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How to Deal with the Pressure of Choosing the Right Course for Yourself?

Diksha Nautiyal
Diksha NautiyalUpdated On: July 15, 2022 04:53 pm IST

The pressure of career-building makes finding the right course a daunting task for students. So how can you deal with the pressure of choosing the right course? Let’s find out together.

Tips for Choosing the Right Course

Mental health is as important as one’s physical health. In today’s world of high expectations and overachievers, students need to remember that ”A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, and only with a healthy body can one choose the right path for themselves. Taking the decision of choosing a learning path is a task of paramount importance in a student’s life. This importance, coupled with the pressure of choosing the right course (“because this will decide their career path, hence the entire future”), makes the decision a daunting experience for many. 

Where the changing career landscape of today’s world may have provided young students with a lot more career opportunities, it has, somewhat, also increased the hurdles in their way to finalizing a path. Be it the pressure of going for the course/ career their parents have chosen for them or the pressure caused due to the lack of career guidance, taking a decision of a lifetime could lead them to a difficult mental state. 

So, how can one leave this pressure behind and emerge victorious with a course that is the perfect match for them? If you find yourself looking for an answer to this question and want to know how to deal with the pressure of choosing the right course then this piece is for you. Read on and let us make things easier for you.  

How Choosing the Right Course Pressurises Students

While for some, it is pre-decided or a cakewalk, for some it could be a herculean task, without the strength. Dealing with an issue is only possible once you understand it and acknowledge it. So, let’s find out why and how choosing the “perfect course” may cause difficulties in one’s life. 

  • The process of finding a course is highly influenced by one’s grades and percentage. Being told that high grades will land you a better course and college puts pressure on students to score higher rather than focusing on learning and gaining knowledge. 

  • The fact that mainstream courses require a higher percentage/ grades than vocational courses makes students doubt their inclination towards choosing the latter. So even if they end up choosing the former type of courses, they suffer the lack of interest they have towards their choices, putting them under the pressure of whether to stick to their decision or take a chance on something else. 

  • Sometimes, not being able to score high enough to get a seat for the desired course puts students in a difficult mental state. 

  • The pressure of performing with excellence throughout the academic journey may give birth to issues like anxiety and self-doubt. 

Tips to Handle the Pressure of Choosing the Right Course

So now that we know “why” it happens, let’s find out “how” to deal with it. These tips may help you deal with your pressure. It is advised to follow the tips at your own discretion and convenience.

  • Putting a lot of responsibility on the decision of choosing a course would not help make things any better. What you are going to do for the rest of your life is a task that requires quite a bit of introspection so it doesn’t necessarily have to be decided based on the course you choose. Normalize ‘not knowing’. It is completely fine to not know what your career path for the rest of your life will be. Learn new things with each step at a time and ease out your pressure. 

  • Instead of doing what you are told or pressured into, follow your dreams, passion, and interests. Seek support and suggestion from your parents or seniors rather than their validation.

  • Explore. Don’t be afraid. The world is full of opportunities and choices so why should you settle for the first thing you come across, unless, of course, you have your heart in it. Just know that there are people who find out what they want to do at the age of 32 and still achieve their dreams. So just explore.

  • We live in a world of the internet that has created an influencer culture. Where it has a positive side to it, there is a negative one as well. Do not let yourself get influenced into taking a decision because everyone else is doing it. Give it a thought, introspect and then decide. 

  • Yes, grades are important but building effective emotional and social capabilities and competencies are equally important for the real world out there. So don’t feel sad because you couldn’t score over 90 per cent. Just know that there is always an option and opportunity.    

  • If things are getting more difficult with each passing day, make sure to consult a professional.

Tips to Choose the Right Course for Students

Once you have figured out how to deal with the pressure, you can follow these tips to choose the right course for yourself.

Find out Your Interests/ Passion/ Skills

What interests you? What are you passionate about? Which skills would you like to explore further or polish or adapt? Your interests or skills will guide you towards an industry. Figure out which career excites you and then based on that, you can explore a set of courses to finalize one. 

Research for the Courses and Colleges

Once you figure out the above, the next step is to explore your course and college options. Gather as much information as possible with respect to the courses and colleges that you have shortlisted. You can also explore your college options based on your preferred locations

Why are you Choosing This Course?

It is important for you to know whether or not you are choosing a course for the right reasons. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I choosing this course under peer/ parental pressure? 

  • Am I doing this course only because my percentage is high enough to get in? 

  • Am I interested in the career/ course field?

  • Am I opting for an easy option rather than the right option?

  • Will this course provide me with what I’m looking for in life?

Once you get answers to these questions, you will have a clear idea of what you want and why you want it. 

Get an Academic Counsellor

Sometimes, the confusion may persist even after following through with the above-mentioned tips. What to do in such a situation? The answer to that question is to get a consultation from an academic counsellor.

Take Action

Finalizing the course should be followed up with taking an action towards the future. So the next step for you should be to apply for the prospective colleges/ universities. It is always good to apply to multiple institutes so that you have options to fall back on. 

Know Your Options and Provisions

Even after once you have enrolled in the course you extensively researched for, you may not find it to your advantage or interest. In such a case, it is crucial that you are aware of your options and provisions. Many colleges offer their new students the provision to change their stream or courses under the first six months of their enrollment. Find out whether your prospective college/s have the same policy. As mentioned earlier, it is important to apply to multiple institutes so that you have other options, should the first one not work, in any way. 

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are feeling way too stressed, you can reach out to our team of experts for anxiety management support @ 90528-90528 or write to us at


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