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Best Career Options after BA: Job vs Higher Studies after B.A

Abhik Das
Abhik DasPublished On: May 10, 2021

How long have you been stuck in this question - Higher Education v/s Job - Which is the Best Choice after B.A? Check out this article and find out the pros and cons of both having a job or going for higher studies after obtaining a B.A degree.

Job vs Higher Studies - Which is the Best Option after B.A.?

This question - whether should I opt for higher studies or look for a job after completing getting my Bachelor of Arts degree has been confronted by all those who have obtained their B.A degree up till now and will be confronted by those who are going to receive their B.A degree in future. Also, we have received a lot of queries regarding if higher studies or preparing for a job is the best option after graduation. So, we decided to do some research and came up with this article where we will try to look into both of these options to find out which is the best option after B.A - jobs or higher studies in the next 5 to 10 minutes.

Why Should You Opt for Higher Studies After B.A

It is not that you will not be able to land up in a fine job opportunity which might seem reasonable to you or seem to promise you a good future but tread carefully! Here are some reasons as to why you should not look for jobs after obtaining your B.A degree and instead opt for higher studies -

  • Higher Studies Lead to a Clearer Career Goal - When you opt for a job after completing your undergraduate degree study, you will not have the chance to grow at a rate which you would have expected or grow at all. Plus, in today’s highly competitive world, it is quite hard to move up the career ladder with a B.A degree

  • More Time for Decision Making - Obtaining a B.A degree is no way of deciding what is it that you want from your life. You still do not have an exact idea of where to go career-wise and you need a bit more time. Well, there you go. Opt for higher studies and utilize this extra thinking time to see where is it you want to see yourself in the near or distant future

  • B.A Degree is Not Enough for an Upward Trajectory in Career - In today’s highly competitive world, a single B.A degree will never help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. To make your mark, you need to have more than a B.A degree - probably a Master’s degree, or an M.Phil or even a PhD

  • There is no Substitute for Knowledge - The most important thing about pursuing a higher degree study option is that it enhances your knowledge about a subject which cannot be substituted with anything

Why Students Opt for Jobs after B.A

Having said enough about why students should opt for higher studies after obtaining their B.A degree, we cannot ignore the fact that students still will be opting for jobs after B.A. In this section we will try to find out the reasons why -

  • Some B.A specializations do not require the students to possess a higher education degree and the students can easily get a job of their desire like a B.A degree in Film Making & Television production where more than a higher education degree, fresh ideas are welcomed

  • With a higher education degree after B.A, there is no guarantee that the former will receive a higher CTC and might end up working on the same pay scale as a B.A degree holder. On the other hand, the B.A degree holder who let’s assume started working two years ago (while the former was completing his/her higher studies) has a better grasp of the task and industry and has the potential to draw higher salary in the basis of experience

  • Sometimes, personal issues or certain responsibilities come in the path of the students with a B.A degree who want to go for higher education forcing them to give up on their dream of pursuing higher education (for that particular moment) and take up a job

  • Some universities or institutions extract a huge amount of money from the students for offering postgraduate or higher degree studies which do not seem worth it considering the low return on investment

List of Government Jobs after B.A

The table below contains a list of all possible government job options for students with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree -

Government Job Options

Exams to Clear

UPSC Civil Service Examination


  • Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF)


  • Intelligence Bureau Jobs (ACIO, ASO, JIO, SRO)


  • Railway Jobs

Various Exams Conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board

  • Indian Postal Service


  • Upper Division Clerks

  • Tax Assistant

  • Senior Secretariat Assistant

  • Accountant/Junior Accountant

  • Auditor

  • Junior Statistical Officer

  • Statistical Investigator - II

  • Inspector

  • Sub-Inspector

  • Assistant Enforcement Officer

  • Central Excise Officer

  • Income Tax Inspector

  • Assistant Section Officer

  • Assistant Accounts Officer

  • Assistant Audit Officer and many more


List of Private Jobs after B.A

Some of the most popular private jobs that a B.A degree holder can easily target are as follows -

Pros and Cons of Pursuing Higher Studies after B.A

In the table below, we have listed some of the pros and cons of opting for a higher education study after B.A -



  • Chances of employability receive a huge boost

  • Acquiring unique skill sets due to a more complex course content

  • Enhancement in knowledge

  • Wide range of career pathways open up

  • Average fee in some specializations is quite above the roof

  • Increase in workload most likely

  • No time for self or socialising as much of the time is spent in libraries and classes

  • Can be depressing when the classmates of the ones pursuing higher degree studies are earning money

Pros and Cons of Taking Up a Job After B.A

The table below lists the pros and cons of taking up a job immediately after obtaining a B.A degree -



  • Early job means more experience, earning money early, benefits of seniority and steady life
  • Instead of investing in education, you can invest in your dream home or a car or even choose to explore various places and fulfil your dreams
  • When you start working at an early age, say suppose after B.A, you are accumulating a wealth of experience which will augur well for you in the future
  • Steady always does not mean good but also sometimes refer to monotony and boring

  • The safest investment you can make is on your higher education. Higher education often provides more security than expected

  • Having experience in a particular field or job will only help you climb the ladder up to a certain level. A higher education degree can open up several ways of climbing to the top of the ladder

Higher Education v/s Job - Which is the Best Choice

Throughout the entire article, we have tried to find a definite answer to the question - which is the best choice after B.A - higher education or jobs but as we head towards the conclusion of this argument, we see that choosing between jobs or higher studies after completing B.A is completely subjective. It is what you want to do. It is what you feel is the right thing to do. It is what you feel is the need of the hour. It is only you and you who can decide if you want to take up a job or wait until you obtain a higher education degree to get a job after B.A.

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