2 Months to CAT 2016: Useful Section-wise Tips for Aspirants

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2 Months to CAT 2016: Useful Section-wise Tips for Aspirants
Highlights: With only 60 days left, follow this section wise preparation strategy to crack CAT!

The Common Admission Test or CAT is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India. It is so not only because over 2 lakh students compete for the 3700 IIM seats or 10,000 seats in top B-schools, but also because the level of difficulty of the exam is high that requires strenuous efforts.

This year, the exam is scheduled for 4th December 2016. With just 2 months left for the test day, CollegeDekho.com is here to help you pull yourself together and set your stage for the game with some tips. Let’s take it up section-wise!

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Section I- Verbal Ability/Verbal and Reading Comprehension

1. Keep calm and read on:

Reading must’ve turn into a habit till now. Right? If yes, good going! If no, then I think this is your cue to start!

Benefits of reading include:

  • Improved vocabulary
  • Increased ability to understand
  • Helps comprehend a lot faster

2. Focus on vocab:

The very basic pillar of the VA section is vocabulary and owing to the difficulty level of the exam, we know that the words will not be the ones we use in our regular conversations. So prep up for the same using the following methods:

  • Take a quick read through books like Word Power, Barron’s etc.
  • Try to remember every new word you learn by writing it down somewhere.
  • Not only learn words to increase your vocab but also try using them in sentences.
  • Try using Flash Cards to make learning vocab a fun and knowledgeable process.

3. Don’t forget grammar:

Remember, there is no escaping from bad grammar and losing marks is complimentary. So for all the grammar victims out there, start from the very basic and read Wren & Martin. In case you have doubts, take help from your seniors and mentors for better understanding.


Whether it be the unseen paragraphs, editing sentences, jumbled up sentences fill in the blanks or omitted sentences, practice will help you gain power over every aspect!

Also, don’t forget to take mock tests which will not only help you gain experience but will also help you analyse your overall performance.

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Section II- Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

1. Familiarise yourself with the caselets:

CollegeDekho.com advises you to have a look at the mock tests and familiarise yourself with the topics and types of questions to expect in this section.

Also, remember:

  • Data Interpretation questions will be in the form of line and bar graphs, pie charts etc.
  • Logical Reasoning questions will be based on arrangements, blood relations, family tree, Venn diagrams etc.

2. Are you ready for tough calculations?

DI questions are usually calculation intensive and what decides if you are in the game or not is the speed of these calculations. It is important that you time yourself to evaluate the performance.


Apart from excelling in the previous year’s papers and mock papers, try solving riddles and puzzles to sharpen your logical reasoning skills. Also play mental games and games like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, blood relations and family tree riddles etc. This will help make learning a fun process!

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Section III- Quantitative Ability

1. Familiarise yourself with topics and areas:

A very useful strategy to help you crack this section is starting by learning the basic concepts, understanding them with the help of examples. Start with easy questions and then move onto the difficult questions. Once you are familiar with the topics that hold the maximum weightage in this section, focus on the same.

2. Figure out the important topics:

Since the syllabus for the exam is not definite, one cannot study for each and every topic that has appeared in the previous year papers. But what you can do is, figure out the important topics on the basis of the number of times it has appeared over the years and how much weightage does each hold. Make sure you do not skip any important topic and try to cover as much as possible.

In case, you find yourself stuck on one of the topics and are not able to perform well, despite repeated efforts, it is advisable to skip that topic and further spend time in strengthening your strong areas.

Note: Try not to skip important topics like Number System, Arithmetic, Modern Math or Geometry.

3. And finally PRACTICE!

Now you know what we are talking about. Practice is your key! Hold on to it as it will open many doors. Solve previous year’s papers and mock tests and see your weaker sections turn into your strengths.

We at CollegeDekho.com wish you all the very best!

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