada





Electrical Engineer








Mechanical Engineer




Web Developer




Information Security Analyst




Systems Software Developer
















With more than enough reasons why students should pursue a STEM course from abroad institute, we move on to the list of best countries from where a student can pursue a STEM course. 

Reasons to Pursue STEM Courses from USA

Due to its position as a “Global Leader” in the STEM fields, the US has always been the most favoured country in the world for international students. The key to its prosperity has always been scientific and technological innovations. STEM professionals have always driven the economy of the United States since the 1950s and to continue on the same path, it encourages students from all across the globe to come and take admission in STEM degrees. 

Various benefits are provided to the international students pursuing their STEM course study from the US like the 12-month OPT programme to students with F1 visa in which the candidates can work for 12 months in the country post-completion of studies. The 12-month OPT can be extended to 24 months if the students wish to.

Popular Universities in the USA Offering STEM Courses 

Check the list of Universities in USA Offering STEM courses:


STEM  Courses Offered (UG)

Course Fee (INR)

Concordia University Chicago

B.S in Mathematics


Louisiana State University

B.S in Mathematics


Western Michigan University

B.S in Mathematics - General Mathematics Option


California State University - Fresno Campus

B.S in Mathematics


Louisiana State University

B.S in Electrical Engineering


Auburn University

Bachelor of Civil Engineering


University of South Florida

B.S in Mechanical Engineering


Saint Louis University

BS in Computer Science


University of South Florida

B.S in Biomedical Sciences


Western Michigan University

B.S in Engineering Management Technology



STEM Courses Offered (PG) 

Course Fee (INR)

University of New Hampshire

M.E Mechanical Engineering


University of South Carolina

M.S in Civil Engineering


New Jersey Institute of Technology

MS in Environmental Engineering


Auburn University

M.S in Mathematics (Thesis)


Washington State University

M.S in Mathematics


Saint Louis University

M.A in Mathematics


University of Central Florida

M.S Biomedical Sciences 


Pace University

M.S Computer Science 


California State University - Fresno Campus

M.S in Computer Science


George Mason University

M.S in Technology Management


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Reasons to Pursue STEM Courses from the UK

The UK is one of those early countries that identified the shortage of a skilled workforce in STEM occupations in the country. Thus, to attract more and more students to pursue STEM degrees, it revamped its STEM educational landscape by taking steps to improve the quality of learning and teaching of STEM subjects at school, colleges and universities. Today, it has become a top destination to pursue STEM degrees in the entire continent of Europe. 

Several other countries are currently counted amongst the best STEM education providers, including Australia, Germany, Finland, South Korea, etc. where the percentage of Indian students applying for STEM education is always on the higher side. 

Popular Universities in the UK Offering STEM Courses 

Check the list of Universities in the UK Offering STEM courses:


Courses Offered (UG)

Course Fee

Liverpool John Moores University

B.S (Hons.) Biomedical Science


University of Westminster

B.E (Hons.)

Computer Systems Engineering


University of Birmingham

B.S Computer Science 


University of Strathclyde

BA (Hons.) in Business Analysis & Technology


University of Leeds

B.E Electronics and Communications Engineering 


University of Wolverhampton

B.S (Hons.) Computing and Information Technology


Queen's University Belfast

B.S Biomedical Science


University of Southampton

B.S Computer Science


Nottingham Trent University

B.S (Hons.) Computer Science


Queen's University Belfast

B.S Pharmaceutical Sciences



Courses Offered (PG)

Course Fee

Glasgow Caledonian University

M.S Information Technology


University of Manchester

M.E Computer Science


Aston University

M.S Biomedical Sciences


Manchester Metropolitan University

M.S in Data Science


University of Bristol

M.E Computer Science


The University of Liverpool

M.S Computer Science


University of Birmingham

M.S in Data Science


University of East Anglia

M.S Computing Science


University of Lincoln

M.S Computer Science


Reasons to Pursue STEM Courses from Canada 

Admission to STEM fields in Canada has seen exponential growth in the recent couple of years. Canada’s more welcoming immigration policies are the result of the spike in Indian students coming to the country for STEM education. As per the latest reports, more than 1/3rd of the total international students in Canada are Indians. Also, the job opportunities post completion of studies is far more in Canada today. The Canadian Government also has a provision to provide an easy passage to those skilled immigrants who want to settle permanently in the “Great White North” through its PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) programme. 

Check the list of Universities in Canada Offering STEM courses:

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Reasons to Pursue STEM Courses from New Zealand 

New Zealand is also a hot destination for STEM degree aspirants from India. The New Zealand Government is currently putting more emphasis on STEM education to erase the skill shortage in the country’s job market. Various government initiatives like “A Nation of Curious Minds”, among others, have been launched to promote the importance of Science and Technology in the country.  Also, New Zeland is one of the Most Desirable Study Abroad Destination owing to its effective COVID-19 pandemic management. 

Check the list of Universities in New Zealand Offering STEM courses:

Several other countries are currently counted amongst the best STEM education providers includes Australia, Germany, UAE etc. where the percentage of Indian students applying for STEM education is always on the higher side.  France has become another emerging destination to pursue STEM courses for Indian students with an average increase of students rate of 30% approximately per year. It has now set its aim to procure at least 20,000 Indian students by the year 2025. The quality STEM education offered at French universities at affordable costs has not evaded the attention of Indians

Hope this article helps you choose the right STEM course to study abroad! For more information on STEM courses and admissions at universities abroad, you can write to us at or call us at 9590954455.

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