Semester vs Annual System – Which is Better?

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Semester vs Annual System – Which is Better?
Highlights: Most of the institutes and universities in India follow semester system as it improves the quality of education.

Both semester and the annual system have its merit and demerits. Some of the students say that annual system is far better than semester system and vice-versa.The semester system has been introduced by the government to improve the quality of education. The semester system was introduced during the 1970s. However, most of the students opposed this move. Let's figure out the advantages and disadvantages of the semester and annual system.

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The advantages of Semester System are:-

  • It will provide an opportunity to the students for continuous learning, assessment and feedback.
  • It facilitates the better understanding of the subject.
  • More emphasis is laid on class interaction because of constant engagement between teachers and students.
  • This system improves regular study habits among the students.
  • It facilitates in evaluating the performance of students twice a year.
  • The students will not have more burden of syllabus as it is divided into two halves.
  • A semester system allows greater freedom and scope for designing and delivering a variety of courses that the students can pick to enhance the quality of learning.
  • Through this system, students attend the college regularly without failing as there is a regulation of compulsory 75% attendance.
  • Students can develop skills and subject related knowledge in a better way though this system.

Demerits of Semester System:-

  • Semester system faces inadequacy of time. Most of the times teachers fail to complete the syllabus in time. Students who join late will face lot of difficulties to catch the subject and complete the revision.
  • Semester system increases workload as the evaluation process is conducted twice a year.
  • Semester system does not give any scope for extra classes due to lack of time.
  • Semester system restricts co-curricular activities as most of the time teachers are engaged in completion of syllabus and students are involved in revision of completed syllabus.

However, some of the students feel that annual system is better than a semester system.

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The advantages of Annual System are:-

  • The students will have much time to revise the syllabus.
  • Students will have a chance to refer various subject related books.
  • They can prepare their notes by using library resources.
  • Students can participate in all the co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Teachers will have a chance to give as much as knowledge to the students related to the subject.
  • Teachers can take the students to various field trips and give them much exposure.

Demerits of Annual System:-

  • In the annual system, most of the students show negligence towards studies as the examinations are conducted once in a year.
  • Students have to study the entire syllabus for annual exams which is a burden.
  • Most of the students do not attend the college regularly as there is no strict regulation on attendance.

Most of the institutes and universities in India follow semester system as it improves the quality of education. Though students feel pressure in the semester system, it facilities them to study regularly which develops reading habit among the students.

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