Indian Education Needs Revamp! Here’s what Our System Requires

By - | October 07, 2016 01:54 PM | 3 minute read
Indian Education Needs Revamp! Here’s what Our System Requires
Highlights: India is a rising economy and we need to strengthen our education system and explore talented youth and leaders that can lead the country to greater heights.

India is a rising economy and a center of investment and growth. This is one of the biggest reasons to strengthen our education system and explore talented youth and leaders that can lead the country to greater heights. There is an imperative need of teachers who can focus on the quality of education, trainers and researchers who can encourage students and bring out the best in them.

India’s education has been facing a crisis from the past few years and has been unsuccessful in providing dynamic teachers who could promote quality learning. The skill-gap of teachers across various academic disciplines has been endangering the growth of the nation because teachers are directly involved in creating reformers and leaders.

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Teachers play a direct role in creating a substantial economic value for students. Therefore a skill gap in teachers can affect the economy and cause huge losses in the longer run.

There have been various negative changes in the education system in the past decade that have resulted in a skill-gap between the graduates and the industry. Some changes have been the result of bad management whereas some differences have been created due to different policies across different states of India. This lack of coordination has resulted in the failure of the choice based credit system. Also the students are not provided a standardized education.

To bridge this skill gap many private enterprises have set up universities that will build the interaction between the students and industry. Universities such as Munjal University, Azim Premji University and other similar universities have been preparing students for employment by introducing customized industry-friendly programmes.

Despite having institutions like IITs and NITs, India has to endure a brain-drain problem. The reason behind this is the lack of quality education in various Indian institutions. As a developing economy, India needs to revamp its education system in order to eliminate the skill gap that has been created between education and industry.

Following are some of the major changes that the Indian education system needs:

Diverse Education: Indian universities need to build collaborations with Universities abroad to broaden the education horizons and provide more exposure to the students. We need to lure more academicians from the top universities of the world such as Yale University, NYU, MIT and others, to support diverse education at graduate as well as postgraduate levels.

Private Investments: Gathering CSR funds and grants from private organizations can help promote various research and education initiatives to enhance the skill-set of students. The HRD Ministry has been successful to garner CSR funds to aid educational institutes and facilitate more industry-required programmes. This will also help in building industry interaction and involvement in education. This model can create value for the economy and all stakeholders involved in the process.

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Faculty Training: To provide quality education, it is essential to groom teachers and trainers so that they can prepare students so that they can lead and thrive in the industry. The faculty should be regularly in touch with the industry in order to understand the requirements that they have to prepare the students for.

Industrial Training: Institutes like the Barefoot College that work on the principle, ‘learning by doing and doing by learning’ must be promoted so that students get to learn things by a practical approach. Learning via practical not only makes the process easier but builds the industry-readiness of the students.

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